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    Letter L: Data Formats & File Extensions

    Find data formats and their file extensions starting with L.

    With literally thousands of data file formats employed by Windows and Window-based apps, keeping track of all the file extensions employed by your software applications and programs can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, Webopedia’s Complete List of Data File Formats and File Extensions makes it quick and easy to sift through thousands of file extensions and data file formats to find exactly what you need. You can peruse the full list or search for data formats and file extensions based on the letter they start with from the table below.

    Data File Formats that Begin with the Letter ‘L’

    .l Lex source code file
    Lisp source code file
    Linker directive file (WATCOM wlink)
    .l01 ARC Digitized Raster Graphics
    .lab Datafile (NCSS – SOLO)
    Mailing labels (Q+E for MS Excel)
    .lang Skype Language file
    .lat Crossword Express Lattice file
    .latex LaTeX typesetting system
    .lay Word chart layout (APPLAUSE)
    .lbg Label generator data (dBASE IV)
    .lbl Label (dBASE IV – Clipper 5 – dBFast)
    .lbm Bitmap graphics (DeluxePaint)
    Linear bitmap graphics (XLib)
    .lbo Compiled label (dBASE IV)
    .lbr Compressed file archive created by LU (lue220.arc)
    Display driver (Lotus 1-2-3)
    .lbt Label memo (FoxPro)
    .lbx Label (FoxPro)
    .lcf Linker Control File (Norton Guides compiler)
    .lck Lockfile (Paradox)
    .lcl Data (FTP Software PC/TCP)
    .lcn Lection (WordPerfect)
    .lcs Datafile (ACT! History Files)
    L0phtCrack Audit file
    .lcw Spreadsheet (Lucid 3-D)
    .ld Long Distance codes file (Telix)
    .ld1 Overlay file (dBASE)
    .ldb Data (MS Access)
    .ldf Library definition file (Geoworks Glue)
    locking data file or (locking security file)
    IBM Works for OS/2 Filer Form
    Microsoft SQL Server Transaction Log File
    .ldif LDAP Data Interchange Format
    .leg Legacy Graphic Format
    .les Lesson (check *.cbt)
    .let Letter
    .lev Level file (NetHack 3.x)
    .lex Lexicon (dictionary) (many)
    .lfa LifeForm file
    .lft Laser printer font (ChiWriter)
    .lg Logo procedure definitions (LSRHS Logo)
    .lgc Program Use Log file
    .lgo Logo for header and footer (SuperFax)
    Startup logo code (Windows 3.x)
    .lgx Gerber file
    .lha Compressed file archive created by LHA/LHARC (lha255b.exe)
    .lhw Compressed Amiga file archive created by LHWARP
    .lib Library file (several programming languages)
    .lic License file (Shareware)
    FLAMES License File Professional Edition (Ternion)
    .lid Kodak Gallery Album file
    WinDVD file
    Light Field Description file
    Dylan Library Interchange Description
    LabelVision Auto Incrementing Value file
    Maple V Setup file
    Scholar’s Aid Backup file
    .lif Logical Interchange Format data file (Hewlett-Packard)
    Compressed file archive
    .lim Compressed file archive created by LIMIT (
    .lin Line types (AutoCAD)
    .lis Listing (VAX)
    .lit MS Reader eBook file
    .lix Extend Simulation Library file
    Libronix DLS Resource (LLS 2.x Index)
    .lj Text file for HP LJ II printer
    .lko MS Outlook Express Linked Object
    .ll3 Laplink III related file (document) (LapLink III)
    .lmp Lump File
    .lmt Nokia PC Suite Log file
    RPG Maker map tree file
    .lnd 3D Landscape Data
    .lng Adobe Acrobat Language Plugin file
    Diablo II file
    NRG SDR Language file
    .lnk Windows Shortcut file
    Linker response file (.RTLink)
    .loc MicroSim PCBoard Component Locations Report
    Suppose Locations file
    Download format for search results on
    .lod Load file
    .log Log file
    .lok Encrypted and compressed archive format (FileWrangler, SecurDesk!, ZipWrangler)
    .lpc Printer driver (TEKO)
    .lpd Helix Nuts and Bolts File
    Avery Label Pro
    .lpf Lytec’s Direct Electronic Medical Claims ClaimsDirect
    .lpi Live Pictures
    .lpk Licensed ActiveX Control for Internet Explorer.
    .lrf Linker response file (MS C/C++)
    .lrs Language Resource File (WordPerfect for Win)
    .lse Nokia Audio Manager
    .lsf Streaming Audio/Video file
    Libronix DLS Resource
    .lsl Lotus Script Library
    .lsp Lisp source code file (Xlisp)
    .lss Spreadsheet (Legato)
    .lst Keyboard macro (1st Reader)
    List file (archive index – compiler listfile)
    Spool file (Oracle)
    SAS Program file
    .lt2 e frontier Poser file
    .ltm Form (Lotus Forms)
    .ltr Letter
    .lua Lua Source Code file
    .lvl Game Level file
    .lvp Lucent Voice Player
    LView Pro
    .lwa LightWorks Archive Material/Scene file
    .lwd Text document (LotusWorks)
    .lwo NewTek Lightwave Object
    .lwp IBM Word Pro / Lotus Word Pro 96/97 document file
    .lwz MS Linguistically Enhanced Sound file
    .lx Lexico – files with source code
    .lyr DataCAD Layer file
    .lzd Difference file for binaries (Ldiff 1.20)
    .lzh Compressed file archive created by LHA/LHARC (lha255b.exe)
    .lzs Compressed file archive created by LARC (
    .lzw Compressed Amiga file archive created by LHWARP
    .lzx Compressed file

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