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    The $229 Amazon Echo Show is the latest addition in the Amazon Echo product line, and it brings a 7-inch display to the smart speaker system along with a host of new features that utilize its video capabilities.

    With the Amazon Echo Show, users can view Amazon Video and YouTube content, stream other video content, and monitor security camera videos and pictures, as well as see photos, music lyrics, weather forecasts, calendar and to-do lists, and more. And the Echo Show’s Alexa intelligent voice assistant enables users to view or change the multimedia content without needing to press any buttons.

    Amazon Echo Show users can also make hands-free video calls to other Echo Show or Alexa App users as well as make voice calls to those using an Echo or Echo Dot device.

    Amazon Echo Show

    The Echo Show Is More Than Just a Pretty Screen

    Beyond its video capabilities, the Echo Show provides many of the same features in other Echo devices, including the ability to stream music through Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and more.

    As with other Echo devices, the Echo Show also provides smart home connectivity for controlling internet-enabled (Internet of Things – IoT) appliances in homes such as lights, thermostats, switches and similar smart electronics devices.

    The Amazon Echo Show became available in May 2017 and currently sells for $229. It is the high-end product offering in the company’s Echo lineup, which also includes the original Echo, Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap devices.