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Forrest Stroud
Last Updated May 24, 2021 7:41 am

Short for education technology, edtech is a term that refers to modern learning environments that incorporate technology in a variety of ways like elearning and mlearning to improve the overall educational experience.

Edtech spans a wide spectrum of possibilities, from simply utilizing laptops or tablets in a traditional classroom setting for taking notes or working on assignments to providing completely digital courses conducted online and accessed via students’ smartphones, tablets, or other electronic devices.

Edtech’s Role in Expanding the Educational Experience

Edtech in general has opened educational opportunities to a larger, more disparate audience and also expanded the learning environment by creating more of a social learning experience for teachers and students in providing more peer-based learning via online discussion, collaborative projects, and other student-driven initiatives.

Edtech can further complement regular course offerings with digital tools like chat groups, discussion forums, news feeds, multimedia presentations, blogs and more to help students ask questions and better assimilate course content.

Finally, edtech has been able to connect educational courses and experiences with popular internet resources to enrich the learning experience via social media platforms, blogs and other learning resource sites, instructional videos and presentations, and more.