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    ScalaHosting is a leading managed hosting provider that offers secure, scalable, and affordable cloud VPS solutions for businesses. It claims to change the status quo by building in-house web hosting solutions such as SPanel control panel, SShield, and SWordPress Manager. Read on to learn more about what ScalaHosting is and how it works for your business.


    • Multiple customized hosting options
    • Free site migration
    • Fully managed with 24/7 support
    • Unlimited email hosting
    • Multilayered security and SSL certificates
    • Dedicated SPanel
    • 99.99% uptime guarantee
    • Automatic updates and backups


    • More expensive than shared hosting providers
    • Limited storage on basic plans
    • Limited server locations

    What Is ScalaHosting?

    ScalaHosting is a fully-managed hosting provider and a cloud-based virtual private server (VPS) that offers a wide range of features. Its managed VPS cloud technology offers customization capabilities and on-demand scaling.

    What makes ScalaHosting stand out from traditional hosting providers are its in-house innovative platforms, including SPanel VPS Control Panel, SShield Cybersecurity, and SWordPress Manager. It also offers free and seamless website migration with no downtime. Founded in 2007, ScalaHosting has powered 700,000+ websites from over 120 countries over the past 15 years.

    Starting at $29.95 per month, all plans of ScalaHosting include free domain, free website migration, 24/7 managed services, HTTP/3 support, daily disaster recovery backups and snapshots, dedicated IP, SPanel, SShield, and free SSL certificates.

    What Is VPS? 

    Building a website is a multi-step process, and website hosting is one of its most critical components. Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is still a relatively new concept. VPS bridges the gap between a shared and a dedicated hosting solution. Though all accounts are hosted on the same physical server, each account has its own virtual machine, which gives users isolated environments with dedicated IPs.

    This approach is more expensive than a shared plan but a lot more affordable than a dedicated plan. VPS offers businesses the flexibility to add or remove RAM, storage space, and CPU cores based on their needs.

    Managed VPS

    Managed VPS platforms are ideal solutions for companies that don’t have an in-house IT team. But even companies with ample IT staff can leave the hassle of hosting management to the experts. Depending on business requirements such as RAM, CPU, storage space, bandwidth, and SSD drives, most VPS hosts provide these core services:

    • Server provisioning, setup, and maintenance
    • Security software installation
    • Regular updates and vulnerability patches
    • Control panel and server management tools
    • Offsite server backups
    • Malware scans and security audits
    • Hardware and software issue resolution
    • 24/7 support
    • Uptime guarantee

    Managed VPS is ideal for businesses that require a high level of security and reliability and those who host multiple websites on their servers, thus requiring more hardware resources.

    Unmanaged or Self-managed VPS

    With self-managed VPS, clients take charge of managing the system with the help of their IT team. A self-managed VPS offers all the features of a managed VPS, excluding hosting services and support. It is ideal for businesses that have their own hardware and can’t afford to pay for the whole web server. 

    The main advantages include:

    • Affordability; no need to pay for extra features
    • Complete control over servers with root access
    • Full customization capabilities 
    • Autonomy to edit and test the code

    Who Uses ScalaHosting?

    From e-commerce websites to freelance web developers, web design agencies, and domain resellers, many businesses and entrepreneurs trust ScalaHosting’s managed cloud-hosting solutions. It’s suitable for startups as well as growing or established businesses with limited technical expertise.

    Key Features of ScalaHosting 

    Managed Cloud Hosting

    ScalaHosting offers managed cloud hosting with faster load times, robust cybersecurity, unlimited bandwidth, and domain names. It comes fully equipped with SPanel, SShield, and SWordPress Manager.

    Managed Cluster

    Ideal for high-traffic sites, ScalaHosting offers customized multi-cluster solutions to address clustered hosting challenges like smart load balancing and distributed storage. It comes in the following formats:

    • Single DC Cluster: One data center, five cluster nodes
    • Multi DC Cluster: Two data centers (active and standby), 10 cluster nodes
    • Multi-region Cluster: 3+ data centers, 15 cluster nodes


    SPanel is an all-in-one web hosting platform developed by ScalaHosting as a replacement for cPanel and created specifically for a VPS environment. It’s lightweight, fast, secure, and has few software limitations. Users can manage their emails, anti-spam settings, domain names, databases, DNS zones, SSL certificates, and more. It offers free migration, free SSL certificates, fully managed support, and the ability to host as many websites and emails as businesses need.


    Shared web hosting makes websites more vulnerable to cyberattacks. SShield is an innovative security guard platform that claims to offer 24/7 website protection by blocking 99.998% of web attacks. It has a built-in AI malicious behavior detector that sends an automatic notification and detailed report with suggestions to fix the vulnerability. It is an integral part of SPanel and comes at no extra cost.

    SWordPress Manager

    Another important part of the SPanel is SWordPress Manager, which makes website management easier with one-click WordPress install, automatic updates, security lock, cloning and staging, and admin password reset. As WordPress platforms are more vulnerable to attack, SWordPress Manager offers an added layer of security for extra protection.

    LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS)

    LiteSpeed is a high-performance commercial web server that is compatible with Apache. Compared to Apache, LSWS uses less CPU and RAM and handles connections quickly and efficiently. LSWS is the fastest web server for static content as well as processing PHP scripts. It has built-in DDoS protection to block website attacks. The only downside is its price. It’s ideal for single website hosting. For multiple hosting, the price adds up and Apache is ideal in those scenarios.

    Email Communication

    ScalaHosting provides a professional anti-spam protection service from SpamExperts to avoid email spamming. Other business email hosting features include unlimited mailboxes, free domain, dedicated IP, free migration, reliable security, and free backup email server to eliminate the risk of lost communications.

    Benefits of Using ScalaHosting for VPS


    Generally, managed VPS services are more expensive than self-managed ones but costs quickly add up when considering separate tools for every need; for example, some users get a separate licensing fee for cPanel. There is no hidden fee with ScalaHosting and businesses get to use the all-in-one SPanel for their needs.


    In addition to dedicated resources for virtual machines, businesses can easily add additional CPU, RAM, and storage space based on their needs. With the load monitoring tool, they can monitor in advance when resources are reaching their maximum capacities.

    Faster Performance

    The more resources businesses have the faster the speed and better the performance. With managed VPS, ScalaHosting experts monitor resources and tweak servers to best utilize the hardware.

    Ease of use

    While the provider takes care of everything for the businesses, they can also control the systems with an easy-to-use admin console and user interface.

    Advanced Security

    ScalaHosting offers real-time monitoring to protect websites from cyberattacks. It also uses SShield for multi-layered security.

    24/7 availability

    For self-managed VPS, businesses are on their own. With ScalaHosting, their team is always available for support to solve company network, technical, or software issues. They’re also available to make sure servers are running and performing optimally.

    Backups & Updates

    ScalaHosting integrated backup solution takes care of automatic updates, daily and monthly backups, and the ability to quickly restore data for its clients.