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Graphics File Formats

Graphics file formats are not created equal. Knowing which one to...

Interrupt Vector Table

A table of interrupt vectors (pointers to routines that handle interrupts)....

adb – Android Debug Bridge

Short for Android Debug Bridge, adb is a command-line debugging application...

Network Intelligence Definition & Meaning

Network intelligence analyzes data that passes through computer networks, filtering Internet protocol information to monitor data patterns.

Computational Intelligence Definition & Meaning

Computational intelligence, also known as soft computing, is a form of computing modeled on the ways in which humans learn. Read more from Webopedia.

Tuple Definition & Meaning

A tuple is a finite ordered list of elements. Tuples are written by listing comma-separated elements within parentheses. Learn more about Webopedia.

Functional Programming Definition & Meaning

Functional programming is the process of constructing programs by applying and composing pure functions. Learn more from Webopedia.

Workload Definition & Meaning

Workloads are computing processes that run in different environments and work to accomplish a task. Learn more from Webopedia.

String Interpolation Definition & Meaning

In computer programming, string interpolation is the process of replacing placeholders with values in a string literal. Learn more from Webopedia.

Function-as-a-Service Definition & Meaning

Function-as-a-Service describes a serverless, pay-per-use approach to developing applications that is offered by cloud service providers.

Data Lake Definition & Meaning

A data lake is a storage space for all forms of data in an organization, whether raw or processed, structured or unstructured.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Definition & Meaning

The CCPA is the California Consumer Privacy Act, a data privacy law introduced in 2018 and enacted in 2020. Learn more from Webopedia.