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Social Media Manager

Vangie Beal
Last Updated April 5, 2022 3:57 pm

The role of a social media manager is similar to that of a public relations representative or a website forum community manager. A social media manager will typically monitor and guide the social media presence (or social voice) of a person, corporation, brand or even a product on a daily basis. This could range from a single celebrity to a group of related products from a company.

Large organizations with marketing and public relations departments employ social media managers who become the “voice” of the company in online conversations by creating engaging content to increase brand awareness on social and digital media sites including Facebook, Four Square, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Social Media Manager Checklist

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What Does a Social Media Manager Do in a Typical Day?

On any given day, a social media manager is tasked with ensuring their company is up to date with media attention trends. This requires working with a team of creative people to coordinate their campaigns to fit in to the overall marketing and promotional goals of the organization.

A social media manager is skilled in writing, research, organizational, technical and interpersonal skills, and is an effective troubleshooter. This individual is tech savvy and understands the latest trends and tools applicable to social media. A good understanding of website design, viral marketing techniques, online advertising, and search engine optimization is often required.

Similar careers and job descriptions in this field include social media strategist, community manager, social media manager and content producer, or marketing manager or representative.


Social Media Manager

Key Job Duties and Responsibilities

Generating content, creating new ideas, answering social media inquiries and measuring the effectiveness of the organization’s online presence using web analytic tools are the responsibility of a social media manager. Many job ads posted online highlight the following key responsibilities when for the position of social media manager:

  • Optimize engagement and response strategy
  • Develop programs and campaigns to achieve engagement targets
  • Analyze, review and report on effectiveness of campaigns
  • Generate buzz for the company’s products, services and events
  • Grow followers and web traffic CTA
  • Manage social content calendar
  • Develop (or oversee) the creation of relevant and engaging content
  • Write for internal and external blogs and produce other industry-related content to use in social
  • Monitor and respond to online community
  • Manage day-to-day activities (online advocacy, writing editorial, promotions)
  • Boost reach and impressions through organic and paid programs
  • Develop direct reports
  • Provide social oversight and guidance (SMO)
  • Track core KPIs
  • Conduct competitive audits
  • Execute social efforts across multiple social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn, Glassdoor and others

How Do You Become a Social Media Manager?

With the social media field still in its infancy, social media degree programs are just emerging. A Master of Business Administration program will often include internet marketing or social media coursework. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in marketing, PR, journalism, computer science or a similar field, along with demonstrated experience in social and digital media is necessary to be a successful social media manager.

Online, you’ll find reputable IT and computer certification programs are available in digital and internet marketing. Social media analytics, social media networking strategies, and interactive marketing techniques are common topics in these programs.

Most employers prefer social media professionals who hold a degree in communications, journalism or marketing. In addition to the required educational background, successful social media managers must possess excellent writing, communication and computer skills, and a good understanding of social media marketing techniques.

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Average Salary

In the United States, the national average salary for a Social Media Manager is $54,238. In addition, bonuses or cash compensations range between $577 and $14,039 per year. On salary alone, a social media manager earns approximately $4,500 a month.