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TERM OF THE DAY: virtual server

Previous Terms of the Day
05/26/2016 accounting software
05/25/2016 security software
05/24/2016 mobile security management
05/23/2016 software
05/22/2016 hardware
05/21/2016 security exploit
05/20/2016 firewall
05/19/2016 Windows Firewall
05/18/2016 Comodo Firewall
05/17/2016 CPU cooler
05/16/2016 CPU-Z
05/15/2016 consolidation
05/14/2016 personal cloud storage
05/13/2016 Codd's Rules
05/12/2016 DBMS - database management system
05/11/2016 new media
05/10/2016 router
05/09/2016 video editing software
05/08/2016 open source CRM
05/07/2016 open source
05/06/2016 API - application program interface
05/05/2016 email list segmentation
05/04/2016 email marketing
05/03/2016 customer experience
05/02/2016 competitive price intelligence
05/01/2016 character generator
04/30/2016 SkyDrive
04/29/2016 Microsoft Office 365
04/28/2016 clickbait
04/27/2016 sideloading
04/26/2016 on-premises
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