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    Google Project Butter refers to an initiative for the Android mobile operating system to make the OS quicker and more responsive for users. Google Project Butter was launched to address Android users most common complaints related to response lags and poor performance as well as choppy responsiveness.

    The results of Google Project Butter initially debuted in Android 4.1 ( Jelly Bean ), with subsequent enhancements appearing in Android 4.2, providing Android users with a faster and smoother experience across the OS and Android apps.

    Google Project Butter accomplished its buttery smooth responsiveness and speed infusion improvements via three main additions: triple buffering, which improves coordination and animation synchronization between the CPU, GPU and display; VSync, which improves graphical performance and increases frame rates to 60fps (frames per second); and touch responsiveness, which predicts a user s upcoming actions of the screen in order to improve load times for those actions.