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    Letter P: Data Formats & File Extensions

    Find data file formats and file extensions that start with the letter P, or view thousands of file extensions and file formats in the complete list.

    With literally thousands of data file formats employed by Windows and Window-based apps, keeping track of all the file extensions employed by your software applications and programs can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, Webopedia’s Complete List of Data File Formats and File Extensions makes it quick and easy to sift through thousands of file extensions and data file formats to find exactly what you need. You can peruse the full list or search for data formats and file extensions based on the letter they start with from the table below.

    Data File Formats that Begin with the Letter ‘P’

    .p Pascal source code file
    Rea-C-Time application parameter file (ReaGeniX code generator)
    Picture file (APPLAUSE)
    .p16 Music (16 channels) (ProTracker Studio 16)
    .p22 Patch file (Patch22)
    .p65 Adobe Pagemaker v6.5
    .p7m PKCS #7 MIME Message
    .pa Print Artist
    .pa1 Worktable (PageAhead)
    .pab Microsoft Outlook personal address book
    .pac Stad Image (graphics ?)
    Package (SBStudio II)
    .pack Pack 2000 Compressed file
    .pad Keypad definition (Telemate)
    .paf PARIS audio format
    Personal Ancestral file
    .pages Pages document
    .pak Compressed file archive created by PAK (pak251.exe)
    .pal Adobe Pagemaker Library Palette
    Color Palette
    Compressed File
    Tree Professional Palm Creator file
    .pan Printer-specific file (copy to (CorelDRAW)
    .par Parts application (Digitalk PARTS)
    Parameter file (Fractint)
    Permanent output file (Windows 3.x)
    .pas Pascal source code file
    .pat Hatch patterns (AutoCAD – Photostyler)
    Vector fill files (CorelDRAW)
    .pax Pax Archive file
    .pb Fax (FAXability Plus)
    Phonebook (WinFax Pro)
    Setup file (PixBase)
    .pb1 Document (First Publisher for Windows)
    .pba Powerbasic BASIC source code (Genus)
    .pbd Phone book (FaxNOW! – Faxit)
    .pbf Turtle Beach Pinnacle Bank file
    Grand Prix Legends BMAP file
    PBook E-book Format (renamed ZIP file)
    Portable Bitmap Format file
    .pbi Powerbasic include file (Genus)
    Profiler Binary Input (MS Source Profiler)
    .pbk Microsoft XP Remote Access Phonebook file
    .pbl Powerbasic library (Genus)
    .pbm Pbm Portable Bit Map graphics
    Planar bitmap graphics (XLib)
    .pbo Profiler Binary Output (MS Source Profiler)
    .pbr Microsoft Publisher backup file
    .pbt Profiler Binary Table (MS Source Profiler)
    .pc Text file containing IBM PC specific info
    .pc3 Custom palette (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
    .pc8 Ascii text IBM8 character set (NewWave Write)
    .pca Cash Register Express program
    .pcb Broderbund Print Shop Business Card
    Ivex Winboard Design file
    MS PowerPoint Application Data file
    Protel Technology Advanced PCB Design
    .pcc Cutout picture vector graphics (PC Paintbrush)
    .pcd Graphics (Kodak PhotoCD)
    Microsoft Visual Test compiled script
    .pcf Profile Configuration file
    Profiler Command File (MS Source Profiler)
    .pch Patch file
    Precompiled header (MS C/C++)
    .pcj Multimedia authoring tool graphics (IBM’s Linkaway-Live)
    .pck Received Package file
    Pickfile (Turbo Pascal)
    .pcl HP-PCL graphics data (HP Printer Control Language)
    .pcm Plasmacam CAD/CAM system file
    .pcs PICS Animation
    .pct Bitmap Graphic
    Honeywell GUS Display Builder
    Macintosh Quickdraw/PICT Drawing
    .pcw Text file (PC Write)
    .pcx Bitmap graphics (PC Paintbrush)
    .pd SynerGEE Stoner software files (compressible pipe flow program)
    .pda Bitmap graphics
    .pdb Data (TACT)
    .pdc Personal Database Creator file
    .pdd Adobe PhotoDeluxe Image
    .pde Principalm Data Extract files
    Processing Environment text files
    .pdf Adobe Portable Document Format
    Package Definition File
    Graphics file (ED-SCAN 24bit format)
    .pdg Printshop Deluxe files
    .pdl Project Description Language file (Borland C++ 4.5)
    .pdr Port or printer driver
    .pds Incredimail
    Source Code File
    Telsis HiCall Program File
    Pds graphics
    Planetary Data System
    Pldasm source code file (hardware assembly)
    Print Shop Graphic
    .pdt ProCite Primary Database
    VersaPro Compiled Block
    .pdv Printer driver (Paintbrush)
    .pdw Document (Professional Draw)
    .pdx Adobe Acrobat Index file
    .pe4 Photo Explorer Thumbnail
    .pea PeaZip Compressed FileArchived files
    .peb Program Editor bottom overflow file (WordPerfect Library)
    .ped Program Editor delete save (WordPerfect Library)
    .pem Program Editor macro (WordPerfect Library)
    Privacy Enhanced Mail Certificate file
    .peq Program Editor print queue file (WordPerfect Library)
    .per Program Editor resident area (WordPerfect Library) (vakioalue)
    .pes Program Editor work space file (WordPerfect Library)
    .pet Program Editor top overflow file (WordPerfect Library)
    .pf Windows Prefetch file
    Monitor/printer profile file
    .pfa Type 3 font file (unhinted PostScript font)
    .pfb Type 1 PostScript font file
    .pfc Text file (First Choice)
    .pfg jEEPers file
    .pfk Programmable function keys (XTreePro)
    .pfl Family Lawyer Data file
    .pfm Windows Type 1 font metric file
    .pfs Database (PFS:FILE) – text file (PFS:Write)
    .pft Printer font (ChiWriter)
    .pg Pagefox File
    Page cut/paste file (IBM LinkWay)
    .pgi Printer Graphics File device driver (PGRAPH library)
    .pgm Portable Grayscale bitMap graphics
    Program (Signature)
    .pgp Support file (Pretty Good Privacy RSA System)
    .pgs Manual page (man4dos)
    .ph Optimized .goh file (Geoworks)
    Perl header file
    Phrase-table (MS C/C++)
    .phb NewLeaf PhraseBook
    ClustaW Tree file
    TreeView file
    PhoneB Phonebook file
    .phn Phone list (UltraFax – QmodemPro)
    .php PHP Script
    MS Picture It! Publishing Project File
    .pho Phone database (Metz Phone for Windows)
    .phr Phrases (LocoScript)
    .phtml PHP Script
    .pic Pixar picture file (SDSC Image Tool)
    Bitmap graphics (Macintosh b&w PICT1 – color PICT2)
    Bitmap graphics (many eg. Lotus 1-2-3 – PC Paint)
    .pif Program Information File (Windows 3.x)
    Vector graphics GDF format (IBM mainframe computers)
    Shortcut to MS-DOS program
    .pim PIM Archive file
    .pip Personalized menu and toolbar (MS Office)
    .pit Compressed Mac file archive created by PACKIT (unpackit.zoo)
    .pix Alias image file (SDSC Image Tool)
    .pj64 Project 64 game files.mswmm Windows Movie Maker Project file
    .pj Project (CA-SuperProject)
    .pjt Project memo (FoxPro)
    .pjx Project (FoxPro)
    .pk Packed bitmap font bitmap file (TeX DVI drivers)
    .pk3 American McGee Alice Archive
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein file
    Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2 Archive
    Quake 3 Arena Archive (renamed zip file)
    .pka Compressed file archive created by PKARC
    .pkd Top Secret Crypto Gold file
    .pkg Installer script (Next)
    .pkk Private Key file
    .pkt Packet Tracer Network Simulation file
    .pl Perl source code file
    Prolog source code file
    Property List font metric file (TeX)
    Palette (Harvard Graphics)
    .pl1 Room plan (3D Home Architect)
    .pl3 Chart palette (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
    .plb Library (FoxPro)
    .plc Add-in file (functions – macros – applications) (Lotus 1-2-3)
    .pll Pre-linked library (Clipper 5)
    .pln Spreadsheet (WordPerfect for Win)
    .plr Descent Pilot file
    Player file
    .pls DisorderTracker2 Sample
    WinAmp MPEG PlayList file
    Shoutcast file
    MYOB Data file
    .plt AutoCAD HPGL Vector Graphic Plotter file
    Bentley’s CAD MicroStation Driver Configuration for Plotting
    Clipper 5 Pre-linked Transfer file
    Gerber Sign-making Software file
    HP Graphics Language
    .pmv Pegasus Mail Filter Rule file
    .pmx Pegasus Mail file
    .pn3 Printer device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
    .pnf Precompiled Setup Information (Temporary file seen during installs)
    .png Bitmap graphics (Portable Network Graphics)
    .pnm Pbm Portable aNy Map (PNM) graphics
    .pnt Macintosh painting
    Qwk reader pointer file (MarkMail 2.x)
    .pod OPENPROJ Project file
    .poh Optimized .goh file (Geoworks)
    .poi Point of interest file
    .pop Messages index (PopMail)
    Pop-up menu object (dBASE Application Generator)
    .pos ProCite Output Styles
    QuickPOS IIF file
    .pot PowerPoint template
    .potx PowerPoint Open XML Template file
    .pov Raytraced scene description file (Persistence Of Vision)
    .pow Chord chart (PowerChords)
    .pp Free Pascal Source Code file
    Compressed Amiga file archive created by POWERPACKER
    .ppa PowerPoint Add-in
    .ppb Button bar for Print Preview (WordPerfect for Win)
    .ppd PostScript Printer Description (Acrobat)
    .ppf Turtle Beach Pinnacle Program file
    Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 Preset file
    Micrografx Picture Publisher file
    PlayStation Patch file
    .ppg MS PowerPoint Ppresentation
    Professor Franklin’s Photo Print Gold
    .ppl Polaroidpaletteplus ColorKey device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
    .ppm Portable Pixel Map graphics
    .ppo Pre-processor output (Clipper 5)
    .ppp Publication (PagePlus)
    Image files used in PagePlus SE
    .pps PowerPoint Slideshow
    Storyboard (Personal Producer)
    .ppsx MS Office PowerPoint Slide Show file
    .ppt General file extension (PowerPoint)
    .ppz PowerPoint Packaged Presentation
    .pqa Palm Query Application File (database for wireless access)
    .pqi Power Quest Drive imaging
    .pr2 Presentation (Aldus Persuasion 2.x)
    .pr2 Printer driver (dBASE IV)
    .pr3 Postscript printer driver (dBASE IV)
    Presentation (Aldus Persuasion 3.x)
    .prc Corel Presentation file
    Palmpilot resource file
    Picture Gear Pocket
    .prd Printer driver (many)
    .pre Presentation (Freelance Graphics)
    Settings (Programmer’s WorkBench – MS C/C++)
    .prf Pixel Run Format graphics (Improces – Fastgraph)
    Printer driver (dBASE IV)
    Profiler output
    .prg Program (Atari)
    Program source (dBASE IV – FoxPro – Clipper 5 – dBFast)
    .pri Printer definitions (LocoScript)
    .prj Project
    .prm Parameters
    MYOB Premier file extension
    .prn DataCAD Windows Printer file
    HP Printer Control Language
    PostScript file
    Printer Text file
    XYWrite Printer Driver
    .pro Prolog source code file
    Graphics profile file (DOS)
    .prs Printer Resource eg. fonts (WordPerfect for Win)
    Presentation (Harvard Graphics Win)
    Procedure (dBASE IV)
    .prt CADKEY Part file
    Printer Configuration
    Printer driver (Dr.Halo)
    Printer-formatted file
    Pro/ENGINEER Model file
    Process Revolution Template file
    SCEdit Part file
    Unigraphics Part file
    .prx Windows Media Settings file
    Compiled program (FoxPro)
    .prz Freelance Graphics 97 file
    .ps PostScript file (text/graphics) (ASCII)
    .ps2 PostScript Level 2 file
    .psb Pinnacle Sound Bank
    Project Scheduler Configuration file
    .psd Adobe Photoshop file
    Design II for Windows
    .pse Bitmap graphics (IBM printer Page SEgment)
    .psf Photoshop Proof Settings file
    Outline PostScript printer font (ChiWriter)
    PrintShop Mail Favorites
    .psi PSION A-law Audio
    File extenstion for Pierresoft Adesign Image
    .psm Music (MASI – ProTracker)
    PrintShop Mail
    Symbol table of IDE (Turbo Pascal)
    .psmdoc PrintShop Mail
    .psp PaintShop Pro Image
    Procedure (Prodea Synergy)
    Project Scheduler Planning file
    .psr Project Scheduler Resource file
    .pst MS Outlook personal folder
    .psw WinXP Backup Password File
    .pt3 Device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
    Template (PageMaker 3)
    .pt4 Template (PageMaker 4)
    .ptb Script (PubTech BatchWorks)
    .ptm Macro (PubTech BatchWorks)
    An extension used in PUNCH! home design software
    Polynomial Texture Map
    .ptn PaperPort Thumbnail Images
    .ptp Act! Modem Sync file
    .ptr Qwk reader pointer file (QMail)
    .pts Infinity Engine Game Tileset
    Halflife Map Creation Debug file
    .ptx Real Legal E-Transcript
    .pub Page template (MS Publisher)
    Public key ring file (Pretty Good Privacy RSA System)
    Publication (Ventura Publisher – 1st Publisher)
    .put Compressed file archive created by PUT (
    .puz Across Lite Crossword Puzzle
    Packed MS Publisher file
    .pva Hauppauge DVB-Software
    .pvd Script (Instalit)
    .pvm Parallel Virtual Machine software library
    .pvl Library (Instalit)
    .pvt Local Fidonet pointlist
    .pw Text file (Professional Write)
    .pwd Pocket Word document
    AutoCAD Password file
    .pwf ProCite Workforms
    .pwi Pocket Word document
    .pwl Password List
    .pwm WebMoney Purse file
    .pwp Text document (Professional WritePlus)
    .pwz MS Powerpoint Wizard
    .px Primary database index (Paradox)
    .pxl Pocket Excel Spreadsheet
    .pxv Modelworks Project File used in JPad Pro and SitePad Pro
    .py Python script file
    .pyc Compiled PYTHON script file
    .pyd Binary Python Extension on Windows
    .pyw Python GUI Script on Windows
    .pz2 Curious Labs Poser Pose file
    .pz3 Curious Labs Poser Document
    .pza MGI PhotoSuite II/III/4 Album file
    .pzd Default settings (Pizazz Plus)
    .pzl Jigs@w Puzzle
    Lode Runner Game Puzzle
    .pzo Overlay file (Pizazz Plus)
    .pzp MGI PhotoSuite II/III/4 Project file
    Palette (Pizazz Plus)
    .pzs Settings (Pizazz Plus)
    .pzt Transfer file (Pizazz Plus)
    .pzx Swap file (Pizazz Plus)

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