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  • Forrest Stroud has been with the QuinStreet Enterprise network of technology websites for 18 years, during which time he has covered everything from consumer technology to small businesses and corporate data centers. He is also the editor of ServerWatch.

  • IT boot camp

    IT boot camps are a popular way for employees to advance their careers and prospective employees to earn new jobs by gaining key programming skills in a short but often very intensive timeframe. »

  • Scrum Master

    Scrum Masters are responsible for leading and managing complex projects in Scrum, an agile methodology and framework. »

  • NVMe - Non-Volatile Memory Express

    Non-Volatile Memory Express, or NVMe, is a communications standard and protocol developed to fully utilize the speed of the PCIe bus for faster, more efficient storage hardware access.


  • IIoT - Industrial Internet of Things

    The Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, refers to the use of connected devices and smart electronics beyond the traditional manufacturing domain of the Internet of Things into the transportation, energy, healthcare and similar industrial sectors. »

  • Solid State Array

    Solid State Arrays, or SSAs, are shared storage device resources comprised of solid state drives (SSDs). »

  • Scrum training and certification

    Scrum training and certification refers to courses and exams available to provide instruction and certify aptitude in Scrum, an agile methodology and framework for managing complex projects. »

  • Zesty Zapus

    Zesty Zapus is the Ubuntu codename for version 17.04 of the Ubuntu Linux-based operating system. »

  • Artful Aardvark

    Artful Aardvark is the Ubuntu codename for version 17.10 of the Ubuntu Linux-based operating system. »

  • ITIL certification

    Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a framework that defines the processes and attributes of a complete IT service lifecycle model, based on five key areas or phases. »

  • Bionic Beaver

    Bionic Beaver is the Ubuntu codename for version 18.04 of the Ubuntu Linux-based operating system, which was released in April 2018. »

  • AWS Certification

    An Amazon Web Services Certification (AWS Certification) is a set of training programs and certifications provided by Amazon to credential those seeking to prove their proficiency in Amazon Web Services. »

  • Why You Need an IT Certification

    Information Technology IT certifications educate and validate a professional's specialized competency. There are hundreds of certifications available through independent organizations and vendors. »

  • computer engineering

    Computer engineering is a field of study that combines training in electrical engineering and computer science. Those pursuing a computer engineering degree receive hands-on, in-depth knowledge of how computer hardware, software and networking systems work. »

  • Dragonchain

    Dragonchain is a cryptocurrency blockchain protocol originally developed by the Disney company to allow for more data privacy than other existing blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin. »

  • OpenStack Queens

    OpenStack Queens made its debut on February 28, 2018, as the seventeenth major release of OpenStack. »

  • software engineer

    A software engineer is a licensed professional engineer who is schooled and skilled in the application of engineering discipline to the creation of software. »

  • cryptomining malware

    Cryptomining malware, or cryptocurrency mining malware, takes over a computer's resources and uses them for cryptocurrency mining without the owner's explicit permission. »

  • Apple tvOS

    Apple tvOS is an operating system originally developed for the fourth-generation edition of the Apple TV digital media receiver. »

  • cryptocurrency mining

    Cryptocurrency mining, or cryptomining, is a process in which transactions for various forms of cryptocurrency are verified and added to the blockchain digital ledger. »

  • Zyklon malware

    Zyklon is a strain of malware that emerged from dormancy in January 2017 when attackers exploited several vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office to spread Zyklon. »

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