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TERM OF THE DAY: big data

Previous Terms of the Day
09/22/2015 IP address - Internet Protocol (IP) address
09/21/2015 Linux USB
09/20/2015 Linux on Windows
09/19/2015 Linux OS (Operating System)
09/18/2015 TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
09/17/2015 Web server
09/16/2015 high-level language
09/15/2015 program
09/14/2015 LAN telephony
09/13/2015 router
09/12/2015 data
09/11/2015 firewall
09/10/2015 hub
09/09/2015 SSID - service set identifier
09/08/2015 Wi-Fi
09/07/2015 subnet mask - subnetting
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