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Letter D: Data Formats & File Extensions

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Find data formats and their file extensions starting with the letter D.

With literally thousands of data file formats employed by Windows and Window-based apps, keeping track of all the file extensions employed by your software applications and programs can be quite a challenge. Fortunately, Webopedia’s Complete List of Data File Formats and File Extensions makes it quick and easy to sift through thousands of file extensions and data file formats to find exactly what you need. You can peruse the full list or search for data formats and file extensions based on the letter they start with from the table below.

Data File Formats that Begin with the Letter ‘D’

.d D programming language source code
GBG DraftMaker Drawing File
.d00 Blaster Master Pro File
AdLib Format File
.d10 H&R Block Deduction Pro file
Drake Software Dat file
.d2s Character file (Diablo 2)
.d3d File Extension for Desktop-3D Notes
Compressed Draw 3D file
.d64 Commodore 64 Emulator Disk Image
.dat Data file in special format or ASCII
Gunlok Archive
Mitsubishi DJ-1000 and Photorun Native Format
Nascar Racing Archive
SPOT Graphic
WordPerfect Merge Data
.data Sid Tune audio file
.day Journal file
.db Configuration (dBASE IV – dBFast)
Database (Paradox – Smartware)
.db$ Temperature debug info (Clarion Modula-2)
Temporary file (dBASE)
.db2 Database (dBASE II)
.db3 Database (dBASE III)
.dba Datafile (DataEase)
Palm Desktop Date Book Archive
.dbb ANSYS Database Backup
Mopheus music file
.dbd Business data (Business Insight)
Debug info (Clarion Modula-2)
.dbf Database file (dBASE III/IV – FoxPro – dBFast – DataBoss)
Oracle 8.x Tablespace File
.dbg Symbolic debugging information (MS C/C++)
.dbk Database backup (dBASE IV)
.dbl Windows XP Activation file
.dbm Datafile (DataEase)
Cold Fusion Template
Menu template (DataBoss)
.dbo Compiled program (dBASE IV)
.dbs Database in SQL Windows format
Datafile (PRODAS)
Printer description file (Word – Works)
.dbt Data Base Text (Clipper)
Foxbase+ style memo (FoxPro)
Memo file for database w/same name (dBASE IV – dBFast)
.dbw Windows file (DataBoss)
.dbx Database
DataBeam Image
MS Visual Foxpro Table
Outlook Express e-mail folder file
.dca Document Content Architecture text file (IBM DisplayWrite)
.dcf Disk image file
.dcm DCM Module Format
.dcp Data CodePage (OS/2)
.dcr Kodak Proprietary Image Format
Shockwave file
.dcs Bitmap graphics (CYMK format) (QuarkXPress)
Datafile (ACT! Activity Files)
.dct Database dictionary (Clarion Database Developer)
Spell checking dictionary (Harvard Graphics 3.0 – Symphony)
.dcx FAX Image
ElectraSoft Fax
PC-Paintbrush file
Bitmap Graphics (Multipage PCX)
MS Visual Foxpro Database Container
.dd Compressed Macintosh file archive created by DISKDOUBLER
.ddat DivX Temporary file
.ddb Bitmap graphics
.ddc DivX Descriptor Description File
.ddf MS Data Definition Language file
.ddi Diskdupe Image file (ddupe322.zip)
.ddp Device Driver Profile file (OS/2)
.de MetaProducts Download Express incompletely downloaded file
.de7 Dance E jay 7 File
.deb Debug script (DOS Debug)
.dec VersaPro Declaration file
.def Assembly header file (Geoworks)
DATAIR data entry format file
Defaults – definitions
.dem Demonstration
Graphics (VistaPro)
.des Description Text
Tribes 2 Game file
Quickbooks Template
Pro/DESKTOP file
Interscope BlackBox file
.dev Device driver
.dfd Data Flow Diagram graphic (Prosa)
.dff Criterion RenderWare 3.x 3D object format
.dfi Outline font description (Digifont)
.dfl Default program settings (Signature)
FreshDownloads (FreshDownload List temp file)
File Extension for Desktop-3D Notes
.dfm Data Flow Diagram model file (Prosa)
.dfs Delight Sound file
.dft Fakt2000 file
SolidEdge CAD file
Workshare Synergy file
PC Draft file
.dfv Printing form (Word)
.dfx Drafix file
.dgn Graphics (MicroStation)
.dgr Fax Page (MS Outlook Express)
DART Pro 98 File Group Details
.dgs Diagnostics
.dh Dependency information for .ph (Geoworks)
.dhp Dr. Halo PIC Format graphics (Dr. Halo II – III)
.dht Datafile (Gauss)
.dhy Adobe Bridge file
.dia Diagraph graphics (Computer Support Corporation)
.dib Bitmap graphics (Device-Independent Bitmap)
.dic Lotus Notes / Domino dictonary file
.dif Database (VisiCalc)
Output from Diff command – script for Patch command
Text file (Data Interchange Format)
.dig Digilink Format
Sound Designer Audio File
Text Document
.dip Graphics
.dir Adobe Director Movie File
Dialing directory file (Procomm Plus)
Directory file (VAX)
Movie (MacroMind Director 4.x)
.dis DATAIR data import specification file
Distribution file (VAX Mail)
Thesaurus (CorelDraw)
.divx DivX Encoded Movie file
.diz Description file (Description In Zip)
.dje MattBatt iAM-player
.djv DJVu Scanned file
.djvu DJVu file
.dkb Raytraced graphics (DKBTrace)
.dl Animation (Italian origin)
.dl_ Compressed .dll file in an Install Archive
.dld Data (Lotus 1-2-3)
.dlg Dialog resource script file (MS Windows SDK)
.dll Dynamic Link Library (Windows 3.x – OS/2)
Export/import filter (CorelDRAW)
.dls Setup (Norton Disklock)
.dmf Delusion/XTracker digital music file
Packed Amiga Disk Image
.dmg Macintosh OS X Disk Image file
.dml Medical Manager DML System Script
.dmo Demo (Derive)
.dmp Dump file (eg. screen or memory)
.dms Compressed Amiga file archive created by DISKMASHER
.dmsk DivX Web Player Temporary file
.dna Desktop DNA data storage file
.dnasym Desktop DNA compiled application script
.dnax Desktop DNA exclusion list (text)
.dne Netica Bayes net file (Norsys Software Corp.)
.dng Adobe Digital Negative fFile
Dungeon file
.dnl DigitalWebBook Electronic Book
netMod Modem Firmware Upgrade file
.do ModelSim Filter Design HDL Coder
.doc Document text file
.docm Open XML Macro-enabled Document file (Microsoft Word 2007 / Word 2010)
.docx Open XML Document text file (Microsoft Office 2007 / Office 2010)
.dog Screen file (Laughing Dog Screen Maker)
.doh Dependency information for .poh (Geoworks)
.dol Nintendo Executable file
.dos External command file (1st Reader)
Network driver (eg. pkt_dis.dos)
Text file containing DOS specific info
.dot Line-type definition file (CorelDRAW)
Template (Word for Windows)
.dotx Microsoft Word 2007 / Word 2010 Template file
.dox Text file (MultiMate 4.0)
.doz Description Out of Zip (VENDINFO)
.dp Calendar file (Daily Planner)
Data file (DataPhile)
.dpg Nintendo DS MPEG Video File
.dpk Delphi Package file
.dpp Serif DrawPlus Drawing
.dpr Default project- and state-related information (Borland C++)
.dps DivX Player Skin file
.dpt Desktop DNA template
.dpx Digital moving picture exchange format
.dra Map Maker Pro GIS vector layer
.drs Display Resource (WordPerfect for Win)
.drv Device driver eg. for printer
.drw Drawing (various)
Vector graphics (Micrografx Designer)
.ds Twain Data Source file
.ds4 Vector graphics (Micrografx Designer 4.0)
.dsa DasyTec DASYLab file
.dsb DasyTec DASYLab file
.dsc Discard file (Oracle)
.dsd Database (DataShaper)
.dsf Micrografx Designer
PC-TRUST Document Signer
Delusion/XTracker Digital Sample
.dsk Project desktop file (Borland C++ – Turbo Pascal)
Simple IDs (database)
.dsm Digital sound module (DSI)
.dsn ODBC Data Source file
Design (Object System Designer)
.dsp Display parameters (Signature)
Graphics display driver (Dr.Halo)
MS Developer Studio Project
ReaderX and DragonStar Pro Ltd file extensions
.dsp2 ReaderX and DragonStar Pro Ltd file extensions
.dsr Driver Resource (WordPerfect for Win)
.dss Screensaver file (DCC)
Sound (Digital Soup)
.dst PC-RDist Distribution file
Embroidery Machine Stitch file (VeePro)
.dsw Desktop settings (Borland C++ 4.5)
.dsy PC Draft Symbol Library
.dt_ Data fork of a Macintosh file (Mac-ette)
.dta Data file (Turbo Pascal – PC-File – Stata)
.dtd SGML Document Definition file
.dtf Database file (PFS – Q&A)
.dtp Document (Timeworks Publisher3)
Publication (Publish-It!)
.dup Duplicate Backup
.dus Readiris font dictionary
.dvc Data (Lotus 1-2-3)
.dvf DV Studio Camcorder Graphics file
.dvi Device Independent document (TeX)
.dvp Desqview Program Information file (DESQview)
Device parameter file (AutoCAD)
.dvr Windows Media Center Recorded file
DR-92 Manager file
.dvr-ms files created by Stream Buffer Engine(SBE)
.dw2 Drawing (DesignCAD for windows)
.dwc Compressed file archive created by DWC (dwc-a501.exe)
.dwd Davka Writer file
DiamondWare Digitized file
.dwf Autodesk WHIP! Drawing Web file
MS WHIP autoCAD REader Drawing Web file
.dwg Drawing (Drafix)
Drawing database (AutoCAD)
.dwk DADiSP Worksheet File
.dwl Drawing Lock file
.dwt AutoCAD Template/Prototype file
Macromedia Dreamweaver Template file
Demon’s World Game Texture file
.dwz DVD movieFactory 3
.dx Text file (DEC WPS/DX format – DEC WPS Plus)
.dxf Drawing Interchange File Format vector graphics (AutoCAD)
.dxn Fax (Fujitsu dexNET)
.dxr Adobe Director Movie File
Dependable Strengths Administrator Resources
Green Building Advisor file
Macromedia Director Protected Movie file
.dyc ICUII Videochat file
.dylib Apple osx extension for lib
.dyn Data (Lotus 1-2-3)
.dz Dzip Compressed file

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