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Snowflake Certification

Siji Roy
Last Updated April 17, 2024 11:02 pm

Snowflake is a data management platform that offers data management and data warehouse services with unique capabilities to handle data. The company also offers certifications for different kinds of data professional roles and skillsets. Learn more about Snowflake Certification opportunities below:

What Is Snowflake?

Snowflake is a data warehousing solution designed to integrate, analyze, and share data securely across different platforms and businesses. Being a cloud-based platform, it provides infinite scalability and a wide range of solutions for data warehousing, data engineering, data lakes, and more.

What Is a Snowflake Certification?

A Snowflake certification is a certification that certifies individuals are capable of designing, developing, and managing Snowflake solutions for businesses of all sizes and sectors. It provides deep knowledge of data migration, data warehousing, data science, data engineering, secure data sharing, data applications, and data lakes

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Types of Snowflake Certifications

Snowflake provides one primary certification, known as the SnowPro Core Certification, and five role-based SnowPro Advanced Certifications: Data Architect, Data Administrator, Data Engineer, Data scientist, and Data Analyst. Learn more about each of them here:

SnowPro Core Certification

The SnowPro Core Certification prepares individuals to master Snowflake’s cloud-based data warehousing platform and utilize all its computing power. The certification also helps them to achieve a thorough knowledge of managing and monitoring Snowflake accounts. The SnowPro Core Certification is a prerequisite for all five of the advanced exams. 

SnowPro Advanced Certifications

Snowflake offers SnowPro Advanced Certifications in five role-based categories for those who have been awarded the SnowPro Core Certification and have at least two years of experience in the Snowflake platform. SnowPro Advanced Certifications consist of the following certifications:

SnowPro Advanced: Architect

SnowPro Advanced: Architect Certification holders can design, develop, and manage Snowflake solutions. They should be well aware of Snowflake’s best practices and its real-world implementations.

SnowPro Advanced: Administrator

The SnowPro Advanced: Administrator Certification provides the ability to perform the following tasks and skills:

  • Manage Snowflake accounts
  • Manage and maintain virtual warehouses
  • Monitor and tune databases
  • Use the Snowflake Data Exchange and Data Marketplace
  • Administer backup and data replication

SnowPro Advanced: Data Engineer

This certification offers advanced skills in applying data engineering principles. It enables individuals to perform the following tasks:

  • Collect data from different sources
  • Share and replicate data across various cloud platforms
  • Design scalable and flexible computing solutions 
  • Evaluate performance metrics

SnowPro Advanced: Data Scientist

The SnowPro Advanced: Data Scientist Certification allows IT professionals to master the application of data science principles using the Snowflake platform. They will learn the following skills with this certification:

SnowPro Advanced: Data Analyst

The SnowPro Advanced: Data Analyst Certification prepares individuals to perform data visualization, statistical modeling, analytics of trends and patterns, and more.

Why Should You Get Certified in Snowflake?

Snowflake’s competitive curriculum and expert-led courses in the data cloud prepare individuals to get the most from data; they’ll become experts in deploying analytical workloads across a range of cloud platforms and regions. The comprehensive instructional tracks followed by Snowflake help certificate holders optimize their organizations’ Data Cloud.

What Areas Are Covered in Snowflake Certifications?

The SnowPro Core Certification provides comprehensive knowledge of the design, development, and management of Snowflake solutions and teaches individuals about Snowflake as a SaaS platform. The certification also covers the following areas:

  • Loading/unloading of data
  • Data scaling
  • Data security
  • Concurrency and performance
  • Data types and connectors
  • Account management

If Core Certification holders choose to pursue more advanced Snowflake certifications, they can develop niche platform and disciplinary knowledge that fits their specific job role.

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