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Technology & Discussion Forums

Internet.com's community forums are a useful resource for getting questions answered and sharing knowledge about specific subjects. The following list contains descriptions of and links to some of the most active and helpful technology forums. Ask a question, or help others find the answers to theirs.

Code Guru Forums
A community of developers sharing programming tips and techniques. With well over a million user posts, it's no wonder so many people are turning to the CodeGuru forums for help on all things related to code and programming. This help, support and discussion area is open to all with questions and information to share on Visual C++ & C++ Programming, Visual Basic Programming, .NET Programming, Java Programming, and more.

Database Journal Forums
This is the place to ask your questions regarding database technology, whether its about MS SQL, MySQL, database design, PHP, SAP or other database topics. There is even a section just for the SQL course.

Enterprise IT Planet Forum
The Enterprise IT Planet Forum offers offers enterprise-level discussions and topics related to networking, IT management, Storage, and Security.

Flash Kit Community Forums
In the Flash Kit Community Forums, there is no such thing as a stupid question! Flash newbiws will find lots of interest and a place to pose their questions. For those with more experience the Flash Kit Community Forums provides discussions for help, scripting & back-end, XML, Degign & Animation, Product Support, Reviews, and more.

HardwareCentral Discussion
Need help with Hardware? Whether it's a sound card snafu, networking nuance or a motherboard mix-up, jump over to the HardwareCentral discussion boards and you'll find help you get through it in one piece.

Just Linux Forums
Just Linux is a huge online forum, where you can get your questions answered in a helpful manner from users who have been in your shoes before! The Just Linux Forums also offers a collection of Help Files, a unique method of documentation that provides answers in a simple, direct format.

Practically Networked
Do you manage a small network? Share and get advice on setting up shared Internet connections and 802.11 networks, alternative networks, troubleshooting routers and switches, application software and maintaining network security.

Server Watch Forums
For the server administrator and network manager, topics include mail servers, Apache, Exchange Server, Site Server, Windows Server 2003 and Solaris.


With over 35,000 registered members and over a quarter million posts, SharkyForums offers its users general hardware and software forums — along with some intense hardware specific topics such as mobile computing, CPUs, video cards, motherboards, and cooling, to name but a few. Knowledgeable users and administrators are always on-hand to provide technical answers and guides for the budding hardware guru.

Small Business Computing
The Small Business & E-commerce discussion forums offer advice on online marketing issues, security tips, Web site design suggestions, and general discussion related to current trends and practices. Fellow small-business owners can network and share tips, tricks and advice.

System Optimization Forums
SysOpt is your one-stop resource for hints and technical how-to information on system optimization. Can't get your PC to boot, a modem to be recognized, or drivers to install? Need help with Web development, benchmarking, or just looking for some in-depth general tech discussions? Look no further than SysOpt!

Virtual Dr.
Discussion and technical support for hardware, software, operating systems (Windows, UNIx, Linux and Mac) and programming.

These forums are dedicated solely to VisualBasic issues. Find and share practical code examples, share tips on interacting with databases, ask a question about reporting with Crystal Reports, peruse the .NET topics, and much more.


Web Developer Forums
WebDeveloper offers discussion and technical support on a variety of issues faced by Web developers, including accessibility, CSS, DHTML, Graphics, HTML, Java, multimedia and much more, You can also check in with your Web site details and have it reviewed by the WebDeveloper.com community.

Wi-Fi Planet Forums
Need help or information on Wi-Fi networks, hardware, security or troubleshooting? The Wi-Fi Planet forums offer information and help on a variety of topics related to Wi-Fi.

WinDrivers Computer Tech Support Discussion & Chat
Looking for assistance in finding, troubleshooting, or even installing Windows hardware drivers? WinDrivers Computer Tech Support Forums & Chat area provides users with a place to ask tech support question or search the thousands of of forum posts for help in solving Windows driver problem.

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