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    A cloud data engineer, also known as a cloud engineer or cloud developer, is someone responsible for the management of corporate apps and data in the cloud and all the technical tasks involved in planning, architecting, migrating, monitoring, and managing a company’s cloud systems.

    A cloud data engineer is expected to be well versed on the best practices for deploying and managing cloud systems and applications on the cloud and needs to implement and ensure adherence to these best practices across the corporation.

    With the exponential increase in cloud adoption by corporations, cloud data engineers have become a highly sought-after commodity, and their salaries typically are reflective of their high demand.

    Cloud Data Engineer Certifications

    Numerous certification programs have also emerged to provide cloud data engineers with the skills and hands-on experience to make themselves more attractive to potential employers. This has also led to more specialized cloud data engineering titles such as Cloud Solutions Architect, SysOps Engineer, and Cloud Developer.

    Some of the more recognized cloud data engineer-related certifications include:

    • AWS Certified Solutions Architect
    • AWS Certified DevOps Cloud Engineer
    • AWS Certified SysOps Cloud Administrator
    • Google Cloud Platform Professional Cloud Architect
    • Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect
    • CompTIA Cloud+ Certification
    • Cisco CCNA Cloud Certification