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Facebook Business Manager

Brenna Miles
Last Updated July 29, 2022 8:10 am

Facebook Business Manager is a platform that enables businesses to manage all of their Facebook marketing and advertising elements, including Facebook Pages, ads, and Instagram profiles, in one place. Learn more about Facebook Business Manager in this guide.

What Is Facebook Business Manager? 

Facebook Business Manager is a tool that simplifies the management of Facebook advertising and marketing for businesses of all sizes. Businesses can access and manage elements such as ads, multiple Facebook Pages, and other assets from one simple platform. Facebook Logo

Users can control access and permissions for pages and other assets from within the tool. This means they can change or revoke privileges for employees or vendors quickly. Users can also make changes to multiple assets in batches, saving serious time.

Facebook Business Manager eliminates the need for businesses to manage pages and ad accounts through personal accounts. This means vendors and employees do not need access to a user’s personal account to manage or view assets, which further ensures security and privacy.

Facebook Business Manager also provides tools for tracking the performance of campaigns as well as managing account security.

What Is Facebook Business Manager Used For?

Facebook Business Manager can be used to complete a wide range of tasks associated with Facebook and Instagram accounts. Some simple examples of what users can do inside of the platform include:

  • Track Facebook ads and post performance
  • Build custom audiences for ads
  • Test custom audiences to ensure performance
  • Post to Facebook Pages
  • Edit employee access and controls based on role
  • View and fix potential security concerns within Facebook accounts
  • Revoke vendor access after a contract termination
  • View and edit financial information for commerce accounts

Who Should Use Facebook Business Manager?

Businesses of all sizes and industries can use Facebook Business Manager. However, the tool is especially useful for businesses with marketing teams that need to share credentials with many employees. It’s also a great tool for small businesses that outsource marketing and other tasks to various vendors.

According to Facebook, there are a few instances when using Facebook Business Manager is a requirement. For example, businesses that want to verify their domain or that must complete the verification process will need to use the platform. This is also true if a line of credit must be used to pay for advertising.

Key Features of Facebook Business Manager

Ad management

Through Facebook Business Manager, users can create new ads and manage current ads on both Facebook and Instagram. One key capability includes allowing users to customize audiences for ad campaigns for improved targeting. In addition, the platform allows users to A/B split test ads to determine what works best.

Page management

Facebook Business Manager allows users to connect all of their business assets together, including various pages. This eliminates the need for multiple logins and tedious tasks such as updating information on each individual page. Users can make batch edits and post to multiple pages at once.

Access control

A standout feature of Facebook Business Manager is the number of access controls users have inside the platform. Businesses can assign permissions for each individual user and account, choosing whether to give users admin or employee access.

Additional control comes in the form of task permissions. Businesses can select which tasks other users are able to perform, such as creating posts and viewing page insights. Permissions and access can be updated at any time, enabling businesses to have full control over their critical assets.


In addition to robust access control, Facebook Business Manager includes various security tools. Inside the Security Center, businesses receive custom recommendations for improving the security of their pages and assets. Businesses can also use the Security Center to check verification status and enable other security features such as two-factor authentication.

How Do I Access Facebook Business Manager?

To access Facebook Business Manager, users must first have a business account. With that prerequisite, the next step is to visit the Business Manager website page. On this page, Facebook will assist users in creating an account by asking for information such as business name and email address.

After these steps are complete, users will have immediate access to the Facebook Business Manager dashboard, which can be accessed via a desktop browser.

How Much Does Facebook Business Manager Cost?

Facebook Business Manager is free to access and use for any business. This includes free access to all tools found inside the platform.

Facebook Business Manager vs Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Business Suite are often confused with one another. However, they’re two separate tools. Facebook Business Suite is a tool that centralizes messaging and more from Facebook and Instagram. Users can quickly view notifications, respond to messages, and schedule posts across platforms using the suite, which is available on desktop and mobile.

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