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  • Forrest Stroud has been with the QuinStreet Enterprise network of technology websites for 18 years, during which time he has covered everything from consumer technology to small businesses and corporate data centers. He is also the editor of ServerWatch.

  • Apple Watch Series 3

    The Apple Watch 3, or Apple Watch Series 3 as it's formally called, is an updated version of the Apple Watch Series 2 that debuted in 2016. »

  • EMM - Enterprise Mobility Management

    Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) takes a comprehensive approach to securing and managing the use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices in enterprise environments. »

  • Face ID

    Apple Face ID is a biometric authentication facial recognition feature in the iPhone X that replaces the iPhone 7's Touch ID fingerprint scanner. »

  • Devil's Ivy

    Devil's Ivy is a security vulnerability that when exploited enables an attacker to remotely access a video feed and deny the owner access to the feed. »

  • OpenStack Pike

    The successor to the Ocata release of the OpenStack open source cloud computing platform, OpenStack Pike arrived on August 30, 2017 as the sixteenth major release of OpenStack. »

  • iPhone X

    iPhone X is a limited-edition, exclusive smartphone from Apple for 2017 that debuted on the tenth anniversary of the original Apple iPhone release. »

  • Amazon Prime Day

    Amazon Prime Day refers to a Black Friday-like discount day that provides members-only access to special deals for Amazon Prime customers. »

  • Amazon Echo Show

    The $229 Amazon Echo Show brings a 7-inch display to the Amazon Echo smart speaker system along with new features that utilize its video capabilities. »

  • CrashOverride / Industroyer Malware

    CrashOverride is an industrial control system cyberattack launched in December 2016 that created a massive blackout in Kiev, Ukraine. »

  • Amazon Tap

    Amazon Tap is a $129 portable smart speaker in the Amazon Echo product line that provides a more portable, battery-operated form factor than the Echo. »

  • Fireball Browser Hijack

    The Fireball Browser Hijack is a form of malware orchestrated by Rafotech that has infected up to 250 million Windows and MacOS computers. »

  • Amazon Prime

    Amazon Prime is a membership service from Amazon that provides exclusive services and products to Amazon customers. »

  • CopyCat Malware

    CopyCat is mobile malware named CopyCat because the malware takes credit and generates revenue for Android installations it didn't create. »

  • Apple HomePod

    Apple's HomePod is a smart speaker from Apple developed to compete with similar devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. »

  • Hexadite

    Hexadite develops security software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect and prevent potential damage caused by security threats. »

  • responsive website design - RWD

    Responsive websites respond, or adapt, based on the device used to display the site. Responsive website design (RWD) enables site designers to create once and publish for all devices. »

  • MCM - Mobile Content Management

    Mobile content management strategies enable employees to securely and efficiently access mission-critical enterprise data across any network or mobile device. »

  • Mobile Information Management (MIM)

    Mobile Information Management (MIM) involves securing and  managing the sensitive data used in the enterprise on mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers. »

  • Alexa

    Alexa is a virtual digital assistant developed by Amazon for its Amazon Echo and Echo Dot line of computing devices. »

  • WannaCry

    WannaCry is a strain of ransomware worm that emerged on May 12, 2017, and quickly spread to infect over 200,000 systems in more than 150 countries. »

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