Cyber Security Threat Mitigation

Cyber security threat mitigation refers to policies and processes put in place by companies to help prevent security incidents and data breaches as well as limit the extent of damage when security attacks do happen.

Threat mitigation in cyber security can be broken down into three components, or layers of mitigation:

Cyber hackers are determined and use sophisticated, continually evolving attack techniques to compromise corporate data, and enterprises have to stay vigilant and proactive in protecting corporate networks and data.

Cyber Security Threat Mitigation Plans and Key Steps

Specifically, for cyber security threat mitigation, organizations need to have preventive security measures and policies in place, and they also need to have Incident Response (IR) plans for handling breaches and attempted breaches.

Champion Solutions Group offers 12 key steps to help with threat mitigation, including the basics such as monitoring network traffic for suspicious activity, upgrading and patching software promptly, upgrading authentication internally and for external partners, securing external-facing Web applications to more in-depth steps such as securing buy-in from senior leadership, implement robust endpoint security, developing and implement real-time monitoring and security analysis, performing annual vulnerability and penetration assessments, and developing “worst-case scenario” emergency incident response plans.

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