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Data Formats and File Extensions Quick Reference

Webopedia's list of Data File Formats and File Extensions makes it easy to look through thousands of extensions and file formats to find what you need.

With literally thousands of data file formats employed by Windows and Window-based apps, keeping track of all the file extensions used by software applications and programs can be a challenge.

Webopedia's List of Data File Formats and File Extensions

Fortunately, Webopedia's Complete List of Data File Formats and File Extensions makes it quick and easy to sift through thousands of file extensions and data file formats to find exactly what you need. You can peruse the full list or search for data formats and file extensions based on the letter they start with from the table below.

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  Data File Formats and File Extensions - Complete List

.!btBitTorrent Incomplete Download file
.!qbqBittorrent Partial Download file
.!utuTorrent Incomplete Download file
.#24Printer data file for 24 pin matrix printer (LocoScript)
.#ibPrinter data file (LocoScript)
.#scPrinter data file (LocoScript)
.#stStandard mode printer definitions (LocoScript)
.$$$Temporary file
.$00Pipe file (DOS)
.$01Pipe file (DOS)
.$dbTemporary file (dBASE IV)
.$edEditor temporary file (MS C)
.$erGroupWise Database
.$o1Pipe file (DOS)
.$vmVirtual manager temporary file (Windows 3.x)
.^^^Pervasive.SQL Database file
.__aFile Splitter & Joiner Encrypted file
.__bFile Splitter & Joiner Encrypted Archive file
._ddNorton Disk Doctor Recovered file
._emlWindows Live Mail Email file
._nwsWindows Live Mail Newsgroup Copy file
._pMalicious Software Removal Tool Temporary file
.~$~Temporary file (1st Reader)
.~apOld AppExpert project database (Borland C++ 4.5)
.~deProject backup (Borland C++ 4.5)
.~hmHostMonitor TestList Backup file
.~mnMenu backup (Norton Commander)
.{pbCorel WordPerfect Document Index file
.\201$\201Temporary file (1st Reader)

.000Image Data Recovery file
Compressed harddisk data (DoubleSpace)
.001Norton Ghost Span file
Multiple Volume Compressed file
Fax (many)
.07575x75 dpi display font (Ventura Publisher)
.08585x85 dpi display font (Ventura Publisher)
.09191x91 dpi display font (Ventura Publisher)
.09696x96 dpi display font (Ventura Publisher)
.0bPrinter font with lineDraw extended character set (PageMaker)
.0xeF-Secure Renamed Virus file
.1Inno Setup Binary file
Roff/nroff/troff/groff source for manual page (cawf2.zip)
.10IBM Voice Type Script file
.113Iomega Backup file
.123Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet file
.15uPrinter font with PI font set (PageMaker)
.1peTurboTax Form file
.1phTurboTax file
.1stUsually README.1ST text
.2Setup Factory 6.0 setup launcher
.264Ripped Video Data file
.2d2d Drawings (VersaCad)
.2da2 Dimensional Data Array file
.2dl2d Libraries (VersaCad)
.3d3d Drawings (VersaCad)
.3dl3d Libraries (VersaCad)
.3dv3D VRML World
.301Fax (Super FAX 2000 - Fax-Mail 96)
.386Intel 80386 processor driver (Windows 3.x)
.3da3D Assembly file
.3ddArcGlobe Document file
.3dr3DMark Benchmark file
.3dsGraphics (3D Studio)
.3dtDatabase for 3D mind map / concept map (3D Topicscape)
.3fxEffect (CorelChart)
.3g23GPP2 file format
.3gp3GPP Multimedia file
.3grData file (Windows Video Grabber)
.3koNGRAIN Mobilizer
.3meTurboTax Form file
.3mm3D Movie Maker Movie Project
.3peTurboTax 2008 Form file
.3t4Binary file converter to ASCII (Util3)
.411Sony Mavica Data file
.4c$Datafile (4Cast/2)
.4dv4D View Ultrasound file
.4mp4-MP3 Database file
.4sw4dos Swap File
.4thForth source code file (ForthCMP - LMI Forth)
.5crPreconfigured drivers for System 5cr and System 5cr Plus
.669Music (8 channels) (The 669 Composer)
.6cmMusic (6 Channel Module) (Triton FastTracker)
.7777-Zip compressed file archive
.7z7-Zip archiving format
.8A86 assembler source code file
.8b?Adobe Photoshop Plugin file
.8baAdobe Photoshop Plugin file
.8bfAdobe Photoshop Plugin file
.8biAdobe Photoshop Plugin file
.8cmMusic (8 Channel Module) (Triton FastTracker)
.8liPhotoshop Scripting Plug-in
.8mPrinter font with Math 8 extended character set (PageMaker)
.8pbsAdobe Photoshop Macintosh file
.8uPrinter font with Roman 8 extended character set (PageMaker)

.aAda source code file
Library (unix)
.a0?ALZip Split Archive file
.a11Graphics AIIM image file
.a2bA2B Player Playlist
.a3dAmapi 3D Modeling file
.a3mUnpackaged Authorware MacIntosh file
.a3wUnpackaged Authorware Windows file
.a4aAuthorware 4.x Library
.a4mUnpackaged Authorware MacIntosh file
.a4pAuthorware file packaged without runtime
.a4wUnpackaged Authorware Windows file
.a5wUnpackaged Authorware Windows file
.aaAudible Audio file
.aabMacromedia Authorware Binary
.aacAdvanced Audio Coding MPEG-2, MPEG-4
.aamAuthorware shocked file
.aaxAudible Audiobook file
.ab2Parson's Address Book
.ab6Datafile (ABStat)
.ab8Datafile (ABStat)
.abaPalm Address Book file
.abcActionScript Byte Code File
ABC FLOWCHARTER 1.x flowchart
ABC2K Audio/Video Controller Software
.abdAmBiz Bonus Calculator data file
Adventure Builder database
.abfAdobe Binary Font
.abiABI CODER Encryption software
AOL extension: AOL 6 Organizer
.abkAutomatic backup file (CorelDRAW)
.abmImagePals Photo Album Document
Montage Photo Album file
PhotoPlus Album file
.abrAdobe Photoshop brush file
.absAbstracts (info file)
Data file (Abscissa)
MPEG audio sound file
.abwAbiWord document
.abxWordPerfect Address Book file
.abyAOL file (located in AOL program directory)
.ac3AC3 Audio File Format
.acaMicrosoft Agent Character file
Project (Project Manager Workbench)
.acbGraphics (ACMB)
.accProgram (DR-DOS - ViewMax) (GEM / resident)
.acdSonic Foundry Acid music file
.aceAce Archiver / WinAce compressed file
.acfMicrosoft Agent Character file
Adobe Photoshop Custom Filter
.aciACI Development Appraisal
.aclMicrosoft Office Auto Correction file
Document file (Audit Command Language)
ArborText Command Language
.acmAudio Compression Manager Driver
Photoshop command button
Windows system file
ACBM image file
Interplay compressed Sound file
.acornACORN Graphics format
.acsMS Agent Character file
.acs2AIMP2 Media Player Skin file
.acsmAdobe Content Server Message file
.actActor source code file
Foxdoc Action Diagrams (FoxPro)
Presentation (Action!)
.acvOS/2 Audio Drivers
Photoshop Saved Curve
.adScreen saver data (AfterDark)
.adaAda source code file
.adbAda Package Body
.adcBitmap graphics (16 colors) (Scanstudio)
.adeMicrosoft Access Project
.adfAdapter Description file
Admin Config file
Amiga Disk File
Dog Creek QC Mask file
.adiGraphics (AutoCAD)
.adlMca adapter description library (QEMM)
.admAfter Dark Screen Saver Module
Windows Policy Template
Addict Compiled Dictionary
Administrative template files for protected mode in Internet Explorer 7.0
Advantage Data Server Database Memo file
.adnAdd-in (Lotus 1-2-3)
.adoPhotoshop Duotone Options
Stata Program
.adpFaxWorks Modem setup file
Astound Dynamite file
MS Access Project
AOLserver Dynamic Page file
.adrAddress Book
Address Plus Database
After Dark Random Screen Saver Module
Opera Web Browser Bookmark file
Smart Address Address Book
.adsAda Package Specification
.adtDatafile for cardfile application (HP NewWave)
Fax (AdTech)
.adxDocument (Archetype Designer)
.adzGZ-Packed Amiga Disk file
.aehiPer Advanced Embedded Hypertext
.aepAdobe After Effects Project file
.aexPGP Armored Extracted Public Encryption Key
After Effects Plugin file
.af2Flowchart (ABC FlowCharter 2.0)
.affAnyForm Form file
.afiTruevision bitmap graphics
.aflFont file (for Allways) (Lotus 1-2-3)
.afmType 1 font metric ASCII data for font installer (ATM - many)
Datafile for cardfile application (HP NewWave)
.afsAdobe Type Manager font set
.aftAnyForm template file
.agApplixware graphics file
.agpAspen Graphics Pages
.agwAspen Graphics Windows
.aiVector graphics (Adobe Illustrator)
.aiffAudio interchange file format
.ainCompressed file archive created by AIN
.aioAPL file transfer format file
.airAdobe AIR Installation Package file
Automatic Image Registration
.aisArray of Intensity Samples graphics (Xerox)
.aixDatafile for cardfile application (HP NewWave)
.ajpJPEG2000 Digital closed-circuit television (CCTV) security camera video format
.albJASC Image Commander Album
Photo Soap2 file
Steinberg Cubase or VST Backup Song file
.albmwebAlbum Photo Album
HP Photosmart Photo Printing Album
.allFormat file for working pages (Always)
General printer information (WordPerfect for Win)
Symbol and font files (Arts & Letters)
.alsAlias Image
Calmira Shortcut file
.altMenu file (WordPerfect Library)
.alxActiveX Layout file
.alzALZip Compressed file
.amfMusic (Advanced Module Format)
.amffAmiga Metafile
.amgCompressed file archive created by AMGC
System image file (Actor)
.ampPhotoshop Arbitrary Map Settings
.amrAdaptive Multi-Rate ACELP Codec
Above audio file extension
.amvAMV Video file
.amxAfter Effects Motion Exchange file
.ancAnimation file format (MorphInk)
.aniAnimation (Presidio - many)
.anmAnimation (Deluxe Paint Animator)
.annHelp Annotations (Windows 3.x)
.ansAnsi graphics (character animation)
Ascii text ANSI character set (NewWave Write)
.aosAdd-On Software (Nokia 9000)
ARCHOS 504 media
.apCompressed Amiga file archive created by WHAP
Datafile (Datalex EntryPoint 90)
Artwork Systems Program (ArtPro)
.apcPrinter driver (Lotus 1-2-3)
.apdPrinter driver (Lotus 1-2-3)
.apeMusic format (different players)
.apfPrinter driver (Lotus 1-2-3)
.apiAdobe Acrobat Plugin file
Passed parameter file (1st Reader)
Printer driver (Lotus 1-2-3)
.apkAndroid Package file
.aplAPL work space format file
.apmArcPad 6 file
.appAdd-in application file (Symphony)
Application object file (dBASE Application Generator)
Executable application file (DR-DOS - NeXTstep - Atari)
Generated application (FoxPro)
.aprEmployee performance review (Employee Appraiser)
.apsMS Visual C++ file
ArcPad 5 Symbology file
.apxAppexpert database file (Borland C++ 4.5)
.arcCompressed file archive created by ARC (arc602.exe/pk361.exe)
Compressed file archive created by SQUASH (squash.arc)
.arfAutomatic Response file
.argAutoCAD Profile Export file
.ariCompressed file archive created by ARI
.arjCompressed file archive created by ARJ (arj241.exe)
.arlAOL Organizer File
.arkArc file archive created by CP/M port of ARC file archiver
Compressed file archive created by QUARK
.arrArrangement (Atari Cubase)
.arsAdobe After Effects Render
.artGraphics (scrapbook) (Art Import)
Raster graphics (First Publisher)
.arvArsiv File
AutoRoute User Information
.arxCompressed file archive created by ARX
.asaMS Visual InterDev file
Active Server Document
.ascAscii text file
Adobe ActionScript Communication file
Transport armor file (PGP)
.ascxMicrosoft ASP.NET user control file
.asdAutosave file (Word for Windows)
Presentation (Astound)
Screen driver (Lotus 1-2-3)
.asfDatafile (STATGRAPHICS)
Screen font (Lotus 1-2-3)
.ashAssembly language header file (TASM 3.0)
.asiAssembler include file (Turbo C - Borland C++)
.aslAdobe Photoshop Layer file
.asmAssembly source code file
Pro/Engineer Assembly file
.asmxMicrosoft .NET Web Service file
.asoAssembler object (object orientated) file (Turbo Assembler)
.aspMicrosoft Active Server Page
Aspect source code file (Procomm Plus)
Association of Shareware Professionals OMBUDSMN.ASP notice
.aspxMicrosoft ASP.NET file
.asrMs Automap Route
Photoshop Scratch Area
.asxMicrosoft Windows Media Active Stream Redirector file
.asxMicrosoft Advanced Streaming Format
.at2Auto template (Aldus Persuasion 2.0)
.atmAdobe Type Manager data/info
.atnAdobe Photoshop Action file
.atrLightscape Material Library
.attAT&T Group 4 Bitmap
.aty3D Topicscape (Exported association type)
.auSound (audio) file (SUN Microsystems)
.au3Autoit3 script file
.audAudio file
.autAutoIt Script
PocketWear Car Lease Kit vehicle data file
TLG Workplace CD search file
Xitami Webserver Admin Password file
GPSMan-autoMapic file
Signwave Auto-Illustrator file
Descent Manager Mission file
Authentication file (various)
Interactive Pictures iPIX Format
.auxAuxillary references (TeX/LaTeX)
Auxiliary dictionary (ChiWriter)
.avaPublication (Avagio)
.avbInoculan Anti-Virus virus infected file
Microsoft Chat character file
.avdAvery Label Pro Data file
.aviAudio Video Interleaved animation file (Video for Windows)
.avrAudio Visual Research file
.avsAnimation file
Application Visualization System Format
Stardent AVS-X image
Winamp Advanced Visualization Studio file
.avxArcView file
.awText file (HP AdvanceWrite)
Answer Wizard for Microsoft Help
.awbLavasoft Ad-aware backup file
.awdAWD MS Fax
Award BIOS file
AWK Language Source Code file
.aweAdobe Acrobat Bookmark XML file
.awkAwk script/program
.awmMovie (Animation Works)
.awpMicrosoft Fax key viewer
.awrTelsis Digital Audio file
.axDirectShow Filter
.axdAvery Label Pro Re-Index file
Actrix Technical file
.axeParadigm C++ Integrated Debugger file
MS Autoroute export file
.axgMS Autoroute Trip file
.axlArcIMS XML Project file
.axsAMX Axcess control system file format
HTML Active X script
.axtZenWorks snAPPshot ASCII Application Object template
Photoshop Replace Color/Color Range
.axxaxxess files used as backups of Inter-Tel databases
.azwAmazon Kindle eBook File
.azzAZZ Cardfile

.bBatch list (APPLAUSE)
.b&wBlack and white graphics (atari - mac)
.b~kbackup file
Mono binary screen image (1st Reader)
.b00CD Image Segment file
.b16PCO Graphic file
.b1nBoth mono and color binary screen image (1st Reader)
.b30Printer font (JLaser - Cordata) (Ventura Publisher)
.b3d3D Builder file
.b5iBlindwrite 5 Disk Image file
.b5tBlindwrite 5 Image Information file
.b6iBlindwrite 6 Disk Image file
.b6tBlindwrite 6 Image Information file
.b8Raw graphics (one byte per pixel) plane two (PicLab)
.b_wBlack and white graphics (atari - mac)
.badBad file (Oracle)
.bagPMMail Mail Index file
OS/2 Netfinity Manager Sysinfo file
AOL Instant Messenger file
.backupAd-Aware Reference file
.bakBackup file
.balMusic score (Ballade)
.banSierra Print Artist Banner
.barHorizontal bar menu object file (dBASE Application Generator)
.basBasic source code file
Microsoft Visual Basic class module
.batBatch file (DOS)
.bbDatabase backup (Papyrus)
.bbaSettler IV Archive file
.bblBibliographic reference (TeX/BibTeX)
.bbmBrush (Deluxe Paint)
.bbsBulletin Board System announce or text info file
.bc!Bitcomet Incompleted Download file
.bcfConfigSafe Snapshot index
Belarc Advisor Content File
The Sims (Maxis) File
.bchBatch process object file (dBASE Application Generator)
Datafile (Datalex EntryPoint 90)
.bcmMS Works Communications file
.bcnBusiness Card Pro Design
.bcoOutline font description (Bitstream)
.bcpBorland C++ makefile
.bctBusiness Card Designer template
.bcwEnvironment settings (Borland C++ 4.5)
.bdeBorland Database Engine
.bdfBitmap Distribution Format font file (X11)
Datafile (Egret)
.bdmAVCHD Index file
.bdmvBlu-ray information file
.bdrBorder (MS Publisher)
.bezOutline font description (Bitstream)
.bf2Bradford 2 font
.bffBinary file format
.bfmFont metrics (unix/Frame)
.bfsTivoli Storage Manager file
.bfxFax (BitFax)
.bgaBitmap graphics
.bgtQuicken 2002 Internet Common File
.bgiBorland Graphics Interface device driver
.bglFlight Simulator scenery file
.bgtQuicken 2002 Internet Common File
.bibBibliography (ASCII)
Database - not compatible with TeX format (Papyrus)
Literature database (TeX/BibTeX)
.bicCivilization III Scenario
.bidBidMaker 2002 file
.bifBinary Image Format b&w graphics (Image Capture board)
.bikBioCharter Profile backup file
Bink Game video file
.binBinary file
.bioOS/2 BIOS
.bipFree-motion capture files for character studio biped
.bitBitmap Image
Worms Armageddon Imported Map
Worms World Party Imported Map
.bkFaxbook (JetFax)
.bk!Document backup (WordPerfect for Win)
.bk1Timed backup file for document window 1 (WordPerfect for Win)
.bk2Timed backup file for document window 2 (WordPerfect for Win)
.bk3Timed backup file for document window 3 (WordPerfect for Win)
.bk4Timed backup file for document window 4 (WordPerfect for Win)
.bk5Timed backup file for document window 5 (WordPerfect for Win)
.bk6Timed backup file for document window 6 (WordPerfect for Win)
.bk7Timed backup file for document window 7 (WordPerfect for Win)
.bk8Timed backup file for document window 8 (WordPerfect for Win)
.bk9Timed backup file for document window 9 (WordPerfect for Win)
.bkfMicrosoft Backup file
.bkgBackground file
UWXAFS Binary Format Data file
.bkpBackup file (Write - TurboVidion DialogDesigner)
.bkwMirror image of font set (FontEdit)
.blbDreamWorks Resource Archive
.bldBloadable picture (BASIC)
.blendBlender 3D file
.blfWindows Registry Recovery file
Bantec Scanner Driver file
.blgBinary Performance Log File
.blkTemporary file (WordPerfect for Win)
Lightscape Block Library
Alias Wavefront Image
VersaPro Block
.blobSteam Archive file
.bltSaved AIM Buddy List file
Wordperfect for DOS file
.bmBitmap graphics
.bmfCorel Image file
.bmi3ds max Executable
.bmkHelp Bookmarks (Windows 3.x)
.bmpBitmap graphics (PC Paintbrush - many)
.bmxBuzz music file
.bndTypequick file
.bndlBundle file
.bnkAdlib instrument bank file
.bobBobDown Downloading Program
Bob Raytracer
.bomMicroSim PCBoard Bill of Materials
Orcad Schematic Capture Bill of Materials file
Softshare Delta Business Object Model
.booCompressed file ASCII archive created by BOO (msbooasm.arc)
.bookAdobe FrameMaker Book
HTMLDOC document
.botLinkbot file
.boxMyriad Jukebox file
Notes Mailbox
.bpcChart (Business Plan Toolkit)
.bplDelphi Library
.bptBitmap fills file (CorelDRAW)
.bqyBrioQuery file
.brScript (Bridge)
.brdEagle Layout file
.brfBraille ASCII file
.brkFax (Brooktrout Fax-Mail)
.brnBornoSoft Bangla2000 (a Bengali word processor) File extension
.broTree Professional Broadleaf Creator file
.brpTree Professional Broadleaf Creator image
.brtMicrografx Picture Publisher file
.brxMultimedia browsing index
.bsaCompressed file archive created by BSARC
.bsbMapInfo Sea Chart
SWAT Sub-basin Output file
.bscCompressed Apple II file archive created by BINSCII
Database (Source Browser)
Pwbrmake object file (MS Fortran)
.bsdlBoundary Scan Description Language
.bslBSPlayer Configuration file
.bspHalf-life/TFC/CS Map
Quake Map
.bstBibTeX Style file
.bsvBluespec System Verilog file
.bt!BitTorrent Partial Download file
.btmBatch To Memory batch file (4DOS)
.btnButtonware file
.btoBaytex Organix! 2001 Language Kit
.btrBtrieve Database file
MS Frontpage-related file
.btxDB/TextWorks Database Term & Indexes
.budQuicken Backup
.bugBugs and Problems
.bunBundled Audio files
.bupDVD Backup file
.butButton definitions (Buttons!)
.buyDatafile format (movie)
.bv1Overflow file below insert point in Doc 1 (WordPerfect for Win)
.bv2Overflow file below insert point in Doc 2 (WordPerfect for Win)
.bv3Overflow file below insert point in Doc 3 (WordPerfect for Win)
.bv4Overflow file below insert point in Doc 4 (WordPerfect for Win)
.bv5Overflow file below insert point in Doc 5 (WordPerfect for Win)
.bv6Overflow file below insert point in Doc 6 (WordPerfect for Win)
.bv7Overflow file below insert point in Doc 7 (WordPerfect for Win)
.bv8Overflow file below insert point in Doc 8 (WordPerfect for Win)
.bv9Overflow file below insert point in Doc 9 (WordPerfect for Win)
.bwaBlindWrite Disk Image Information file
.bwbSpreadsheet application (Visual Baler)
.bwrBeware (buglist) (Kermit)
.bwsBlindwrite Sub Channel Data File
.bxxblaxxun Contact
.bz2Bzip 2 UNIX Compressed file

.cC source code file
Compressed unix file archive created by COMPACT
.c++C++ source code file
.c--Source code (Sphinx C--)
.c00Print file (Ventura Publisher)
WinAce Split Archive file
.c01Genesis 2000
.c2dWinOnCD CD Image
.c4dMAXON Cinema 4D File (Graphics)
.c60Midtronics Battery Management Software
.c86C source code file (Computer Innovation C86)
.caInitial cache data for root domain servers (Telnet)
.cabCabinet File (Microsoft installation archive)
.cacheCache file (typically Web cache)
.cadSoftdesk Drafix CAD File
.cacdBASE IV executable when caching on/off (see cachedb.bat)
.cadDocument (Drafix Windows CAD)
.cagMS Clip Gallery Catalog file
.calCalendar file (Windows 3.x)
Calendar Maker Pro
.calbCoolect Album file (Coolect Album Player)
Spreatsheet (SuperCalc)
.camCasio Camera Graphic
.canFax (Navigator Fax)
.capCaption (Ventura Publisher)
Session capture file (Telix)
.carAtHome Assistant file
Carrara Environment
NeoBook Cartoon
.casComma-delimited ASCII File
.catCatalog (dBASE IV)
.cbClean Boot File (Microsoft)
Brief Macro Source Code
.cbcFuzzy logic system (CubiCalc)
.cbfCalendar Builder file
.cblCobol source code file
.cbmCompiled bitmap graphics (XLib)
.cbpCentralBuilder Project
.cbrComicBook Reader File archive (CDisplay image viewer)
.cbtComputer Based Training (many)
.cbzComicBook Reader File archive (CDisplay image viewer)
.ccC++ source code file
.ccaCC:Mail archive file
.ccbVisual Basic Animated Button Configuration
.cccBitmap graphics (native format) (Curtain Call)
.ccdCloneCD Related file
Vector CAD Program file
.cceCalendar Creator 2 Event file
.ccfCommunications configuration file (Symphony)
.cchChart (CorelChart)
.cclCommunication Command Language file (Intalk)
.ccoBtx Graphics file (XBTX)
.cctMacromedia Director Shockwave file
.ccxCorel PrintHouse file
.cdaCD Audio Track
.cdbCard database (CardScan)
Main database (TCU Turbo C Utilities)
.cddConceptDraw Document file
.cdeHoneywell Hybrid Control Designer
.cdfComponent Definition file
Graphics (netcdf)
.cdgCompact Disc Plus Graphics file
.cdiPhillips Compact Disk Interactive format
DiscJuggler Image file
.cdkDocument (Atari Calamus)
.cdlCaseWare Working Papers Document Link
SignLab Vector Graphic
.cdmMedia Maker Disk Image file
Visual dBASE Custom Data Module
.cdpVisual Objects Developer file
CD/Spectrum Pro
.cdrVector graphics (CorelDRAW native format)
.cdtData (CorelDraw 4.0)
.cdxCorelDraw Compressed Image file
Compound index (FoxPro)
.ceMain.ce (The FarSide Computer Calendar)
.cebApabi eBook file
.cegBitmap graphics (Tempra Show - Edsun Continuous Edge Graphics)
.celGraphics (Autodesk Animator - Lumena)
.cfSendmail Configuration file
Configuration file (imake)
.cfbComptons multimedia file
.cfcMacromedia Coldfusion component extension
.cflChart (CorelFLOW)
.cfmColdFusion Markup Language (Allaire)
.cfnFont data (Atari Calamus)
.cfoC Form Object internal format object file (TCU Turbo C Utilities)
.cfpQuicken Cash Flow Projection file
Fax (The Complete Fax Portable)
.cfrCrossfire Replay file
.cgaCGA display font (Ventura Publisher)
.cgdCricket Graph Data file
.cgeCCD Astrocamera
.cgiCommon Gateway Interface script
.cgmComputer Graphics Metafile vector graphics (A&L - HG - many)
.chHeader file (Clipper 5)
.ch3Chart (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.ch4Presentation (Charisma 4.0)
.chdFont descriptor (FontChameleon)
.chiDocument (ChiWriter)
.chkRecovered data (ChkDsk)
Temporary file (WordPerfect for Win)
.chlConfiguration History Log
.chmCompiled HTML
.chnData (Ethnograph 3)
.choChordPro file
.chpChapter file (Ventura Publisher)
.chrCharacter set (Turbo C - Turbo Pascal)
.chtChart (Harvard Graphics 2.0 - SoftCraft Presenter)
Interface file for ChartMaster (dBASE)
.chwCompiled Help Index file
.cidAnalogX Caller ID file
.cifCaltech Intermediate Format graphics
Chapter information (Ventura Publisher)
.ciffCanon CIFF
.cilClip Gallery Download Package
.citIntergraph Raster File Reference
.cixDatabase index (TCU Turbo C Utilities)
.ckbKeyboard mapping (Borland C++ 4.5)
.clCommon LISP source code file
.cl3Easy CD Creator Layout file
.cl4Easy CD Creator Layout file
.cl5Easy CD Creator Layout file
.classJava class file
.clbICQ Contact List
MS Office XP Developer Code Librarian
cdrLabel Compact Disc Label
.clgWindows Catalog file
.cliClient Management System Customer file
.clmCOLIMO file
.clpClip art graphics (Quattro Pro)
Clipboard file (Windows 3.x)
Compiler script file (clip list) (Clipper 5)
.clpiBlue-ray Disc Clip Information file
.clrColor binary screen image (1st Reader)
Color definitions (Photostyler)
.clsC++ class definition file
.cmData file (CraftMan)
.cmdBatch file (OS/2)
Command (dBASE - Waffle)
External command menu (1st Reader)
.cmfFM-music file (Creative Music File)
.cmgCMG file
.cmkCard (Card Shop Plus)
.cmlCOMAL programming language
.cmmCmm script (batch) file (CEnvi)
.cmoVirtools Composition file
.cmpHeader file for PostScript printer files (CorelDRAW)
User dictionary (MS Word for DOS)
Bitmap graphics (Lead CMP compression)
.cmqCulturemetrics file
.cmtCulturemetrics file
.cmsTrialDirector media storage
.cmvAnimation (CorelMove CorelDraw 4.0)
.cmxCorel PhotoPaint Image
Corel Presentation Exchange Image
The Sims (Maxis) 3D Body Mesh Data
Apple Viewer file
.cncCNC general program data
.cndControlDraw file
Embroidery Design file
.cnfConfiguration (program - printer setup)
.cntHelpfile contents
.cnvData conversion support file (Word for Windows)
Temporary file (WordPerfect for Win)
.cobCobol source code file
.codDatafile (Forecast Plus - MS Multiplan - StatPac Gold)
Program compiled code (FORTRAN)
Template source file (dBASE Application Generator)
Videotext file
.colColor palette (Autodesk Animator - many)
Spreadsheet (MS Multiplan)
.comCommand (memory image of executable program) (DOS)
.conConfiguration file (Simdir)
.confConfiguration file
.configConfiguration file
.corProtein Structure file
Web GPS Correction Server Export file
WMOVIEC Input file
.cpdScript (Complaints Desk)
.cpeMS Fax Cover Sheet
.cpfFax (The Complete Fax)
Clever Cache Profile file
.cphCorel Print House image
.cpiCode Page Information file (DOS)
AVCHD Clip Information
Colorlab Processed Image bitmap graphics
.cplControl panel file (Windows 3.x)
Presentation (Compel)
.cpoCorel Print House file
.cppC++ source code file
Presentation (CA-Cricket Presents)
.cprCubase Project file
.cpsBackup of startup files by Central Point PC Tools autoexec.cps
coloured postscript files
.cptCompressed Mac file archive created by COMPACT PRO (ext-pc.zip)
Corel Photo-Paint Image
Encrypted memo file (dBASE)
Template (CA-Cricket Presents)
.cpxControl Panel Applet
Corel Presentation Exchange Compressed Drawing
.cpyCopy Books Data file
.cpzMusic text file (COMPOZ)
.cr2Canon Raw Image file
.crcTotal Commander CRC file
.crdCardfile (Windows 3.x - YourWay)
ColdRED Script file
Guitar Chord file
.crfCross-reference (MS MASM - Zortech C++)
.crhLinks Games Course file
MS Golf Image file
.crpEncrypted database (dBASE IV)
.crsFile Conversion Resource (WordPerfect 5.1)
.crtTerminal settings information (Oracle)
Security certificate (Windows Sharepoint)
.crtrMulti-Ad Creator 7 document
.crtxMicrosoft Chart Template file
.cruCompressed file archive created by CRUSH
.crwCanon RAW Image file
.crxChrome Extension file
Links Games Course file
.crzLinks Games Course file
.csVisual C# Source file
.csaComma Deliminated Text
Ultimate Ride Roller Coaster
.csfAdobe Colour Settings file
Van Dyke's CRT/SecureCRT Script file
.csgGraph (Statistica/w)
.cshHamilton Labs C Shell Script file
.cskClaris Works
.csmPrecompiled headers (Borland C++ 4.5)
.csoCompressed ISO Image file
.cspPC Emcee Screen Image file (Computer Support Corporation)
.cssCascading Sheet Style file
Datafile (CSS - Stats+)
Datasheet (Statistica/w)
.cstMacromedia Director Cast file
Panasonic music file (keyboard)
.csvComma Separated Values text file format (ASCII)
Adjusted EGA/VGA palette (CompuShow)
.ctContinous Tone file
.ctcControl file (PC Installer)
.ctdCobra Track Dump
Cardtable file
Marine Data file
Simpsons Cartoon Studio Export file
.ctfCharacter code translation file (Symphony)
.ctgCanon Catalog file
Cartridge Definition file
ChessBase Opening Book
Canon Powershot Pro 70 Info file
.ctlMicrosoft Visual Basic Control file
Control file (dBASE IV - Aldus Setup)
Setup information
.ctnCADTERNS file
.cttMessenger contacts file
Labview file
.ctuCZTU, a gamma-ray analysis program. Need the CTZU.exe file to work
.ctxCourse TeXt file (Microsoft online guides)
Ciphertext file (Pretty Good Privacy RSA System)
.ctySimCity City file
.cueMS Cue Cards data
.cufC Utilities Form definition (TCU Turbo C Utilities)
.culWindows cursor library (IconForge, ImageForge, ImageForge PRO)
.curCursor image file (Windows 3.x)
.cutBitmap graphics (Dr. Halo)
Dr Halo CUT files
.cv4Color file (CodeView)
.cv5Canvas version 5
.cvaACD Canvas Sequence Set file
Compaq Diagnostics
.cvbBorland BDE File
.cvpCover page (WinFax)
.cvrWinFax Cover Sheet
ElectraSoft Fax Cover Sheet
.cvsGraphics (Canvas)
.cvtBackup file for CONVERTed database file (dBASE IV)
.cvwColor file (CodeView)
.cwkClaris Works data
.cwzCropWalker file
.cxfGoogle Picasa Collage file
.cxpCore Media Player XML-based Playlist File
.cxtMacromedia Director Protected Cast file
.cxxC++ source code file (Zortech C++)

.dD programming language source code
GBG DraftMaker Drawing File
.d00Blaster Master Pro File
AdLib Format File
.d10H&R Block Deduction Pro file
Drake Software Dat file
.d2sCharacter file (Diablo 2)
.d3dFile Extension for Desktop-3D Notes
Compressed Draw 3D file
.d64Commodore 64 Emulator Disk Image
.datData file in special format or ASCII
Gunlok Archive
Mitsubishi DJ-1000 and Photorun Native Format
Nascar Racing Archive
SPOT Graphic
WordPerfect Merge Data
.dataSid Tune audio file
.dayJournal file
.dbConfiguration (dBASE IV - dBFast)
Database (Paradox - Smartware)
.db$Temperature debug info (Clarion Modula-2)
Temporary file (dBASE)
.db2Database (dBASE II)
.db3Database (dBASE III)
.dbaDatafile (DataEase)
Palm Desktop Date Book Archive
.dbbANSYS Database Backup
Mopheus music file
.dbdBusiness data (Business Insight)
Debug info (Clarion Modula-2)
.dbfDatabase file (dBASE III/IV - FoxPro - dBFast - DataBoss)
Oracle 8.x Tablespace File
.dbgSymbolic debugging information (MS C/C++)
.dbkDatabase backup (dBASE IV)
.dblWindows XP Activation file
.dbmDatafile (DataEase)
Cold Fusion Template
Menu template (DataBoss)
.dboCompiled program (dBASE IV)
.dbsDatabase in SQL Windows format
Datafile (PRODAS)
Printer description file (Word - Works)
.dbtData Base Text (Clipper)
Foxbase+ style memo (FoxPro)
Memo file for database w/same name (dBASE IV - dBFast)
.dbwWindows file (DataBoss)
DataBeam Image
MS Visual Foxpro Table
Outlook Express e-mail folder file
.dcaDocument Content Architecture text file (IBM DisplayWrite)
.dcfDisk image file
.dcmDCM Module Format
.dcpData CodePage (OS/2)
.dcrKodak Proprietary Image Format
Shockwave file
.dcsBitmap graphics (CYMK format) (QuarkXPress)
Datafile (ACT! Activity Files)
.dctDatabase dictionary (Clarion Database Developer)
Spell checking dictionary (Harvard Graphics 3.0 - Symphony)
.dcxFAX Image
ElectraSoft Fax
PC-Paintbrush file
Bitmap Graphics (Multipage PCX)
MS Visual Foxpro Database Container
.ddCompressed Macintosh file archive created by DISKDOUBLER
.ddatDivX Temporary file
.ddbBitmap graphics
.ddcDivX Descriptor Description File
.ddfMS Data Definition Language file
.ddiDiskdupe Image file (ddupe322.zip)
.ddpDevice Driver Profile file (OS/2)
.deMetaProducts Download Express incompletely downloaded file
.de7Dance E jay 7 File
.debDebug script (DOS Debug)
.decVersaPro Declaration file
.defAssembly header file (Geoworks)
DATAIR data entry format file
Defaults - definitions
Graphics (VistaPro)
.desDescription Text
Tribes 2 Game file
Quickbooks Template
Pro/DESKTOP file
Interscope BlackBox file
.devDevice driver
.dfdData Flow Diagram graphic (Prosa)
.dffCriterion RenderWare 3.x 3D object format
.dfiOutline font description (Digifont)
.dflDefault program settings (Signature)
FreshDownloads (FreshDownload List temp file)
File Extension for Desktop-3D Notes
.dfmData Flow Diagram model file (Prosa)
.dfsDelight Sound file
.dftFakt2000 file
SolidEdge CAD file
Workshare Synergy file
PC Draft file
.dfvPrinting form (Word)
.dfxDrafix file
.dgnGraphics (MicroStation)
.dgrFax Page (MS Outlook Express)
DART Pro 98 File Group Details
.dhDependency information for .ph (Geoworks)
.dhpDr. Halo PIC Format graphics (Dr. Halo II - III)
.dhtDatafile (Gauss)
.dhyAdobe Bridge file
.diaDiagraph graphics (Computer Support Corporation)
.dibBitmap graphics (Device-Independent Bitmap)
.dicLotus Notes / Domino dictonary file
.difDatabase (VisiCalc)
Output from Diff command - script for Patch command
Text file (Data Interchange Format)
.digDigilink Format
Sound Designer Audio File
Text Document
.dirAdobe Director Movie File
Dialing directory file (Procomm Plus)
Directory file (VAX)
Movie (MacroMind Director 4.x)
.disDATAIR data import specification file
Distribution file (VAX Mail)
Thesaurus (CorelDraw)
.divxDivX Encoded Movie file
.dizDescription file (Description In Zip)
.djeMattBatt iAM-player
.djvDJVu Scanned file
.djvuDJVu file
.dkbRaytraced graphics (DKBTrace)
.dlAnimation (Italian origin)
.dl_Compressed .dll file in an Install Archive
.dldData (Lotus 1-2-3)
.dlgDialog resource script file (MS Windows SDK)
.dllDynamic Link Library (Windows 3.x - OS/2)
Export/import filter (CorelDRAW)
.dlsSetup (Norton Disklock)
.dmfDelusion/XTracker digital music file
Packed Amiga Disk Image
.dmgMacintosh OS X Disk Image file
.dmlMedical Manager DML System Script
.dmoDemo (Derive)
.dmpDump file (eg. screen or memory)
.dmsCompressed Amiga file archive created by DISKMASHER
.dmskDivX Web Player Temporary file
.dnaDesktop DNA data storage file
.dnasymDesktop DNA compiled application script
.dnaxDesktop DNA exclusion list (text)
.dneNetica Bayes net file (Norsys Software Corp.)
.dngAdobe Digital Negative fFile
Dungeon file
.dnlDigitalWebBook Electronic Book
netMod Modem Firmware Upgrade file
.doModelSim Filter Design HDL Coder
.docDocument text file
.docmOpen XML Macro-enabled Document file (Microsoft Word 2007 / Word 2010)
.docxOpen XML Document text file (Microsoft Office 2007 / Office 2010)
.dogScreen file (Laughing Dog Screen Maker)
.dohDependency information for .poh (Geoworks)
.dolNintendo Executable file
.dosExternal command file (1st Reader)
Network driver (eg. pkt_dis.dos)
Text file containing DOS specific info
.dotLine-type definition file (CorelDRAW)
Template (Word for Windows)
.dotxMicrosoft Word 2007 / Word 2010 Template file
.doxText file (MultiMate 4.0)
.dozDescription Out of Zip (VENDINFO)
.dpCalendar file (Daily Planner)
Data file (DataPhile)
.dpgNintendo DS MPEG Video File
.dpkDelphi Package file
.dppSerif DrawPlus Drawing
.dprDefault project- and state-related information (Borland C++)
.dpsDivX Player Skin file
.dptDesktop DNA template
.dpxDigital moving picture exchange format
.draMap Maker Pro GIS vector layer
.drsDisplay Resource (WordPerfect for Win)
.drvDevice driver eg. for printer
.drwDrawing (various)
Vector graphics (Micrografx Designer)
.dsTwain Data Source file
.ds4Vector graphics (Micrografx Designer 4.0)
.dsaDasyTec DASYLab file
.dsbDasyTec DASYLab file
.dscDiscard file (Oracle)
.dsdDatabase (DataShaper)
.dsfMicrografx Designer
PC-TRUST Document Signer
Delusion/XTracker Digital Sample
.dskProject desktop file (Borland C++ - Turbo Pascal)
Simple IDs (database)
.dsmDigital sound module (DSI)
.dsnODBC Data Source file
Design (Object System Designer)
.dspDisplay parameters (Signature)
Graphics display driver (Dr.Halo)
MS Developer Studio Project
ReaderX and DragonStar Pro Ltd file extensions
.dsp2ReaderX and DragonStar Pro Ltd file extensions
.dsrDriver Resource (WordPerfect for Win)
.dssScreensaver file (DCC)
Sound (Digital Soup)
.dstPC-RDist Distribution file
Embroidery Machine Stitch file (VeePro)
.dswDesktop settings (Borland C++ 4.5)
.dsyPC Draft Symbol Library
.dt_Data fork of a Macintosh file (Mac-ette)
.dtaData file (Turbo Pascal - PC-File - Stata)
.dtdSGML Document Definition file
.dtfDatabase file (PFS - Q&A)
.dtpDocument (Timeworks Publisher3)
Publication (Publish-It!)
.dupDuplicate Backup
.dusReadiris font dictionary
.dvcData (Lotus 1-2-3)
.dvfDV Studio Camcorder Graphics file
.dviDevice Independent document (TeX)
.dvpDesqview Program Information file (DESQview)
Device parameter file (AutoCAD)
.dvrWindows Media Center Recorded file
DR-92 Manager file
.dvr-msfiles created by Stream Buffer Engine(SBE)
.dw2Drawing (DesignCAD for windows)
.dwcCompressed file archive created by DWC (dwc-a501.exe)
.dwdDavka Writer file
DiamondWare Digitized file
.dwfAutodesk WHIP! Drawing Web file
MS WHIP autoCAD REader Drawing Web file
.dwgDrawing (Drafix)
Drawing database (AutoCAD)
.dwkDADiSP Worksheet File
.dwlDrawing Lock file
.dwtAutoCAD Template/Prototype file
Macromedia Dreamweaver Template file
Demon's World Game Texture file
.dwzDVD movieFactory 3
.dxText file (DEC WPS/DX format - DEC WPS Plus)
.dxfDrawing Interchange File Format vector graphics (AutoCAD)
.dxnFax (Fujitsu dexNET)
.dxrAdobe Director Movie File
Dependable Strengths Administrator Resources
Green Building Advisor file
Macromedia Director Protected Movie file
.dycICUII Videochat file
.dylibApple osx extension for lib
.dynData (Lotus 1-2-3)
.dzDzip Compressed file

.e3pCIM-Team E3.series parts file
.e3sCIM-Team E3.series project file format
.e3tCIM-Team E3.series template file
.e3vCIM-Team E3.series viewer project file format
.eapEnterprise Architect Project file
.earJava Enterprise Application Packaging Unit
.easElite Visual Basic API Spy
.ebjError-checking object file (Geoworks)
.eboMS Reader Ebook Format
.ebpPocket PC WindowsCE Project file
.ecfMicrosoft Outlook Add-on file
Microsoft Exchange Extended Configuration file
WinFax Office Add-in file
.ecoNetManage ECCO file
.ecwEnsoniq Waveset Format
EclipseCrossword Crossword Puzzle
.edbMS Exchange Database
ROOTS3 geneological data
.edlEdit Decision List (management for video/film post production)
.edrPortable energy file - GROMACS 3.3
.edsEnsoniq SQ80 disk image
.edtDefault settings (VAX Edt editor)
.eebButton bar for Equation Editor (WordPerfect for Win)
.efeEnsoniq EPS file
.eftHigh resolution screen font (ChiWriter)
.efxFax (Everex EFax)
.egaEGA display font (Ventura Publisher)
.ek5SonarData Echoview file
.ek6SonarData Echoview file
.ekmEXP: The Scientific Word Processor Macro
.elElisp source code file (Emacs lisp)
.elcCompiled ELISP code (Emacs lisp)
.elmMS FrontPage Theme-Pack file
.eltEvent list text file (Prosa)
.emailOutlook Express Mail Message
.embEverest Embedded Bank File
.emdABT Extended Module
.emfEnchanced Metafile graphics
.emlElectronic Mail (Email) Message file
.empE-Music File Format
.emsPC Tools Enhanced Menu System Config
.emuTerminal emulation data (BITCOM)
.emxEnsuredmail encrypted file/e-mail message
IBM Rational modeller software
.emzWindows Compressed Enhanced Metafile
.encEncoded file - UUENCODEd file (Lotus 1-2-3 - uuexe515.exe)
Music (Encore)
.endArrow-head definition file (CorelDRAW)
.engDictionary engine (Sprint)
Graphics (charting) (EnerGraphics)
.ensEndNote Styles file
.envEnveloper macro (WOPR)
Environment file (WordPerfect for Win)
.eotMS WEFT Embedded OpenType file
.epdPublication (Express Publisher)
.epfEncryption Protection (encrypted file format)
The extension of the Entrust Profile files.
.epiDocument (Express Publisher)
.eppEditPad Pro Project
.epsEncapsulated PostScript vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator)
Printer font (Epson - Xerox...) (Ventura Publisher)
.epubOpen Electronic Book file
.eqnEquation (WordPerfect for Win)
.erdEntity Relationship Diagram graphic file (Prosa)
.ermEntity Relationship Diagram model file (Prosa)
.errError log
Error messages for command line compilers
.espVentura file
.eshExtended Shell batch file
.eslMS Visual FoxPro Distributable Support Library
.essEXP: The Scientific Word Processor Style Sheet
.estMS Streets & Trips 2001 Trip file
.etfEnriched Text file
PolyEdit file
.ethDocument (Ethnograph 3)
.etseSignal Time and Sales file
.etxStructure Enhanced (setext) text
.evSonarData Echoview file
.eviSonarData Echoview file
.evlSonarData Echoview file
.evrSonarData Echoview file
.evtEvent log
.evyDocument (WordPerfect Envoy)
.ewdDocument (Express Publisher for Windows)
.ewlEclipseCrossword Word List
Microsoft Encarta Document
.exNorton Ghost Template File
.ex_Compressed .EXE File in an Install Archive
.ex3Device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.excRexx source code file (VM/CMS)
Exclude file for Optimize (do not process) (QEMM)
.exdControl Information Cache
.exeDirectly executable program (DOS)
.exmMsdos executable, system-manager compliant (HP calculator)
.expICQ Saved Chat file
QuickBooks file
.extExtension file (Norton Commander)
.ext2fsfilesystem driver in the Linux kernel
.exxIntermediate file by MsgPut (IBM LinkWay)
.ezfFax (Calculus EZ-Fax)
.ezmText file
.ezpEdify Electronic Workforce Backup Utility
.ezzeZBackup backup file

.fFortran source code file
Compressed file archive created by FREEZE
.f_iPrint IPS file
.f01Fax (perfectfax)
.f06Dos screen text font - height 6 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
.f07Dos screen text font - height 7 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
.f08Dos screen text font - height 8 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
.f09Dos screen text font - height 9 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
.f10Dos screen text font - height 10 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
.f11Dos screen text font - height 11 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
.f12Dos screen text font - height 12 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
.f13Dos screen text font - height 13 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
.f14Dos screen text font - height 14 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
.f16Dos screen text font - height 16 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
.f2FLASH BIOS file
.f2rLinear module (music) (Farandole)
.f3rBlocked module (music) (Farandole)
.f4vMP4 Video file
.f77Fortran 77 source code file
.f90Fortran file
.f96Fax (Frecom FAX96)
.facFace graphics
.faqFrequently Asked Questions text file
.farFarandoyle Tracker Music Module
The Sims (Maxis) Archive file
.favMS Outlook Bar Shortcuts
.faxFax (raster graphics) (most Fax programs)
.fbcFamilyTree Compressed backup file
.fbkNavison Financials Backup
FamilyTree Backup file
.fcSpell checking dictionary (Harvard Graphics 2.0)
.fcdVirtual CD-ROM
FastCAD/EasyCAD Output
Patton & Patton Flow Charting 3 file
IsoBuster file
.fcmBinary file patch file (forward compression)(jlpak10.zip)
.fcpFLAMES Checkpoint Restart file (Ternion)
.fcsFlow Cytometry Standard Format
Fantasy Football League Organizer file
RealProducer Pro Settings
c-tree Server/Plus Data file
Canon Zoom Browser EX file
CD Trustee file
Spectrum Server Log file
.fcwCampaign Cartographer 2 file
.fdDeclaration file (MS Fortran)
Field offsets for compiler (DataFlex)
.fdbArt Explosion Portfolio Catalog file
Legacy Family Tree Database
Navison Financials Database
.fdeFLAMES Dataset Export file (Ternion)
.fdfAdobe Acrobat Forms document
.fdrFinal Draft Document file
Embroidery Design file
.fdwForm (F3 Design and Mapping)
.febButton bar for Figure Editor (WordPerfect for Win)
.fefSteuer2001 file
.fesFabio Editing Software
3D Topicscape - exported fileless occurrence
.fevFLAMES Environment Variable file (Ternion)
.ffOutline font description (Agfa Compugraphics)
.ffaMS Fast Find file
.fffFax (defFax)
.fflMS Fast Find file
.ffoMS Fast Find file
.fftDca/FFT Final Form Text text file (DisplayWrite)
.ffxMicrosoft Fast Find file
.fgdFolder Guard Data
Half-life Modification Map Configuration file
Digital Raster Graphic Metadata file
.fh3Vector graphics (Aldus FreeHand 3.x)
.fh4Vector graphics (Aldus FreeHand 4.x)
.fh5Freehand 5
.fh6Freehand 6
.fh7Freehand 7
.fh8Macromedia Freehand 8
.fh9Macromedia Freehand 9
.fh10Macromedia Freehand 10
.fiInterface file (MS Fortran)
.fifFractal Image Format file
.figREND386/AVRIL Graphic
Super Nintendo Game-console ROM Image
.filFile template (Application Generator)
Files list object file (dBASE Application Generator)
Overlay (WordPerfect)
.finPrint-formatted text file (Perfect Writer - Scribble - MINCE)
.fioPhotoStyler graphics (filter)
ULead Viewer (support file)
.fitFits graphics
File Index Table (WindowsNT)
.fixPatch file
.fkyMacro file (FoxPro)
.flaAdobe Flash file
.flacFree Lossless Audio Codec
.flbFormat library (Papyrus)
.flcAnimation (Autodesk Animator)
.fldFolder (Charisma)
.fleFlea program: outbound file and attachment required by the given mailer environment
.flfCorel Paradox Form
Firehand Lightning Graphic Collection
Navison Financials License file
OS/2 Driver file
FLAMES License file, Enterprise Edition (Ternion)
.fliTex font library (EmTeX)
Animation (Autodesk Animator)
.flkFile Locker Encrypted file
.flmFilm Roll (AutoCAD/AutoShade)
.floMicrografx FlowCharter
.flpAdobe Flash Project file
FlipAlbum file
Fruityloops Saved file
.fltAsymetrix Graphics Filter Support file
CoolEdit Pro Filter
Corel Graphic Filter
FileMaker Filter
FLIC Animation (DTA)
Micrografx Picture Publisher Filter
MS Graphics Filter
MulitGen Open Flight file
OS/2 Warp Filter Device Driver
StarTrekker Music Module
WinFlash Educator Flashcard Compiled Test file
.flvAdobe Flash Video file
.flxCompiled binary (DataFlex)
.fmSpreatsheet (FileMaker Pro)
FrameMaker file
.fm1Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 release 2.x)
.fm3Device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 release 3.x)
.fmbFile Manager Button bar (WordPerfect for Win)
.fmfFont or icon file (IBM LinkWay)
.fmgFreeMarkets Graphics Browser
.fmkMakefile (Fortran PowerStation)
.fmoCompiled format file (dBASE IV)
.fmpFileMaker Pro Document
FLAMES Model Prototype file for components written in C (Ternion)
.fmppFLAMES Model Prototype file for components written in C++ (Ternion)
.fmtFormat file (dBASE IV - FoxPro - Clipper 5 - dBFast)
Style sheet (Sprint)
.fmvFrame Vector Metafile
.fmzForm Z Program files (drawing program)
.fn3Font file (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.fntFont file (many)
.fnxInactive font (Exact)
.fo1Font file (Borland Turbo C)
.fo2Font file (Borland Turbo C)
.folFolder of saved messages (1st Reader)
.fonDialing directory file (Telix)
Font file (many - Windows 3.x font library)
Log of all calls (Procomm Plus)
.forFortran source code file
Form (WindowBase)
.fotInstalled Truetype font (Windows Font Installer)
.fpConfiguration file (FoxPro)
.fp3FileMaker Pro 3.0 and earlier files
Floor Plan 3D Drawing file
.fp4FileMaker Pro 4.0
.fp5FileMaker Pro 5.0 and later files
.fpbFLAMES Playback Recorder file (Ternion)
.fpcCatalog (FoxPro)
.fpkJetForm FormFlow file
.fprFLAMES Prototype file (Ternion)
.fptMemo (FoxPro)
.fpwFloorplan drawing (FloorPLAN plus for Windows)
.fpxFlashPix Bitmap
.fqyFLAMES FLARE Command file (Ternion)
.fr3Renamed dBASE III+ form file (dBASE IV)
.frcFLAMES Recorder Output file; FLARE Input file (Ternion)
.frdFiles which contain loudspeaker frequency response data
.freCreative Digital Blaster Digital VCR file
Male Normal CT
.frfFont (FontMonger)
.frgUncompiled report file (dBASE IV)
.frlFormFlow file
.frmMySQL Database Format file
Form (Visual Basic)
Report file (dBASE IV - Clipper 5 - dBFast)
Text (order form)
.froCompiled report file (dBASE IV)
.frpForm (PerForm PRO Plus - FormFlow)
.frsScreen Font Resource (WordPerfect for Win)
.frtReport memo (FoxPro)
.frxReport (FoxPro)
.fsF# Source Code file
.fscFLAMES Scenario file (Ternion)
.fshEA Sports Game Graphic Editor file
.fslForm (Paradox for Windows)
.fsmFarandoyle Sample format music
.fstLinkable program (dBFast)
.fsprojStore Firestarter projects used to generate class mapping definitions for Habanero Firestarter
.fsxData (Lotus 1-2-3)
.fsyFileware's Filesync
.ftmFont file (Micrografx)
.ftsWindows Help Full-Text Search Index file
.ftwFamily file
.ftpConfiguration (FTP Software PC/TCP)
.fusFiles that store user settings for various FLAMES applications (Ternion)
.fvtInterlock Public Computer Utility
.fwDatabase (FrameWork)
.fw2Database (Framework II)
.fw3Database (Framework III)
.fwpFLAMES Window Viewer project file (Ternion).
.fxDirectX Effects file
On-line guide (FastLynx)
.fxdPhonebook (FAXit)
.fxmWinFax/WinFax MiniViewer Fax
.fxoFax Image Document
.fxpCompiled format (FoxPro)
.fxrWinFax Received Document
.fxsFax Transmit Format graphics (WinFax)

.gData chart (APPLAUSE)
.g3Group 3 Fax document; Group 3 Fax
.g3fZetafax TIFF file (fine resolution)
.g3nZetafax TIFF file (normal resolution)
.g8Raw graphics (one byte per pixel) plane three (PicLab)
.gabGlobal Address Book file
.galCorel Multimedia Manager Album
.gamSaved Game file
Fax (GammaFax)
TADS 2.x Game file
Baldur's Gate Game file
Animated E-mail
.gatGator file
.gbPagefox Bitmap Image file
GameBoy ROM
.gbaGame Boy Advanced ROM
GrabIt Batch files
.gbcGame Boy COlor ROM
.gbdGator Banner file
.gblGlobal definitions (VAXTPU editor)
.gbrGIMP Brush file
Gerber Format file
.gbxGerber file
.gc1Lisp source code (Golden Common Lisp 1.1)
.gc3Lisp source code (Golden Common Lisp 3.1)
.gcfSteam GCF File
.gdbInterbase Database
Group Mail file
.gdfDictionary file (GEOS)
.gdrBitmap Font file (SymbianOS)
.gedEditor's native file format (Arts & Letters)
GEDCOM Family History file
Graphic Environment Document
Graphics editor file (EnerGraphics)
Game Editor Project File
.gemVector graphics (GEM - Ventura Publisher)
.genCompiled template (dBASE Application Generator)
Generated text (Ventura Publisher)
Genius Family Tree
.geoGeode (Geoworks)
.gfbCompressed GIF image created by GIFBLAST (gifblast.exe)
.gftFont (NeoPaint)
.gfxGenigraphics Graphics Link Presentation
Graphic format used by Allen Bradley SCADA Software (RSView Works)
.ggGoogle Desktop Gadget file
.ghoSymantec Ghost Disk image file
.ghsLasertank High Scores
Symantec Ghost Disk Image Span file
.gibChart (Graph-in-the-Box)
.gidWindows Help index file
.gifGraphics Interchange Format bitmap graphics (CompuShow)
.gigSound file
.giwPresentation (Graph-in-the-Box for Windows)
.glAnimation (GRASP GRAphical System for Presentation)
.glmDatafile (Glim)
.glsDatafile (Across)
.glyGlossary (MS Word)
.gmdGame Maker file format
.gmfCGM graphics (APPLAUSE)
.gmlGeography Markup Language file
.gmpGeomorph tile map (SPX)
.gnoGenopro Genealogy Document file
.gntIn MF COBOL a compiled .cbl file
.gocGoc source code file (Geoworks)
.gohGoc header file (Geoworks)
.gpGeode parameter file (Geoworks Glue)
.gp3CCITT Group 3 file
GuitarPro 3
.gp4Guitar Pro version 4.06
.gpdVISUAL EPR Input Data for PARAMS.EXE
.gphGraph (Lotus 1-2-3/G)
.gpkOmnigo program package
.gpxGPS eXchange Format
.gr2Screen driver (Windows 3.x)
.graDatafile (SigmaPlot)
.grbMs-DOS Shell Monitor file (MS-DOS 5)
.grdGradebook Power file
Map Projection Grid file
.grfMicrografix Image file
Graph file (Graph Plus - Charisma)
.grlMatlab Graphic Format
.grpGroup file (Windows 3.x - Papyrus)
Pictures group (PixBase)
.grxFile list (GetRight)
.gryRaw GREY graphics
.gs1Presentation (GraphShow)
.gsdVector graphics (Professional Draw)
GSplit file splitting utility (GDGsoft.com)
.gsmRaw GSM 6.10 Audio Stream
Sound file
US Robotics modem file
.gspGeometer's Sketchpad Material file
.gswWorksheet (GraphShow)
.gtpGnome Desktop Theme file
GuitarPro file
.gtsGenome Software Tempo Alarm Clock
.gupData (PopMail)
.gwiGroupwise File
.gwpGreetings WorkShop file
.gxdGeneral CADD Pro file
GX-Reports file
Jeol EX Spectrometer Data file
.gxlGraphics library (Genus)
.gxtGTA2 Game file
.gymSega Genesis Music Logged Format
.gzCompressed file archive created by GZIP (GNU zip)
.gzipCompressed file archive created by GZIP (GNU zip)

.hHeader file
.h!On-line help file (Flambeaux Help! Display Engine)
.h++Header file (C++)
.h--Header file (Sphinx C--)
.haCompressed file archive created by HA (ha098.zip)
.hamImage file
.hapCompressed file archive created by HAP (hap303re.zip)
.hbkHandbook (Mathcad)
.hbseBerry Transparent Animation - compressed bitmap files
.hcrIBM HCD/HCM Production Configuration
.hdfHierarchical Data File graphics (SDSC Image Tools)
Help file (Help Development Kit)
.hdlAlternate download file listing (Procomm Plus)
.hdpHD Photo File
Magix Music/Video
.hdrInstallShield Setup header
Pc-File+ Database header
Datafile (Egret)
Message header text (Procomm Plus - 1st Reader)
.hdsWindows Digital Right Management file
.hdwVector graphics (Harvard Draw)
.hdxHelp index (AutoCAD - Zortech C++)
.hedHighEdit document
.hexHex dump
.hfiHp Font Info file (GEM)
.hfxHotFax file
US Robotics Rapid Comm Voice Data file
.hglHp Graphics Language graphics
.hhC++ header file
.hhcTable of Contents file
TurboTax Contents file
.hhhPrecompiled header file (Power C)
.hhkHelp Workshop Index file
.hhpHelp information for remote users (Procomm Plus)
.hhtMS Messenger file
.hinMolecule (HyperChem)
.hisInsight II Dynamics Trajectory History file
Spy-CD CD Search Database file
.hlbHelp library (VAX)
.hlpHelp information
.hlzMulti-Edit Packed Help file
.hm3Help & Manual 3 project Format
.hmmAlternate Mail Read option menu (Procomm Plus)
.hncCNC program files Heidenhain (?) dialog
.hofHall Of Fame (game scores)
.hp8Ascii text HP Roman8 character set (NewWave Write)
.hpfHp LaserJet fonts (PageMaker)
.hpgHPGL plotter file vector graphics (AutoCad - Harvard Graphics)
.hpiFont information file (GEM)
.hpjHelp project (MS Help Compiler)
.hpkCompressed file archive created by HPACK (hpack75.zip)
.hpmEmm text (HP NewWave)
Alternate Main menu for privileged users (Procomm Plus)
.hppC++ header file (Zortech C++)
.hqxCompressed Macintosh ASCII archive created by BINHEX (xbin23.zip)
.hrfGraphics (Hitachi Raster Format)
.hrmAlternate Main menu for limited/normal users (Procomm Plus)
.hs2Monochrome image (Postering)
.hsiHandmade Software Inc. graphics - almost JPEG (Image Alchemy)
.hstYahoo Messenger History file
History file (Procomm Plus)
.htaHypertext application
.htcHTML Component (mechanism for implementing Dynamic HTML in script)
.htfWebBase File
.htiWebBase File
.htmHyperText Markup Language document
.htmlHyperText Markup Language document
.htrMotion Analysis Software Skeletal file
.httHypertext template
.htxHypertext file
.husHusqvarna Designer I Embroidery Machine Format
.hwdPresentation (Hollywood)
.hxmAlternate Protocol Selection menu for all users (Procomm Plus)
.hxxC++ header file
.hy1Hyphenation algorithms (Ventura Publisher)
.hy2Hyphenation algorithms (Ventura Publisher)
.hycData (WordPerfect)
.hydHyphenation dictionary (WordPerfect for Win)
.hypCompressed file archive created by HYPER (hyper25.zip)
.hytVFSMOD Project output file

.iIntermediate file (Borland C++ 4.5)
.iafMS Outlook 97 and 2000 e-mail account settings
.iaxBitmap graphics (IBM Image Access eXecutive)
.ibmCompressed file archive created by ARCHDOS (Internal IBM only)
.ibdInstaller Dialog Resource file
.ibpIsobuster Image file
.ibqIsobuster Managed Image file
.icaBitmap graphics (Image Object Content Architecture)
.icbBitmap graphics
.iccKodak Printer Image
IronCAD Catalog
.icdIronCAD 2D CAD file
.iclIcon library (ActivIcons, IconForge, ImageForge, ImageForge PRO)
.icmImage Color Matching Profile file
ICC Profile, Acer Monotor Drive
.icnIcon source code file
.icoIcon (Windows 3.x)
.icsiCalendar Calendar file
.idDisk identification file
Lotus Notes User ID file
.id2Windows Live Messenger Emoticon file
.idbDatabase Used by Disassembler
MS Developer Intermediate file
.ideProject (Borland C++ 4.5)
.idfARTiSAN Real-time Studio ID file
MIDI Instruments Drivers file
.idlMS Visual C++ Interface Definition file
OMG CORBA Interface Definition Language
.idwVector graphics (IntelliDraw)
.idxIndex (many - FoxPro)
.iesPhotometric file data
.ifdForm (JetForm Design)
.iffInterchange File Format bitmap graphics/sound (Amiga)
Maxis The Sims Object file
Philips CDI File
Sun TAAC Image File Format (SDSC Image Tool)
.ifoSaved graphic objects (ImageForge PRO)
.ifpScript (KnowledgeMan)
.ifsFractal image compressed file (Yuvpak)
System file (OS/2) hpfs.ifs
.igrIntergraph SmartSketch Drawing
.igxiGrafx Process
.iifQuickBooks for Windows Interchange file
.ilbData (Scream Tracker)
.ilkOutline of program's format (MS ILink incremental linker)
.im30Sun Raster image file
.im8Sun raster graphics
.imaMirage vector graphics (EGO, Chart, Autumn)
.imbIncrediMail file
.imcIncrediMail file
.imdCaseware IDEA (GIS data file)
.imfImageForge/IconForge saved filtered brushes(IconForge, ImageForge, ImageForge PRO)
.imgBitmap graphics (Ventura Publisher - GEM Paint)
.immIncrediMail Trash
.imnIncrediMail Notifier
.impSpreadsheet (Lotus Improv)
Impaticized PowerPoint file
.imqImage presentation (ImageQ)
.imsIncredimail Graphic
.imvYahoo Instant Messenger IMVironment
Impaticized Video format
.imwImageware Surfacer 3D CAD Surface Geometry
IncrediMail Sound
.imzCompressed floppy image
.in$Installation file (HP NewWave)
.in3Input device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.inbTest script (Vermont HighTest)
.incInclude file (several programming languages)
.indIndex (dBASE IV)
Adobe InDesign document file
.inddAdobe InDesign file format
.infType 1 LaserJet font information file (soft font installers)
Information text file (ASCII)
Install script
.iniInitialization file
.inkPantone reference fills file (CorelDRAW)
.inlMS Visual C++ Inline Function file
.inpGIS Software Text Input file
Oracle Source Code
Self-Extracting Archive Utility Project
.insData (WordPerfect)
Installation script (1st Reader)
Instrument music file (Adlib)
.intBorland Interface Units
Program saved in Internal (semi-compiled) format (Signature)
.invRogue Spear Inventory file
.inxFoxpro Index (Foxbase)
.ioCompressed file archive created by CPIO
.iob3d graphics database in TDDD format
.iocOrganizational chart (Instant ORGcharting!)
.ion4dos descript.ion file (file descriptions)
.ipaiPod/iPhone Application file
.ipdBlackBerry Backup file
InstallPROG 6 EDBS Install Database
.ipgMindjongg Format
.ipjImpatica OnCue Project file
.iplPantone Spot reference palette file (CorelDRAW)
.ippHelp & Manual Proprietary Image
.ipsGame Patch file
MENSI 3Dipsos
.ipswIPod/IPad/IPhone Software file
.ipxIPIX AV file
.ipzICQ Skin Plus
.iriIR Image file
.irsResource (WordPerfect)
.isdSpelling Checker dictionary (RapidFile)
.ishCompressed file archive created by ISH
.iskCommand file
.isoEasy CD Creator Disc Image
File List for CD-ROM
InstallShield Uninstall file
ISO Buster file
ISO-9660 Table
Vector Graphics (IsoDraw Illustration)
.isrMS Streets & Trips Route file
.issInstallShield Response file
ISS Graphic
.istDigitrakker Instrument File (n-FaCToR)
.isuInstallShield Uninstall Script
Easy CD Creator 4 Uninstall file
Netscape file
.iszAn extension on .ISO that allows compression and splitting of an archive
.itSettings (intalk)
.itc2iTunes Album Data file
.itdbiTunes Database file
.itfInterface file (JPI TopSpeed Pascal)
.ithInTether technology secured file
.itlMusic Library file
.ivOpenInventor files (the successor to Inventor)
.ivasecurity video data file
.ivtMS Infoviewer Title
.iwPresentation flowchart (IconAuthor - HSC InterActive)
.iwaText file (IBM Writing Assistant)
.iwdCall of Duty Game Data file
.iwpText file (Wang)
.iztIzl binary token file (IZL)

.j01File Extension from ADP Payroll Company
.jadJava Application Descriptor extension (for installing MIDlets)
.jarJava archive file
.javJava source code file
.javaJava source code file
.jbcJam Byte-Code Hex file
BestCrypt File
.jbdDatafile (SigmaScan)
.jbfPaint Shop Pro browser file
.jbkJuno Backup file
.jbrJasc Paint Shop Pro Brush
.jbxProject file (Project Scheduler 4)
.jdtAccelio Capture Classic Filler
.jefJanome NH10000 Sewing Machine file
.jetFax (Hybrid JetFax)
.jffBitmap graphics (JPEG File Interchange Format)
.jfifJPEG image
.jfxJ2 Fax File
.jhtmlDynamo Server Page
.jifJPEG/JIFF Image
Jeff's Image Format
.jmxJMeter file
.jnbSigma Plot Workbook file
.jnlIngres Journal file
.jnlpJava Web Start file
.jntWindows Journal Note file
.jobJob file
Task Scheduler Task Object
AI Research file
QuestVision Vector Graphics file
.jorJournal file SQL
.jouJournal backup (VAX Edt editor)
.jp2JPEG 2000 file
.jpcGraphics (Japan PIC)
.jpegJPEG image
.jpfJPEG 2000 file
.jpgBitmap graphics (Joint Photography Experts Group)
.jpsStereo Image
.jpxJBuilder Project file
.jsMicrosoft Scripting Language "JScript" file extension
.jsdeFAX Jet Suite Document
.jseJScript Encoded Script file
.jsfFireworks Batch Script file
.jshHenter-Joyce, Inc. Jaws Script Header file
.jsonJavaScript Object Notation file
.jspJava Server page
.jtfFax (Hayes JT Fax)
Bitmap graphics (JPEG Tagged Interchange Format)
.jtpJetform file
.jup(New Planet Software) Code Crusader user's project preferences file
.jwText document (JustWrite)
.jwlLibrary (JustWrite)
.jwpEasy CD Creator Label file
JWP Document
.jxrJPEG XR file
.jzzSpreadsheet (Jazz)

.karMidi file with karaoke word track
.kauSassafras KeyAudit Audit file
.kbKeyboard script (Borland C++ 4.5)
Program source (Knowledge Pro)
.kbdKeyboard mapping (LocoScript - Signature - Procomm Plus)
.kbmKeyboard mapping (Reflection 4.0)
.kclLisp source code (Kyoto Common Lisp)
.kcpKeychamp file
.kdcKaspersky Virus Database file
Kodak Photo-Enhancer/Photogen file
.keoOlder, outdated Print Shop extension
.ketOlder, outdated Print Shop extension
.kexMacro (KEDIT)
.kextMac OS X Kernel Extension
.keyDatafile (Forecast Pro)
Keyboard macros
WinRAR License file
Security file eg. Shareware Registration info
.kgbKGB Archive file
.kitRaven Toolkit file
.kixKixTart Script
.kmaKodak Memory Book file
Correlate K-Map
.kmlKeyhole Markup Language file
.kmpKorg Trinity KeyMaP file
.kmxKaufman Mmail Warrior Mail Folder
.kmzGoogle Earth Map Location file
.kosMicroType Pro Document
.kp2Kruptos Encrypted file
.kplKazaa Playlist
KPL Source Code
.kppToolpad (SmartPad)
.kpsIbm KIPS bitmap graphics
.kqbKnowledge Question Base file
.kqeW32/Spybot.KQE Worm virus
.kqpKonica Quality Picture
.krzKurzweil 2000 Sample
.ksdNative Instruments Audio Patch file
.ktkKutoka's Mia
.kwiNavigation Data file
.kwmWebMoney Private Key file
.kybKeyboard mapping (FTP Software PC/TCP)

.lLex source code file
Lisp source code file
Linker directive file (WATCOM wlink)
.l01ARC Digitized Raster Graphics
.labDatafile (NCSS - SOLO)
Mailing labels (Q+E for MS Excel)
.langSkype Language file
.latCrossword Express Lattice file
.latexLaTeX typesetting system
.layWord chart layout (APPLAUSE)
.lbgLabel generator data (dBASE IV)
.lblLabel (dBASE IV - Clipper 5 - dBFast)
.lbmBitmap graphics (DeluxePaint)
Linear bitmap graphics (XLib)
.lboCompiled label (dBASE IV)
.lbrCompressed file archive created by LU (lue220.arc)
Display driver (Lotus 1-2-3)
.lbtLabel memo (FoxPro)
.lbxLabel (FoxPro)
.lcfLinker Control File (Norton Guides compiler)
.lckLockfile (Paradox)
.lclData (FTP Software PC/TCP)
.lcnLection (WordPerfect)
.lcsDatafile (ACT! History Files)
L0phtCrack Audit file
.lcwSpreadsheet (Lucid 3-D)
.ldLong Distance codes file (Telix)
.ld1Overlay file (dBASE)
.ldbData (MS Access)
.ldfLibrary definition file (Geoworks Glue)
locking data file or (locking security file)
IBM Works for OS/2 Filer Form
Microsoft SQL Server Transaction Log File
.ldifLDAP Data Interchange Format
.legLegacy Graphic Format
.lesLesson (check *.cbt)
.levLevel file (NetHack 3.x)
.lexLexicon (dictionary) (many)
.lfaLifeForm file
.lftLaser printer font (ChiWriter)
.lgLogo procedure definitions (LSRHS Logo)
.lgcProgram Use Log file
.lgoLogo for header and footer (SuperFax)
Startup logo code (Windows 3.x)
.lgxGerber file
.lhaCompressed file archive created by LHA/LHARC (lha255b.exe)
.lhwCompressed Amiga file archive created by LHWARP
.libLibrary file (several programming languages)
.licLicense file (Shareware)
FLAMES License File Professional Edition (Ternion)
.lidKodak Gallery Album file
WinDVD file
Light Field Description file
Dylan Library Interchange Description
LabelVision Auto Incrementing Value file
Maple V Setup file
Scholar's Aid Backup file
.lifLogical Interchange Format data file (Hewlett-Packard)
Compressed file archive
.limCompressed file archive created by LIMIT (limit12.zip)
.linLine types (AutoCAD)
.lisListing (VAX)
.litMS Reader eBook file
.lixExtend Simulation Library file
Libronix DLS Resource (LLS 2.x Index)
.ljText file for HP LJ II printer
.lkoMS Outlook Express Linked Object
.ll3Laplink III related file (document) (LapLink III)
.lmpLump File
.lmtNokia PC Suite Log file
RPG Maker map tree file
.lnd3D Landscape Data
.lngAdobe Acrobat Language Plugin file
Diablo II file
NRG SDR Language file
.lnkWindows Shortcut file
Linker response file (.RTLink)
.locMicroSim PCBoard Component Locations Report
Suppose Locations file
Download format for search results on Geocaching.com
.lodLoad file
.logLog file
.lokEncrypted and compressed archive format (FileWrangler, SecurDesk!, ZipWrangler)
.lpcPrinter driver (TEKO)
.lpdHelix Nuts and Bolts File
Avery Label Pro
.lpfLytec's Direct Electronic Medical Claims ClaimsDirect
.lpiLive Pictures
.lpkLicensed ActiveX Control for Internet Explorer.
.lrfLinker response file (MS C/C++)
.lrsLanguage Resource File (WordPerfect for Win)
.lseNokia Audio Manager
.lsfStreaming Audio/Video file
Libronix DLS Resource
.lslLotus Script Library
.lspLisp source code file (Xlisp)
.lssSpreadsheet (Legato)
.lstKeyboard macro (1st Reader)
List file (archive index - compiler listfile)
Spool file (Oracle)
SAS Program file
.lt2e frontier Poser file
.ltmForm (Lotus Forms)
.luaLua Source Code file
.lvlGame Level file
.lvpLucent Voice Player
LView Pro
.lwaLightWorks Archive Material/Scene file
.lwdText document (LotusWorks)
.lwoNewTek Lightwave Object
.lwpIBM Word Pro / Lotus Word Pro 96/97 document file
.lwzMS Linguistically Enhanced Sound file
.lxLexico - files with source code
.lyrDataCAD Layer file
.lzdDifference file for binaries (Ldiff 1.20)
.lzhCompressed file archive created by LHA/LHARC (lha255b.exe)
.lzsCompressed file archive created by LARC (larc333.zip)
.lzwCompressed Amiga file archive created by LHWARP
.lzxCompressed file

.mFunction (program) (Matlab)
Macro module (Brief)
Standard package (Mathematica)
.m11Text file (MASS11)
.m1vMPEG-1 Video file
.m2pMPEG-2 Program Stream Format file
.m2tsBDAV MPEG-2 file
.m2vMPEG-2 Video Only file
.m3Modula 3 source code file
.m3d3D animation macro
.m3uMusic Playlist (Winamp)
.m4M4 preprocessor file (unix)
.m4aMPEG-4 Audio Layer
.m4bMPEG-4 Audio Book file
.m4pMPEG-4 Encoded Audio file
.m4riPhone Ringtone file
.m4vApple Video file
.m_uBackup of boot sector, FAT and boot dir (MazeGold)
.ma3Macro (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.macBitmap graphics (Macintosh MacPaint)
.madMS Access Module Shortcut
.maffMozilla Archive Format file
.magWoody Lynn's MAG graphics format (MPS Magro Paint System)
.maiMail (VAX)
Project file (Visual Basic)
.manCommand manual
.mapColor palette
Format data (Micrografx Picture Publisher)
Linker map file
Map (Atlas MapMaker)
Network map (AccView)
.marMozilla Archive
Microsoft Access Report file
Assembly program (VAX Macro)
.masSmartmaster set (Freelance Graphics)
.matData file (Matlab)
Microsoft Access Shortcut file
.maxMax source code file
Microsoft Data Analyser View
.mbMemo field values for database (Paradox)
.mbfMS Money Backup file
.mbkMultiple index file backup (dBASE IV)
Medisoft for Windows Backup
.mbxMailbox (Eudora/Zerberus)
.mccConfiguration file (Mathcad)
.mcdDocument (Mathcad)
.mcfMathcad font
Meta Content Format file
Master Command file
TMPGEnc template
.mciMci command script (Media Control Interface)
.mcpApplication script (Capsule)
Printer driver (Mathcad)
.mcrDataCAD Keyboard macro file
.mcwText file (MacWrite II)
.mcxGraphic file
.mdCompressed file archive created by MDCD (mdcd10.arc)
.md5MD5 Checksum file
Message Digest 5 (Easy MD5 Creator)
.mdaData (MS Access)
.mdbDatabase (MS Access)
.mdeMicrosoft Access MDE database
.mdfAccelio Capture Classic (JetForm) Filler
I-deas Master Drafting Machine Data file
Menu Definition file
MS-SQL Master Database file
Alcohol 120% CD Image File
.mdiMicrosoft Office 2003 imaging format
Borland multiple document interface
.mdkKeyboard Map file
.mdlModel (3D Design Plus)
Spreadsheet (CA-Compete!)
.mdmModem definition (TELIX)
.mdmpMicrosoft Windows XP Trouble Report
.mdrFaxTalk Modem Doctor Modem Report file
.mdtData table (MS ILink incremental linker)
.mdxMultiple index file (dBASE IV)
.mdzMS Access Wizard Template
.meUsually ASCII text file READ.ME
.mebMacro Editor bottom overflow file (WordPerfect Library)
.medMacro Editor delete save (WordPerfect Library)
Music (OctaMED)
.memMacro Editor macro (WordPerfect Library)
Memory variable save file (Clipper - dBASE IV - FoxPro)
.meqMacro Editor print queue file (WordPerfect Library)
.merMacro Editor resident area (WordPerfect Library) (vakioalue)
.mesMacro Editor work space file (WordPerfect Library)
.metDocument (Omnipage Pro)
eDonkey2000 file
Macro Editor top overflow file (WordPerfect Library)
Presentation Manager Meta file
.meuMenu group (DOS Shell)
.mexMex file (executable command) (Matlab)
Macro Editor expound file (WordPerfect Library)
Mioplanet mex reader interactive file
.mfMetafont text file
.mfxImageMAKER Fax Viewer folder file
.mgfFont (Micrografx)
.mgiModular Gateway Interface
.mgpMagicPoint Presentation file
.mhpMS Home Publishing Project
.mhtMS MHTML Document
.miaMusicIndiaOnline player music file
.mibSnmp MIB file
.micMicrosoft Image Composer file
.midStandard MIDI file (music synthetizers)
.mifMaker Interchange Format (FrameMaker)
.miiDatafile (MicroStat-II)
.mimMIME file
.mioMultimedia Interactive Object
.mipPaint Shop Pro Multiple Image Print file
.misDelta Force Land Warrior Mission
MagicInstall Installation Script
Tribes 2 Game file
.mixObject file (Power C)
.mkdPervasive Btrieve files
.mkeMakefile (MS Windows SDK)
.mkiJapanese graphics MAKIchan format (MagView 0.5)
.mksData (TACT)
.ml3Project (Milestones 3.x)
.mlbMacro library file (Symphony)
.mlmNovel Groupwise e-mail file
.mmText file (MultiMate Advantage II)
.mmcMedia Catalog
MSoffice Media Content
.mmdPeristudio/PeriProducer file
.mmfMail message file (MS Mail)
.mmlMail Meta Language
.mmmMovie (RIFF RMMP format) (MacroMind Director 3.x)
.mmoMemo writer file (RapidFile)
.mmpOutput video format from Bravado board
.mmxCommand & Conquer Red Alert 2 Map file
Oracle Forms Compiled Menu
.mmzMusicMatch Theme file
.mndMenu source (AutoCAD Menu Compiler)
.mngMap (DeLorme Map'n'Go)
.mntMenu memo (FoxPro)
.mnuAdvanced macro (HP NewWave)
Menu (AutoCAD Menu Compiler - Norton Commander - Signature)
.mnxCompiled menu (AutoCAD)
Menu (FoxPro)
.mnyAccount book (MS Money)
.mobDevice definition (PEN Windows)
.modModula-2 source code file (Clarion Modula-2)
Windows kernel module
Music (FastTracker - many)
.molMDL Molfile
.monMonitor description (ReadMail)
.movQuickTime Video Clip
Apple QuickTime Audio
AutoCAD AutoFlix Movie
.mp2Mpeg audio file (xing)
.mp3mp3PRO Audio file
MPEG Audio Stream, Layer III
SHARP MZ-series Emulator file
Wrapster Wrapped file
.mp4MPEG-4 Video File
.mpaMPEG Audio Stream, Layer I, II or III
.mpcCalender file (MS Project)
.mpdMS Project database file
.mpeMPEG Movie Clip
.mpegMPEG Movie Clip
.mpfMS Design Gallery
MosASCII Project Workspace file
.mpgMPEG-1 animation
.mplPlaylist Data file
.mplsBlu-ray Information file
.mpmMathplan macro (WordPerfect Library)
.mppProject file (MS Project)
CAD Drawing File
.mpqBlizzard Game Data file
.mprGenerated program (FoxPro)
.mpsMultimedia File
Casio PDL Pocket Streets Map
.mptBitmap graphics (Multipage TIFF)
Template File (MS Project)
.mpvView file (MS Project)
.mpwMosASCII Project Workspace file
.mpxCompiled menu program (FoxPro)
.mrbMultiple Resolution Bitmap graphics (MS C/C++)
.mrcMIRC Script file
Bibliographic Data Format
.mrkInformative Graphics markup file
.mrsMacro Resource file (WordPerfect for Win)
.mscMS C makefile
.msdMS Diagnostic Utility Report
.msfMultiple Sequence file
.msiWindows Installer file
.msmMultiSIM Circuit Diagram
.msnMSN Content Plus file
.msoMath Script Object file
MS FrontPage file
MS Word OLE Web Page Storage Stream
.mspBitmap graphics (Microsoft Paint)
.mspxXML based Web Page
.mssManuscript text file (Perfect Writer - Scribble - MINCE - Jove)
.mstChemFinder Chemical Structure Index
DATAIR Pension System Master file
Minispecification file (Prosa)
Setup script (MS Windows SDK)
Visual Test Source file
.msuWindows Update file
.msvSony Memory Stick Format
.mswText file (MS Word)
.mswmmWindows Movie Maker Project
.msxCompressed CP/M file archive created by MSX
.mtdDigital Sheet Music
.mthMath file (Derive)
.mtmMultitracker Module music
.mtsAVCHD Video file
Viewpoint iPix file
.mtvMTV Music Generator
.mtwDatafile (Minitab)
.mtxTemporary File often used by a browser or TWAIN device
Viewpoint iPix file
Max Magic Microtuner tuning text file
.muMenu (Quattro Pro)
.mu3Myriad Music file (packed sounds & digital tracks)
.mufProtoMuck Multi User Forth Program
.mulUltima Online Game
.musMusicTime Sound file
Myriad Music file
MS Multimedia viewer file
MvPCbase www.mvsoft-comp.com
.mvcMusic Collector Collection Manager file
.mvdMicroDVD (DVD movie file)
.mvfStop frame file (AutoCAD AutoFlix)
.mviMovie command file (AutoCAD AutoFlix)
.mvwLog file (Saber LAN)
.mwfAnimation (ProMotion)
.mwpLotus Wordpro 97 Smartmaster file
MegaWorks Pack file
.mwsMaple Worksheet File
.mwvMovieWorks file
.mxdGIS Project file
.mxeMacro Express
Mindex Effect Album
.mxfMaterial eXchange Format for the interchange of audio-visual
Material with associated data and metadata.
.mxlMoxcel Spreadsheet File
.mxmMS Project/Outlook Team Assign Task
.mxpMacromedia Extension Manager
ArcReader Published Map
.mxtData (MS C)
.mypPresentation (MM Make Your Point)
.myrMyriad Music file
.mysMyst Saved Game
.mytMyriad Tutorial file
.mzpMaxscript Compressed File

.na2Netscape Mail file
.namMS Office Name file
.napNaplps file (VideoShow) (EnerGraphics)
.navMSN Application Extension
.nbText file (Nota Bene)
.nbfBackup Now Backup file
.nbuNokia PC Suite Backup file
.ncGraphics (netcdf)
Instructions for NC (Numerical Control) machine (CAMS)
.ncbMS Developer Studio file
.nccCnc (Computer Numeric Control) control file (CamView 3D)
.ncdNero CoverDesigner Document file
Norton Change Directory support file (Norton Commander)
NTI CD-Maker file
.ncfLotus Notes Internal Clipboard
Steam Configuration file
Netware Command file
.nchOutlook Express folder file
On Hold message/music file
.nd5NDS Renamed file
.ndbNetwork database (Intellicom - Compex)
.ndeVideo format - various manufactures of surveillance camera systems
.ndfNeoPlanet Browser File
.ndkLotus Notes(containing the files related to workspace)
.ndxIndex file (dBASE II - III - IV - dBFast)
.nebNortec H.E.L.P.
.nedMSN Application Extension
.nefNikon's RAW format for digital cameras (Nikon Electronic Format)
.neoRaster graphics (Atari Neochrome)
.nesNintendo Entertainment System ROM Image
.netNetwork configuration/info file
.newNew info
.nfoInfo file
.ngOnline documentation database (Norton Guide)
.ngfEnterasys Networks NetSight generated format file
.nggNokia Group Graphics
.nhNetHack file
.nibAdobe AIR file
.nifNetImmerse File Format
.njbPhoto Index file
.nlmNetware Loadable Module
.nlsCode Page National Language Support
.nlxForm (FormWorx 3.0)
.nmdSwordSearcher file
.nmiSwordSearcher file
.nmoVirtools Behavioral Objects
.nmsNumega Softice's Loader file
Virtools Graphical Scripts
.nnbnewnovelist Story Outline
.nobVersaPro Word Exchange file
.nolNokia Operator Logo
.notAcrobat Spelling file
ActiveNote Post-It-Notes
.nowText file
.npProject schedule (Nokia Planner) (Visual Planner 3.x)
.npaReliaSoft Weibull++ 6
.npfBackup Now Image file
.npiSource for DGEN.EXE intepreter (dBASE Application Generator)
.nraNero Audio-CD Compilation
.nrbNero CD-ROM Boot Compilation
.nrgNorton Registration Entries
Nero CD-Image
IsoBuster file
NRG File Format
.nriNero ISO CD-ROM compilation
.nrliManage file
.nrwNero WMA Compilation file
Nikon RAW file
.nscNoder file (Polish)
Windows Media Station file
.nsfLotus Notes / Domino database
.nsiNullsoft Install System Script
.nstMusic (NoiseTracker)
.ntStartup files (Windows NT)
.ntfLotus Notes / Domino template file
.nthNokia Theme file
.ntpNeato CD Labels
.ntrExecutable ASCII text file (strip header and rename) (netrun31.zip)
.ntsTutorial (Norton)
Executable ASCII text file (strip header and rename) (netsend1.zip)
.ntxIndex (Clipper 5)
.ntzInVircible Directory Integrity Information
.nu4Norton Utilities Root File (DLL) Symantec Corporation
.nufMessage for new users on their 1st call (Procomm Plus)
.numbersiWork Numbers Spreadsheet file
.nupProgram Component Update files
.nvcNero Vision Project file
.nvmAOLpress Help file
.nwcNoteworthy Composer song file
.nwsInfo text file (latest news) (ASCII)
.nwrNew World Report Aegis/MSP Law Enforcement Records (New World Systems)
.nwtNew World Text Aegis/MSP Law Enforcement Records (New World Systems)
.nxtSound (NeXT format)
.nzbNewsBin Index file

.oObject file (unix - Atari - GCC)
.o$$Outfile (Sprint)
.oazFax (NetFax Manager)
.obObject cut/paste file (IBM LinkWay)
.obdMS Office Binder
.objObject code (Intel Recolatable Object Module)
.obrObject browser data file (Borland C++)
.obsScript (ObjectScript)
.obvVisual interface (ObjectScript)
.ocaControl Typelib Cache
.ocfObject Craft File (Object Craft)
.ocmAOL Advertising Control files
Internet Odyssey 2 Update
.ocpAdvanced Art Studio
Offline Commander Project file
.ocrIncoming fax transcribed to text (FAXGrapper)
.octRadiance Octree Format
.ocxOLE ActiveX custom control
.odfOpen Document Interchange
BattleZone Cartographers Guild file
Star Trek Armada Ship/Structure Infomation
.odgOpenDocument Graphic file
.odlType library source (Visual C++)
.odpOpenOffice Presentation file
.odsOpenOffice Spreadsheet file
.odtOpenOffice OpenDocument text document
.oebOutlook Express Backup Wizard
.oemTextSetup OEM file
.ofcOpen Financial Connectivity file
.ofdForm definition (ObjectView)
.offObject File Format vector graphics
.ofmAdobe font
.oftMS Outlook Item Template
.ofxOlicom Fax
Open Financial Exchange file
.oggOgg Vorbis Codec Compressed WAV file
.ogmOgg Vorbis Compressed Video file
.ogvVideo Container file
.oktMusic (Oktalizer)
.olbObject library (VAX)
.oldBackup file
.oleObject Linking and Embedding Object
.oliText file (Olivetti)
.omaOpenMG Music file
.omfOpen Media file
.omgOpenMG Jukebox
.omsBriggs Softworks Order Maven
Macintosh MP3 Music Format
Omega Downloader Configuration file
.ondLotus Notes-related file
.oneOneNote Document File
.ontBible file
.oomSwap file (Shroom)
.opdOmnipage file
.opfFlip Album file
Open Packaging Format file
.oplPsion Organiser Programming Language Source file
.opnActive options (Exact)
.opsMicrosoft Office profile settings file
.optOptimize support file (QEMM)
.opwOrganization chart (Org Plus for Windows)
.opxInactive options (Exact)
.or2Lotus Organizer 2 file
.or3Lotus Organizer 97 file
.or4Lotus Organizer file
.or5Lotus Organizer file
.oraParameter file (Oracle)
.orgCalendar file (Lotus Organizer)
.osdOpen Software Description file
.ossMS Office Saved Search
.ostMicrosoft Outlook Offline file
.otfOpen Type Format
.otlOutline font description (Z-Soft Type Foundry)
.otxText file (Olivetti Olitext Plus)
.outOutput file
.ov1Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)
.ov2Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)
.ovdDatafile (ObjectVision)
.ovlOverlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)
.ovrOverlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)
.ovwCool Edit Pro Overviewfile
Cubase .WAV File Image
DIANA Overview file
.owsWeb Studio 2 Project file
.oxtOpen Office Extension file

.pPascal source code file
Rea-C-Time application parameter file (ReaGeniX code generator)
Picture file (APPLAUSE)
.p16Music (16 channels) (ProTracker Studio 16)
.p22Patch file (Patch22)
.p65Adobe Pagemaker v6.5
.p7mPKCS #7 MIME Message
.paPrint Artist
.pa1Worktable (PageAhead)
.pabMicrosoft Outlook personal address book
.pacStad Image (graphics ?)
Package (SBStudio II)
.packPack 2000 Compressed file
.padKeypad definition (Telemate)
.pafPARIS audio format
Personal Ancestral file
.pagesPages document
.pakCompressed file archive created by PAK (pak251.exe)
.palAdobe Pagemaker Library Palette
Color Palette
Compressed File
Tree Professional Palm Creator file
.panPrinter-specific file (copy to coreldrw.ink) (CorelDRAW)
.parParts application (Digitalk PARTS)
Parameter file (Fractint)
Permanent output file (Windows 3.x)
.pasPascal source code file
.patHatch patterns (AutoCAD - Photostyler)
Vector fill files (CorelDRAW)
.paxPax Archive file
.pbFax (FAXability Plus)
Phonebook (WinFax Pro)
Setup file (PixBase)
.pb1Document (First Publisher for Windows)
.pbaPowerbasic BASIC source code (Genus)
.pbdPhone book (FaxNOW! - Faxit)
.pbfTurtle Beach Pinnacle Bank file
Grand Prix Legends BMAP file
PBook E-book Format (renamed ZIP file)
Portable Bitmap Format file
.pbiPowerbasic include file (Genus)
Profiler Binary Input (MS Source Profiler)
.pbkMicrosoft XP Remote Access Phonebook file
.pblPowerbasic library (Genus)
.pbmPbm Portable Bit Map graphics
Planar bitmap graphics (XLib)
.pboProfiler Binary Output (MS Source Profiler)
.pbrMicrosoft Publisher backup file
.pbtProfiler Binary Table (MS Source Profiler)
.pcText file containing IBM PC specific info
.pc3Custom palette (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.pc8Ascii text IBM8 character set (NewWave Write)
.pcaCash Register Express program
.pcbBroderbund Print Shop Business Card
Ivex Winboard Design file
MS PowerPoint Application Data file
Protel Technology Advanced PCB Design
.pccCutout picture vector graphics (PC Paintbrush)
.pcdGraphics (Kodak PhotoCD)
Microsoft Visual Test compiled script
.pcfProfile Configuration file
Profiler Command File (MS Source Profiler)
.pchPatch file
Precompiled header (MS C/C++)
.pcjMultimedia authoring tool graphics (IBM's Linkaway-Live)
.pckReceived Package file
Pickfile (Turbo Pascal)
.pclHP-PCL graphics data (HP Printer Control Language)
.pcmPlasmacam CAD/CAM system file
.pcsPICS Animation
.pctBitmap Graphic
Honeywell GUS Display Builder
Macintosh Quickdraw/PICT Drawing
.pcwText file (PC Write)
.pcxBitmap graphics (PC Paintbrush)
.pdSynerGEE Stoner software files (compressible pipe flow program)
.pdaBitmap graphics
.pdbData (TACT)
.pdcPersonal Database Creator file
.pddAdobe PhotoDeluxe Image
.pdePrincipalm Data Extract files
Processing Environment text files
.pdfAdobe Portable Document Format
Package Definition File
Graphics file (ED-SCAN 24bit format)
.pdgPrintshop Deluxe files
.pdlProject Description Language file (Borland C++ 4.5)
.pdrPort or printer driver
Source Code File
Telsis HiCall Program File
Pds graphics
Planetary Data System
Pldasm source code file (hardware assembly)
Print Shop Graphic
.pdtProCite Primary Database
VersaPro Compiled Block
.pdvPrinter driver (Paintbrush)
.pdwDocument (Professional Draw)
.pdxAdobe Acrobat Index file
.pe4Photo Explorer Thumbnail
.peaPeaZip Compressed FileArchived files
.pebProgram Editor bottom overflow file (WordPerfect Library)
.pedProgram Editor delete save (WordPerfect Library)
.pemProgram Editor macro (WordPerfect Library)
Privacy Enhanced Mail Certificate file
.peqProgram Editor print queue file (WordPerfect Library)
.perProgram Editor resident area (WordPerfect Library) (vakioalue)
.pesProgram Editor work space file (WordPerfect Library)
.petProgram Editor top overflow file (WordPerfect Library)
.pfWindows Prefetch file
Monitor/printer profile file
.pfaType 3 font file (unhinted PostScript font)
.pfbType 1 PostScript font file
.pfcText file (First Choice)
.pfgjEEPers file
.pfkProgrammable function keys (XTreePro)
.pflFamily Lawyer Data file
.pfmWindows Type 1 font metric file
.pfsDatabase (PFS:FILE) - text file (PFS:Write)
.pftPrinter font (ChiWriter)
.pgPagefox File
Page cut/paste file (IBM LinkWay)
.pgiPrinter Graphics File device driver (PGRAPH library)
.pgmPortable Grayscale bitMap graphics
Program (Signature)
.pgpSupport file (Pretty Good Privacy RSA System)
.pgsManual page (man4dos)
.phOptimized .goh file (Geoworks)
Perl header file
Phrase-table (MS C/C++)
.phbNewLeaf PhraseBook
ClustaW Tree file
TreeView file
PhoneB Phonebook file
.phnPhone list (UltraFax - QmodemPro)
.phpPHP Script
MS Picture It! Publishing Project File
.phoPhone database (Metz Phone for Windows)
.phrPhrases (LocoScript)
.phtmlPHP Script
.picPixar picture file (SDSC Image Tool)
Bitmap graphics (Macintosh b&w PICT1 - color PICT2)
Bitmap graphics (many eg. Lotus 1-2-3 - PC Paint)
.pifProgram Information File (Windows 3.x)
Vector graphics GDF format (IBM mainframe computers)
Shortcut to MS-DOS program
.pimPIM Archive file
.pipPersonalized menu and toolbar (MS Office)
.pitCompressed Mac file archive created by PACKIT (unpackit.zoo)
.pixAlias image file (SDSC Image Tool)
.pj64Project 64 game files.mswmm Windows Movie Maker Project file
.pjProject (CA-SuperProject)
.pjtProject memo (FoxPro)
.pjxProject (FoxPro)
.pkPacked bitmap font bitmap file (TeX DVI drivers)
.pk3American McGee Alice Archive
Return to Castle Wolfenstein file
Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2 Archive
Quake 3 Arena Archive (renamed zip file)
.pkaCompressed file archive created by PKARC
.pkdTop Secret Crypto Gold file
.pkgInstaller script (Next)
.pkkPrivate Key file
.pktPacket Tracer Network Simulation file
.plPerl source code file
Prolog source code file
Property List font metric file (TeX)
Palette (Harvard Graphics)
.pl1Room plan (3D Home Architect)
.pl3Chart palette (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.plbLibrary (FoxPro)
.plcAdd-in file (functions - macros - applications) (Lotus 1-2-3)
.pllPre-linked library (Clipper 5)
.plnSpreadsheet (WordPerfect for Win)
.plrDescent Pilot file
Player file
.plsDisorderTracker2 Sample
WinAmp MPEG PlayList file
Shoutcast file
MYOB Data file
.pltAutoCAD HPGL Vector Graphic Plotter file
Bentley's CAD MicroStation Driver Configuration for Plotting
Clipper 5 Pre-linked Transfer file
Gerber Sign-making Software file
HP Graphics Language
.pmvPegasus Mail Filter Rule file
.pmxPegasus Mail file
.pn3Printer device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.pnfPrecompiled Setup Information (Temporary file seen during installs)
.pngBitmap graphics (Portable Network Graphics)
.pnmPbm Portable aNy Map (PNM) graphics
.pntMacintosh painting
Qwk reader pointer file (MarkMail 2.x)
.podOPENPROJ Project file
.pohOptimized .goh file (Geoworks)
.poiPoint of interest file
.popMessages index (PopMail)
Pop-up menu object (dBASE Application Generator)
.posProCite Output Styles
QuickPOS IIF file
.potPowerPoint template
.potxPowerPoint Open XML Template file
.povRaytraced scene description file (Persistence Of Vision)
.powChord chart (PowerChords)
.ppFree Pascal Source Code file
Compressed Amiga file archive created by POWERPACKER
.ppaPowerPoint Add-in
.ppbButton bar for Print Preview (WordPerfect for Win)
.ppdPostScript Printer Description (Acrobat)
.ppfTurtle Beach Pinnacle Program file
Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 Preset file
Micrografx Picture Publisher file
PlayStation Patch file
.ppgMS PowerPoint Ppresentation
Professor Franklin's Photo Print Gold
.pplPolaroidpaletteplus ColorKey device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.ppmPortable Pixel Map graphics
.ppoPre-processor output (Clipper 5)
.pppPublication (PagePlus)
Image files used in PagePlus SE
.ppsPowerPoint Slideshow
Storyboard (Personal Producer)
.ppsxMS Office PowerPoint Slide Show file
.pptGeneral file extension (PowerPoint)
.ppzPowerPoint Packaged Presentation
.pqaPalm Query Application File (database for wireless access)
.pqiPower Quest Drive imaging
.pr2Presentation (Aldus Persuasion 2.x)
.pr2Printer driver (dBASE IV)
.pr3Postscript printer driver (dBASE IV)
Presentation (Aldus Persuasion 3.x)
.prcCorel Presentation file
Palmpilot resource file
Picture Gear Pocket
.prdPrinter driver (many)
.prePresentation (Freelance Graphics)
Settings (Programmer's WorkBench - MS C/C++)
.prfPixel Run Format graphics (Improces - Fastgraph)
Printer driver (dBASE IV)
Profiler output
.prgProgram (Atari)
Program source (dBASE IV - FoxPro - Clipper 5 - dBFast)
.priPrinter definitions (LocoScript)
MYOB Premier file extension
.prnDataCAD Windows Printer file
HP Printer Control Language
PostScript file
Printer Text file
XYWrite Printer Driver
.proProlog source code file
Graphics profile file (DOS)
.prsPrinter Resource eg. fonts (WordPerfect for Win)
Presentation (Harvard Graphics Win)
Procedure (dBASE IV)
.prtCADKEY Part file
Printer Configuration
Printer driver (Dr.Halo)
Printer-formatted file
Pro/ENGINEER Model file
Process Revolution Template file
SCEdit Part file
Unigraphics Part file
.prxWindows Media Settings file
Compiled program (FoxPro)
.przFreelance Graphics 97 file
.psPostScript file (text/graphics) (ASCII)
.ps2PostScript Level 2 file
.psbPinnacle Sound Bank
Project Scheduler Configuration file
.psdAdobe Photoshop file
Design II for Windows
.pseBitmap graphics (IBM printer Page SEgment)
.psfPhotoshop Proof Settings file
Outline PostScript printer font (ChiWriter)
PrintShop Mail Favorites
.psiPSION A-law Audio
File extenstion for Pierresoft Adesign Image
.psmMusic (MASI - ProTracker)
PrintShop Mail
Symbol table of IDE (Turbo Pascal)
.psmdocPrintShop Mail
.pspPaintShop Pro Image
Procedure (Prodea Synergy)
Project Scheduler Planning file
.psrProject Scheduler Resource file
.pstMS Outlook personal folder
.pswWinXP Backup Password File
.pt3Device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
Template (PageMaker 3)
.pt4Template (PageMaker 4)
.ptbScript (PubTech BatchWorks)
.ptmMacro (PubTech BatchWorks)
An extension used in PUNCH! home design software
Polynomial Texture Map
.ptnPaperPort Thumbnail Images
.ptpAct! Modem Sync file
.ptrQwk reader pointer file (QMail)
.ptsInfinity Engine Game Tileset
Halflife Map Creation Debug file
.ptxReal Legal E-Transcript
.pubPage template (MS Publisher)
Public key ring file (Pretty Good Privacy RSA System)
Publication (Ventura Publisher - 1st Publisher)
.putCompressed file archive created by PUT (put334.zip)
.puzAcross Lite Crossword Puzzle
Packed MS Publisher file
.pvaHauppauge DVB-Software
.pvdScript (Instalit)
.pvmParallel Virtual Machine software library
.pvlLibrary (Instalit)
.pvtLocal Fidonet pointlist
.pwText file (Professional Write)
.pwdPocket Word document
AutoCAD Password file
.pwfProCite Workforms
.pwiPocket Word document
.pwlPassword List
.pwmWebMoney Purse file
.pwpText document (Professional WritePlus)
.pwzMS Powerpoint Wizard
.pxPrimary database index (Paradox)
.pxlPocket Excel Spreadsheet
.pxvModelworks Project File used in JPad Pro and SitePad Pro
.pyPython script file
.pycCompiled PYTHON script file
.pydBinary Python Extension on Windows
.pywPython GUI Script on Windows
.pz2Curious Labs Poser Pose file
.pz3Curious Labs Poser Document
.pzaMGI PhotoSuite II/III/4 Album file
.pzdDefault settings (Pizazz Plus)
.pzlJigs@w Puzzle
Lode Runner Game Puzzle
.pzoOverlay file (Pizazz Plus)
.pzpMGI PhotoSuite II/III/4 Project file
Palette (Pizazz Plus)
.pzsSettings (Pizazz Plus)
.pztTransfer file (Pizazz Plus)
.pzxSwap file (Pizazz Plus)

.q05Intuit Canada Quick tax file, tax return file
.q9qBladePro Graphic Plugin file
.qadQuickArt database
.qagQuick Access Group (Norton Desktop)
.qapApplication (Omnis Quartz)
.qbbQuickBooks for Windows Backup file
.qbeSaved query (Query By Example) (dBASE IV - Quattro Pro)
.qbkIntuit Canada Quick tax file, backup copy of tax return file
.qblBusiness Lawyer Document
.qboCompiled query (dBASE IV)
.qbrQuickBooks Report
.qbwSpreadsheet (QuickBooks for Windows)
.qcnQualcomm Phonebook file
.qcpQualcomm PureVoice File
Contains data frames generated by QCELP 13K vocoder
.qd0Data file - segment 10 (Omnis Quartz)
.qd1Data file - segment 1 (Omnis Quartz)
.qd2Data file - segment 2 (Omnis Quartz)
.qd3Data file - segment 3 (Omnis Quartz)
.qd4Data file - segment 4 (Omnis Quartz)
.qd5Data file - segment 5 (Omnis Quartz)
.qd6Data file - segment 6 (Omnis Quartz)
.qd7Data file - segment 7 (Omnis Quartz)
.qd8Data file - segment 8 (Omnis Quartz)
.qd9Data file - segment 9 (Omnis Quartz)
.qdatQuicktime Installer Cache
.qdbQuicken data file
.qdfQuicken for Windows data file
.qdtQuark Xpress Dictionary file
Question Mark Designer Test file
QuickBooks UK Accountancy Data file
Quicken Data file
.qdvGraphics (Steve Blackstock Giffer)
.qe4Kingpin Project file
.qefQuery file (Q+E for MS Excel)
.qelQuicken Electronic Library file
.qflQuicken Family Lawyer file
.qfxQuicken Financial Exchange file
Fax (QuickLink)
.qhfQIP PDA History file
.qicBackup set for Microsoft Backup
.qifQuicken Interchange Format
Quicktime Image
.qixNovaStar Backup file
Quicken for DOS v.2 data file
.qlbQuick library (MS C/C++)
.qlcData (PostScript help file) atmfonts.qlc
.qlfFamily Tree Maker Genealogy file
.qlpPrinter driver (QuickLink)
.qm4Options or services file (QMail 4.x Mail Door)
.qmVirtual Box Language file
.qmlQuick Markup Language file
.qphIntuit Quicken Price History file
.qprGenerated query program (FoxPro)
Print queue device driver (OS/2)
.qpwQuattro Pro Project file
.qpxCompiled query program (FoxPro)
.qrpQuickReport Report files
Centura Report Builder file
Liberty for Windows report file
.qrsEquation Editor support file (WordPerfect for Win)
.qrtQrt ray tracing graphics
.qruSQL Query file
.qryQuery (dBASE IV)
.qsdQuicken for Windows data file
.qsiQuintessential Stereotaxic Injector Commander log files
.qstQuake Spy Tab file
.qtQuicktime movie (animation)
.qtcIncite Media Assistant file
.qtkApple QuickTake file format for Windows
.qtlQuick Time Media Link file
.qtpQuickTime Preferences
Astra Quicktest Report
.qtsMacintosh PICT image
QuickTime image
.qtxQuickTime image
.queCuteFTP Queue file
Task Scheduler Queue Object
.qvmQuake file
.qvsCasio Digital Camera file
.qwSymantec Q&A Write file
.qwkQWK reader message file
.qxdQuarkXPress document file format
.qxlElement library (QuarkXPress)
.qxpQuarkXPress project file
.qxtTemplate file (QuarkXpress)

.rRatfor (FORTRAN preprosessor) file
.r33Train Simulator Game file
.r8Raw graphics (one byte per pixel) plane one (PicLab)
.r8pPcl 4 bitmap font file (Intellifont)
.raMusic (RealAudio)
.ramRamfile (RealAudio)
.rarCompressed file archive created by RAR (rar1_402.exe)
.rasSun Rasterfile graphics
.ratDatafile (RATS)
.rawRaw RGB 24-bit graphics
.rbRuby on Rails class file
.rbfWindows Installer Rollback file
Datafile (Rbase)
.rbnRichard's Bridge Notation
Real Sound file
.rbsWindows Installer Rollback Script file
.rbxFormat for playing RapidPlayer v3.0 ActiveX Control in Explorer
.rcResource script (Visual C/C++ - Borland C++)
Configuration (emacs)
.rcfRhapsody Storage file
.rcgNetscape newsgroup file (netsc.rcg)
.rcpRecomposer's MIDI Sequencer Music file
.rcxLego Mindstorms Robotics Invention System
.rdbTrueVector Rules database
ZoneAlarm Rules database
.rdfCompiled UIC source code (Geoworks UI Compiler)
.rdiDevice-independent bitmap file (RIFF RDIB format)
.rdsRay Dream Studio file
.rdxDatafile (Reflex)
.recDatafile (EpiInfo)
Record file (Sprint)
Recorded macro file (Windows 3.x)
.redPath info (Clarion Modula-2)
.regOLE Registration (Windows 3.x)
Registration (Corel programs)
.relsMicrosoft Office 2007 Relationships
.remEncrypted Data file
.repQWK reader reply file
Report (Report Designer - CodeReporter - DataBoss)
.resCompiled resource (MS C/C++ - Borland C++)
Dbase resources (dBASE IV)
.revRevision file (Geoworks)
.rexRexx source code file
.rexReport definition (Oracle)
.rezResource file
.rfSun raster graphics
.rflRoll Forward Log file
.rftDca/RFT Revisable Format Text file (IBM DisplayWrite 4.0-5.1)
.rgbSgi RGB image file (SDSC Image Tool)
.rgiRealArcade Game Installer
.rgpRealArcade Game Package
.rgsRealArcade Game Installer
.rgxSymbol tables etc. info (ReaGeniX code generator)
.rhResource header file (Borland C++ 4.5)
.rhpRhapsody Notation Program File Format
.riData (Lotus 1-2-3)
.ribGraphics in Renderman format (3DReality)
.ricFax (Ricoh)
.rifRiff bitmap graphics (Fractal Design Painter)
.ripGraphics (Remote Access)
.rixBitmap graphics (ColorRIX VGA Paint)
.rl4Bitmap graphics
.rl8Bitmap graphics
.rlaWavefront raster image file (SDSC Image Tool)
.rlbData (Harvard Graphics Win) hgw.rlb
.rlcGraphics 1bit/pixel scanner output
.rleUtah Run Length Encoded raster graphic (SDSC Image Tool)
.rlzRealizer source code file (CA-Realizer)
.rmRealMedia file
.rmfRich Map Format
Rich Music format
.rmiMidi file (RIFF RMID format)
.rmjReal Jukebox file
.rmkMakefile (Clipper RMake)
.rmmRealPlayer file
.rmrResume Maker file
.rmsSecure Real Media file
.rmvbVideo file for Realplayer
.rmvbReal Media video file
.rmxRealJukeBox MP3 file
.rnXpl program for Nota Bene users
.rndRendering Slide (AutoCAD AutoShade)
.roiActuate ReportBlast file
.rnoRunoff file (VAX)
.rolFm music Adlib Music File (Roland)
.rpdDatabase (RapidFile)
RosaPro file
RPV Printing System file
.rplText document (Replica)
.rpmRedHat Package Manager
RealMedia Player file
RunPaint Multicolor Graphic
.rpsPropellerhead Software Reason Song
.rrdERDAS Imagine file
.rsData file (Amiga Resource - Reassembler)
.rs_Resource fork of a Macintosh file (Mac-ette)
.rsbRed Storm Image Format
.rscResource file
.rsmReliaSoft MPC 3
RuneSword II Game
WinWay Deluxe Resume file
.rspResponse file
.rssRockwell Logix PLC file
.rstANSYS Results
ReliaSoft BlockSim
.rswReliaSoft BlockSim
.rtcLive Meeting Connection file
.rtfRich Text Format text file (many - Windows Word)
Windows Help file script
.rtlRun Time Library (NU 7.0)
Text file
.rtpTurbo Tax Update file
RTPatch software update package data file
.rtsRuntime library file (CA-Realizer)
.rtxReliacast Audience Manager Turnstile
Mobile Phone Ringtone
.ruJavaSoft Library file
.runRunScanner Saved file
.rvRealVideo Video file
.rvbRhinoscript file
.rvpMS Scan Configuration file
.rwgRandom Word Generator List file
.rwsResource Workshop data file (Borland C++)
.rwxScript (RenderWare)
.rwzMS Outlook Rules Wizard file
.rzkRed Zion File Crypt (password file)
.rzrin-sync Speed Razor Project file
.rzxin-sync Speed Razor Project file
Red Zion File Crypt (encrypted file)

.sAssembly source code file (Unix)
Scheme source code file
.s$$Temporary sort file (Sprint)
.s3mMusic (16 channels) (Scream Tracker 3.0)
.sacShared Asset Catalog (Adobe)
.safMusicMatch Jukebox Secure Audio file
Safe File Encryption (Helix Software)
Twelve Ghosts file
.sahSETI@Home data file
.salDatafile (SORITEC)
.samText file (Samna - Lotus Ami/Ami Pro)
.sarCompressed file archive created by SAR (sar1.zip)
.sasSAS System program
.sas7bcatSAS System file catalog
.sas7bdatSAS System data set
.sas7bndxSAS System index
.sas7bpgmSAS System Stored Program
.sas7bvewSAS Data Set View
.sas7mdbSAS System multidimensional database
.satStandard ACIS Text file
.savBackup file (saved file)
Saved game situation (eg. NetHack)
.sbAudio file (signed byte)
.sbcSagebrush Corporation Spectrum CIRC/CAT Report
.sbdStoryboard (Storyboard Editor)
.sbiSound Blaster Instrument file (Creative Labs)
.sbjMicrografx Clipart or Palette file
.sbnArcView file (GIS)
.sbpDml program (Superbase 4)
.sbrSupport file (Source Browser)
.sbsSWAT HRU Output file
.sbtNotes related to record (Suberbase 4 Windows)
.sbxArcView file (GIS)
.scPal script (Paradox)
Display driver (Framework II)
.sc3Renamed dBASE III screen mask file (dBASE IV)
Screen device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.scaDatafile (SCA)
.sccText file
.scdScodl Scan Conversion Object Description Language graphics
.scfMultimedia show (ScoreMaker)
Spelling checker configuration (Symphony)
Windows Explorer command file
.schProject schedule (Schedule Publisher)
Schematics file (ORCAD)
.sciSystem Configuration Information
Fax (SciFax)
.scmScheme source code file
ScreenCam Movie file
SchematicMaker file
.scnScreen file (Kermit)
Pinnacle Studio Scene file
.scoHigh score
.scpScript (BITCOM)
.scrDebug source code file (DOS Debug)
Screen - screen snapshot (dBASE IV - Procomm Plus)
Screen font (LocoScript)
Screen saver (Windows 3.x)
Script (Kermit - 1st Reader)
.sctScreen memo (FoxPro)
Windows Script Component
.scxBitmap graphics (ColorRIX)
Chart (Stanford Chart)
Screen (FoxPro)
.scySecurity file (ReaGeniX)
.sdaFidonet's Software Distribution Network file archive description
.sdcStarOffice Spreadsheet
.sddStarOffice Presentation
.sdfSystem Data Format file (fixed lenght ASCII text)
.sdiSoftware Distribution Network Info file
Single Document Interface file
.sdnSoftware Distribution Network compressd file archive (pak251.exe)
.sdrSmartDraw file
.sdsChart Application Document file
.sdtSmartDraw Template
Dungeon Keeper 2 Archive
Theme Park World Archive
.sduEdwards Systems Technology file
.sdwStarOffice Text
Raw Signed DWord Data
Lotus WordPro Graphic
.seaSelf-Extracting compressed Macintosh file Archive
.secCyberPaint animation file (sequence)
Secret key ring file (Pretty Good Privacy RSA System)
Secured animation file (Disney Animation Studio)
.sedSelf Extraction Directive file
.sepPrinter separator page
.seqAtari animation file
Sequential Instruction File (Bubble Chamber)
.sesSession info (Clarion Modula-2)
.setConfiguration (1st Reader)
Driver sets created by Install (Symphony)
Setup options file
.sfIrcam Sound File (CSound package - MixView sound sample editor)
Wps attribute storage (OS/2 WorkPlace Shell) wp_root.sf
.sf2Creative Labs Soundfont file
.sfbHP Soft Font file
.sfcSystem File Checker file
.sffFritz Fax-Print file
Stage Scene file
Structured Fax Format
.sfiGraphics (SIS Framegrabber)
Printer font (HP LaserJet landscape) (Ventura Publisher)
.sflPcl 4 bitmap font (landscape) (Intellifont) (Ventura Publisher)
.sfnFont (SPX)
.sfoCuteFTP Search file
.sfpPcl 4 bitmap font (portrait) (Intellifont) (Ventura Publisher)
.sfsPcl 5 scalable font file (Intellifont)
.sftScreen font (ChiWriter)
.sfvQuickSFV/WinSFV Checksum file
Simple File Verification (Easy SFV Creator)
.sfwSeattle Film Works file
.sfxSelf Extracting Archive file
.sg1Graphics (Stanford Graphics)
.sgfDocument with graphics (Starwriter)
Smart Game Format
Sonique Skin
.sgiGraphics (IRIS - Silicon Graphics)
.sgmStandard Generalized Markup Language file
Run-Time Help Files
SoftQuad XMetaL File
.sgnSierra Print Artist Sign
.sgpStatistics (STATGRAPHICS Plus)
.sgtSave/get keyboard macro (Signature)
.shUnix shell script
Unix ASCII file archive created by SHAR (unshar.zip)
.sh3Presentation (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.shaShell Archive file
.shbBackground (CorelShow)
.shdMicrosoft Windows Shadow file
Print Spooler Shadow file
.shgSegmented-graphics bitmap
.shkCompressed Apple II file archive created by SHRINKIT
.shmShell macro (WordPerfect Library)
.shnShorten audio compression file
.shpShape file and source file for text fonts (AutoCAD)
.shrUnix ASCII file archive created by SHAR (unshar.zip)
.shsMicrosoft Word or Excel scrap file which is created when you drag and drop selected text
.shtmlHTML File with Server Side
.shwPresentation (Harvard Graphics 2.0 - CorelShow)
Slide show (WordPerfect Presentations)
.shxShape entities (AutoCAD)
.sidCommodore64 Music file
LizardTech MrSID Photo
.sifSetup Installation Files info (Windows NT Setup)
.sigCurrent program settings (Signature)
PrintShop Sign file
Signature file (PopMail)
.sikBackup file (Sicherungskopie) (MS Word)
PC Finder 2002C
PowerDVD file
Simulation (various)
.sisSymbianOS Installer file
.sitCompressed Macintosh archive created by STUFFIT (unsit30.zip)
.sitxStuffit SITX Compressed File
.skbSketchUp software file (3D Design Tool)
.skfAutosketch file
.skinSkin file
.skmGoogle Sketchup Texture file
.sknInterface skins images (FileWrangler, SecurDesk!, SecurDesk! LV, ZipWrangler)
Symbian OS Skin File
.skpSketchup software component (3D Design Tool)
.slS-Lang source code file
.slbSlide library (AutoCAD)
.slcCompiled SALT script (Telix)
.sldSlide (AutoCAD)
.slfBitDefender file
Symantec Licence file
.sliSlide (MAGICorp Slide Service)
.slkSylk Symbolic Link format data file (MultiPlan)
.sllSound data file
.slnMicrosoft Visual Studio Solution file
.sltSalt Script Application Language for Telix script source (Telix)
.smSmalltalk source code file
Maillist (SoftSpoken Mailer)
Script (ScriptMaker)
Text file (Samna Word)
.smcSuper Nintendo Game-console ROM Image
.smdStarOffice Mail
.smfFax (SMARTFAX)
.smiRealPlay SMIL file
Self Mounting Image file
.smilSynchronized Multimedia Integration Language file
.smkCompressed File (Smacker)
.smmMacro (Ami Pro)
.smpSample (sound file)
.smsMicrosoft Package Definition file
Sega Master System Emulator
.smtText file (Smart Ware II)
.smtmpSMTMP Virus
.sndDigitized sound file (Macintosh/ATARI/PC)
.sngSong (midi sound) (Midisoft Studio - Prism)
.snmNetscape mail
.snoSnobol4 source code file
.snpCoffeeCup HTML Editor Snippet
Computer Eyes Video Output
Microsoft Access Report Snapshop file
Snapview Shapshot
.snxMirage Microdrive Snapshot Extended Version
Second Nature Software Graphic
StarCraft Saved file
.soApache Module file
.solFlash shared object file
Solution eg. game walkthroughs
.somNetwork serial numbers (Quattro Pro)
Sort information (Paradox)
.sonSong (SBStudio II)
.souSound data (sound tool)
.spCompressed file archive created by SPLINT (unix)
.spaMacromedia FutureSplash file
Smart Protocol Analyzer Real Time Communication Data
SmartPA Saved Capture file
Thermo Nicolet OMNIC file
.spcProgram (MS Multiplan)
Temporary file (WordPerfect for Win)
Super Nintendo SPC700 sound file
.spdScalable font (Speedo) (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.spfSlide presentation file (EnerGraphics)
.spgGlossary (Sprint)
.spiGraphics (Siemens and Philips scanner)
.spiInConSoft Ltd. Sim-Path system files
.splCompressed file archive created by SPLINT (splint.arc)
Customized printer driver (Sprint)
Personal spell dictionary (Signature)
Microsoft Windows Print Spool file
.spmData (WordPerfect) wp{wp}.spm
.spoStatistical Program (SPSS)
.sppPrinter file (Sprint)
.sprDocument letter (Sprint)
Genarated screen program (FoxPro)
.spsSpssx source code file (VAX/VMS)
Screen driver (Sprint)
.sptSpitbol source code file
Support file (MITAC disk/system management utility pack)
.spvInConSoft Ltd Sim-Path vehicle file
.spwWorksheet (SigmaPlot)
.spxCompiled screen program (FoxPro)
.sqlSQL report or query
.sqliteSQLite Database file
.sqmService Quality Monitoring file
Logfile for Windows Live Messenger
.sqzCompressed file archive created by SQUEEZE (sqz1083e.exe)
.srcSource (DataFlex)
.srfSun Raster File graphics
Sony RAW Image file
.srpScript (QuickLink)
.srtBSplayer Subtitle file
Omron CX-Supervisor
SDR99 Speech Recognition Task Speech Recogniser Transcript
.ssBitmap graphics (Splash)
.ssbSmartSync Pro
.ssdDatafile (SAS/PC)
.ssfSnagit file
Enable Spreadsheet file
.ssmRealPlayer Standard Streaming Metafile
.sspDatafile (SAS Transport)
.stSmalltalk source code file (Little Smalltalk)
Instrument library (Scream Tracker)
Stamp (NeoPaint)
.st3MIDI Karaoke file
.staAdobe Photoshop Match Colour Image Statistics file
Saved state (Reflection 4.0)
Stack (Spinmaker Plus)
.stbStub library (Genus GX Kernel)
.stdState Transition Diagram graphic file (Prosa)
Standard (something..) (LocoScript)
.stfCompressed file archive created by SHRINKTOFIT
.stgActiveSync (Microsoft) Backup file
Statistica Graphics File
.stlC++ Standard Template Library
.stmState Transition Diagram model file (Prosa)
Music (Scream Tracker)
.stnArcView Geocoding Standardization file
STiNG file
.stoPascal stub OBJ file (Genus GX Kernel)
.stpSharepoint Web Site Template File
PageKeeper Packed Storage file
DART Pro 98 system settings
AP203 Step file
.strStructure list object file (dBASE Application Generator)
.stsProject status info (MS C/C++)
Song format (Scream Tracker)
.sttAutomap Template
SureThing CD Labeler Template file
.stuTarantella Enterprise 3 3270 Emulator Style file
xyALGEBRA file
.stwData file (SmartTerm for Windows)
.stxElectronic book (SmarText)
Tax form (CA-Simply Tax)
.styStyle library or sheet (many text and graphics programs)
.subCloneCd related file
.suiSuit library (Simple User Interface Toolkit)
.sunSun rasterfile graphics
.supSupplementary dictionary (WordPerfect for Win)
.sv4RollerCoaster Tycoon Saved Game
.svdAutosave file for document (MS Word)
.svgAutosave file for glossary (MS Word)
Scalable Vector Graphics File format
.svgzCompressed Scaleable Graphic file
.svpWISCO Survey Power
Sonique Visual Plugin file
SwiftView Command file
.svsAutosave file for style sheet (MS Word)
.swAudio file (signed word)
.swdStorybook file
Sabiston Textbook
.swfShockWave Flash object
.swgSwag packet (SWAG Reader)
.swiSwish Data file
.swkSwapkeys Keyboard File
.swpDocument backup (Sprint)
Swap file (DOS)
.sxcStarOffice / OpenOffice Spreadsheet file
.sxwOpenOffice.org Writer 6.0 text file
StarOffice Word Document file
.sy1Smartpix symbol library (Ami Pro)
.sy3Symbol file (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.sydBackup of startup files created by QEMM (?) autoexec.syd
.symPrecompiled headers (Borland C++)
Program symbol table (many compilers and linkers)
Symbol file (Harvard Graphics 2.0)
.synSdsc Synu image file (SDSC Image Tool)
Synonym file (MS Word 5)
.sysDatafile (SYGRAPH - SYSTAT - SPSS/PC)
System file - device driver or hardware configuration info (DOS)
.sywGraphics symbols (Harvard Graphics Win)
.szcWindows Mobile 5 (Pocket PC)

.tTads source
Tape Archive (tar) without compression
Tester symbol table (ReaGeniX code generator)
File extension for a Turing open source file
.t$mAVG Internet Security Temporary file
.t04TaxCut 2004 file
.t05TaxCut 2005 Tax Return
.t06TaxCut 2006 Tax Return
.t07TaxCut 2007 Tax Return
.t08TaxCut 2008 Tax Return
.t09H&R Block At Home 2009 Tax Return
.t10H&R Block At Home 2010 Tax Return
.t11H&R Block At Home 2011 Tax Return
.t12H&R Block At Home 2012 Tax Return
.t2Textease 2000 file
.t44Temporary file for Sort or Index (dBASE IV)
.t64Program (C64S emulator)
.ta0TaxAct file
.tabGuitar Tablature file
MapInfo Table
Diabetes Mentor file
.tagQuery tag name (DataFlex)
.tahTurbo Assembler Help file (Borland C++)
.talText illustration (TypeAlign)
.taoIsoBuster file
.tarCompressed file archive created by TAR (pax2exe.zoo)
.taxTurboTax file
.tazCompressed ASCII file archive created by TAR and COMPRESS (.tar.Z)
.tb1Font file (Borland Turbo C)
.tb2Font file (Borland Turbo C)
.tbfFax (Imavox TurboFax)
.tbhMah Jongg for Windows Tile Set
.tbkMemo backup (dBASE IV - FoxPro)
Toolbook (Asymetrix ToolBook)
.tblGraphics (native format) (Adobe PageMaker TableEditor)
Table of values (OS/2)
.tbsText elements ?? (Textbausteine) (MS Word)
.tbxTable (Project Scheduler 4)
.tcConfiguration (Turbo C - Borland C++)
.tchTurbo C Help file (Borland C++)
.tclTool Command Language source code (Swat)
.tcp3D Topicscape (exported inter-Topicscape topic link)
.tcwDrawing (TurboCAD for Windows)
.tdConfiguration file (Turbo Debugger for DOS)
.td0Disk image file (Teledisk)
.td2Configuration file (Turbo Debugger for Win32)
.tdbDatabase (TACT)
eBay Turbo Lister file
.tdfFont (TheDraw)
Typeface definition file (Speedo)
.tdhHelp file (Turbo Debugger)
.tdkKeystroke recording file (Turbo Debugger)
.tdsSymbol table (Turbo Debugger)
.tdtASCII Data File in CSV Format
Daylight Fingerprint Data file
Thor Datatree file
.tdwConfiguration file (Turbo Debugger for Windows)
.teeTeeChart Office graphic
.tefFax (Relisys TEFAX)
.telHost file (Telnet)
.temTurbo Editor Macro Language script (Borland C++)
Input template (IconAuthor)
.tempTemporary file
.testTest File Extension
.texLaTeX Source Document file
Tex text file (Scientific Word)
Datasheet (Idealist)
.textASCII Text file
.tfConfiguration (Turbo Profiler)
Configuration (TinyFugue)
.tfaArea file (Turbo Profiler)
.tfcCatalogue file (Tobi's Floppy Cataloguer)
.tfhHelp file (Turbo Profiler)
.tfmTex Font Metric file (TeX)
Tagged font metric file (Intellifont)
.tfsStatistics (Turbo Profiler)
.tfwArcView World File For TIF Image
Digital Raster Graphic World
.tg1Project file (On Target)
.tgaTruevision Targa bitmap graphics
.tgzCompressed file archive created by TAR and GNUzip (.tar.gz)
.thbKinuPix Skin
.thmThumbnail Image file
Microsoft Clipart Gallery database
Serif DrawPlus Theme
.thnGraphics Workshop for Windows Thumbnail
.thsThesaurus dictionary (WordPerfect for Win)
.tibAcronis True Image file
.tifTagged Image File Format bitmap graphics (PageMaker - CorelDRAW)
.tiffTagged Image File Format
.tilFuzzy logic knowledge base (Togai InfraLogic Fuzzy-C Compiler)
.timPlaystation Game Texture Image
The Incredible Machine Level File
.tisTile set (MahJongg 3.0)
.tixASA for UNIX Terminfo Extension file
DivX file
Hybrid Graphics file
Tix Widgets
.tjlBackup file (VAXTPU editor)
.tlbOLE Type Library
Reference table (Bubble Chamber)
Text library (VAX)
Type library (Visual C++)
.tlcCompiled Tool Command Language source code (Swat)
.tlpProject (TimeLine)
.tltTrellix Web Design file
.tmbTimbuktu Pro Connection Document
.tmdDocument (TextMaker)
.tmfTagged Font Metric file (WordPerfect for Win)
.tmoZtg global optimizer default output file (Zortech C++)
.tmpTemporary file
.tmpleMule Web Interface Template file
.tmqTestMaster file
.tmsScript (Telemate)
.tmvTemplate (TextMaker)
.tocTable Of Contents
PSP Audio file
.tolKodak Photoenhancer
.TOPCTopicCrunch project file for saving and resubmitting SEO searches
.tosSelf-extracting file archive (Atari ST)
.tpConfiguration (Turbo Pascal)
Session-state file (Turbo Profiler)
GUI template file for components written in C (Ternion)
.tp3Template (Harvard Graphics 3.0)
.tpbDownloadable PCL Soft font file backup (HiJaak)
.tpfDownloadable PCL Soft font file (HiJaak)
.tphHelp file (Turbo Pascal)
.tpiMicrosoft Test file
.tplDocument Template file
Resident units library (Turbo Pascal)
Template (Harvard Graphics 2.0)
.tppProtected Mode Units (Borland Pascal 7.0)
Teleport Pro Project file
GUI template file for components written in C++ (Ternion)
.tpsClarion for Windows data file
.tpuTurbo Pascal Unit (BGI) (Turbo Pascal)
Command file (VAXTPU editor)
.tpwSession-state file (Turbo Profiler for Windows)
Turbo Pascal Unit (BGI) (Turbo Pascal for Windows)
.tpzCompressed file archive created by TAR and GNUzip (.tar.gz)
.trSession-state settings (Turbo Debugger for DOS)
Man page input suitable for troff -man (cawf2.zip)
.tr2Session-state settings (Turbo Debugger for Win32)
.traceECXpert Debugging file
TcpDump Output file
Telcordia Software Visualization and Analysis Toolsuite
WebSTAR Mail Server Error file
Zope 3 Strace Log
.trcDebug support file (Power CTrace)
.treDirectory tree file (PC-Tools)
.trgSymantec LiveUpdate file
.triTrigram file
.trkKermit Script file
Mixman Studio Track
Train Dispatcher Railroad Centgralized Traffic Control Simulation
Magellan "MapSend"- series GPS 'track' data file
.trmTerminal settings (Windows 3.x)
.trnTranslation support file (Quattro)
.trpTripmaker file
High Definition Video Transport Stream file
.trsExecutable file (Micrografx)
.trwSession-state settings (Turbo Debugger for Windows)
.trxRouter Firmware file
Emerald PC Authorize Batch Transaction file
.tsTransport Stream file
.tskSkins for Pocket PC PDAs
PhotoImpact Quick Command
.tspWindows Telephony Service Provider
.tstPrinter test file (WordPerfect for Win)
.tsvTab Separated Value file
.tt10Turbotax 2010 Return file
.ttaThe True Audio Codec file
.ttcOpenType font file
.ttfTruetype Font file
.tubPaintShop Pro Tube file
.tvTable view settings (Paradox)
.tv1Overflow file above insert point in Doc 1 (WordPerfect for Win)
.tv2Overflow file above insert point in Doc 2 (WordPerfect for Win)
.tv3Overflow file above insert point in Doc 3 (WordPerfect for Win)
.tv4Overflow file above insert point in Doc 4 (WordPerfect for Win)
.tv5Overflow file above insert point in Doc 5 (WordPerfect for Win)
.tv6Overflow file above insert point in Doc 6 (WordPerfect for Win)
.tv7Overflow file above insert point in Doc 7 (WordPerfect for Win)
.tv8Overflow file above insert point in Doc 8 (WordPerfect for Win)
.tv9Overflow file above insert point in Doc 9 (WordPerfect for Win)
.tvfTable view settings (dBASE)
.tvpNVIDIA Graphic Card Update file
.tvrNavicat for MySQL file
.txdGrand Theft Auto 3 Texture file
Letters Direct
.txfCompressed file archive created by TAR and FREEZE (.tar.f)
.txiSupport file (TeX)
.txlGenesis3D Texture file
.txtText file
.tymTime Stamp (PageMaker 4)
.tzCompressed file archive created by TAR and COMPRESS (.tar.Z)
.tzbCompressed file archive created by TAR - COMPRESS - BTOA (.tar.Z.btoa)

.uaxUnreal Audio file
.ubAudio file (unsigned byte)
.uc2Compressed file archive created by UltraCompressor II (uc2.zip)
.ucnNew compressed file archive created by UltraCompressor II
.ucsUniversal Classification Standard Database file
.udcAcrobat Spelling file
.udfFilter (Photostyler)
.udlMS Data Link
.udsSierra Generations Family file
.ue2Encrypted file archive created by UltraCompressor II
.ufoUlead PhotoImpact Graphic file
.uhaUHARC Compressed Archive file
.uhsUniversal Hint System (binary file)
.uiEspire source code file (Geoworks UI Compiler)
User interface (Sprint)
.uifMagicISO Disc Image file
Long prompts for windows (WordPerfect for Win)
.uihEspire header file (Geoworks UI Compiler)
.uisWindowBlinds (Copyright Neil Banfield & Stardock.net, Inc.)
.ulUlaw audio file
.uldInformation about uploaded files (Procomm Plus)
.ultMusic (UltraTracker)
.umbBackup file (MemMaker)
.umdUniversal Media Disc file
.umfStockmoves, MOTEK BV
.umxUnreal music file
.uniUnimod music module (MIKMOD)
Datafile (Forecast Pro)
.unlGarmin Unlock file
.unqFax View file
.uns2Ultra Notes Backup file
.unxText file containing UNIX specific info
.updProgram update info
Update data (dBASE)
.upgFirmware Upgrade file
.upoCompiled update data (dBASE)
.upxULead Photo Express Saved Image file
.urlUniform Resource Locator (Internet shortcut)
.urlsGetRight URL List file
.usbD-Link FM Radio Update
USB Protocol Analyzer Trace
.userVisual Studio User Options file
.uspPrinter font with USASCII extended character set (PageMaker)
.usrUser database file (Procomm Plus - Turbo C++ tour)
.utfAOL Updating Files
.utlSound file
.utxUnreal Engine Texture file
Unicode file
.uuCompressed ASCII file archive created by UUDE/ENCODE
.uueCompressed ASCII file archive created by UUENCODE (uuexe515.exe)
.uvfCSV (comma separated value) format. Used by Netica
.uvrUlead Cool 360 Viewer file
.uwAudio file (unsigned word)
.uwlWordPerfect User Word List file

.vConsistency check support file (ReaGeniX code generator)
Main input file for an image (Vivid 2.0)
.v2Microsoft Live Messenger data file
.v64Nintento 64 Emulation ROM Image
.valValidity checks and referential integrity (Paradox for Windows)
Values list object file (dBASE Application Generator)
.vanAnimation (VistaPro)
.varVariable file (IconAuthor)
.vbcVisual Business Cards
.vbdActiveX file
.vbeVBScript Encoded Script file
.vbnNorton Corporate anti-virus quarantined file
.vbpVisual Basic Project file
.vbsVisual Basic Script file (Visual Basic)
.vbwVisual Basic Project Workplace (Visual Basic)
.vbxVisual Basic eXtension (Visual Basic)
.vcInclude file with color definitions (Vivid 2.0)
Spreatsheet (VisiCalc)
.vc4Virtual CD/DVD Image file
.vcdVisualCADD Drawing file
Video CD format
.vceVisual CE Class Type file
.vcfVCard file
.vchInterlock Public Computer Utility
.vcmfVAIO Content Metadata file
.vcsvCalender file
.vcwVisual workbench information (MS Visual C++)
.vcxSpreatsheet (VisiCalc Advanced)
.vdaBitmap graphics
.vdbNorton AntiVirus Corporate Edition Update file
PC-cillin Quarantined file
.vdfAvira AntiVir virus definition file
Vexira Anti-virus virus definition file
.vdiVirtual Disk Images files
.vdjVirtual DJ Sample file
.vdmVDM Play
.vdrDrawing (ComputerEasy Draw)
.vdxXML for Visio Drawing file
Vector Graphic file
Virtual Device Driver
.vemVeePro Embroidery Software Format
Voice E-mail file
.verVersion Description file
.vewView file (Clipper 5, Lotus Approach)
.vfmVoting Form (Voter)
.vfnVoting Form for Customers (Voter)
.vfpTMPGEnc VFAPI Plug-in
.vfsVirtual File System Index
.vfxUlead Video Studio Sample file
.vgaVga display driver
Vga display font
.vgdVga display driver (Generic CADD)
.vgrGraphics (Ventura Publisher)
.vhdVirtual Hard Disk file
.viGraphics (Jovian Logic VI)
.vicVicar graphics
.vidVideo file
Ms-DOS Shell Monitor file (MS-DOS 5)
Bitmap graphics (YUV12C M-Motion Frame Buffer)
Screen device driver (Word)
.vifKhoros Visualization image file (SDSC Image Tool)
.vikViking graphics
.virVirus Infected file
.visVis graphics
.vivVivoActive Player Video file
.vlmAshlar-Vellum file
Novell Virtual Loadable Module
Vellum CAD Drawing
.vltWinVault Container file
.vmVirtual Memory file (Geoworks)
.vm1Panasonic SD Voice Editor file
.vmcVirtual memory configuration (Acrobat reader)
.vmdkVMware Image file
.vmfFont characteristics (Ventura Publisher)
Voice mail file (VocalTec Voice)
.vmgText Message files
.vmlVector Markup Language
.vmoMobile Phone voice file (Siemens Sl45)
Virtools Behavioral Server Composition (Web-based Protected Format)
Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover File
.vmpLogos Library System 2.x Verse Map
.vmsText file containing VMS specific info
.vmtValve Material file. Details how a material is to be rendered
.vmxVMware Configuration file
.vntvNote file
.voInclude file with object definition (Vivid 2.0)
.vobDVD video movie file
.vocDigitized samples (Creative Voice file)
.vofObject folder (VZ Programmer)
.volVOL Archive file
Tribes 2 game file
Earth Siege 2 Archive
Giants: Citizen Kabuto Archive
Tribes Archive
Tribes Extreme Archive
.vorOpenOffice.org Template
.voxVox Audio
Dialogic ADPCM
Talking Technology Inc. file
Natural MicroSystmes Voice file
.vp6TrueMotion VP6 Video file
.vpaExcite Chat Gestures file
.vpdVirpet Performance Descriptor
VitaGraph file
.vpgGraphics (VPGraphics)
.vpkSteam Package Archive file
.vplKaraoke Player Playlist file
Virtual Property List file
.vppVirtual Pool Game
Red Faction/Summoner Package file
.vqeYamaha Sound-VQ Locator File
.vqfYamaha Sound-VQ File
.vqlYamaha Sound-VQ Locator File
.vrdVRScape data file
.vrmOverlay file (QuattroPro)
.vroPanasonic DVD Recorder file
.vrpProject (WATCOM VX?Rexx)
.vrsVideo Resource eg. video device driver (WordPerfect)
.vsInclude file with surface definition (Vivid 2.0)
.vsdDiagram (Shapeware Visio)
.vslGetRight Download List file
Visio Library
.vsmSimulation model (VisSim)
.vspVisual Studio file
Sprite (SPX)
Backup Exec 9.1 and higher
.vssSmartshapes file (Shapeware Visio)
.vstTruevision Vista bitmap graphics
.vtfValve Texture file. Used to store texture data
.vtsDVD File format
.vtxXML for Visio template file
.vueAnimation (3D Studio)
View (dBASE IV - FoxPro)
.vwText file (Volkswriter)
.vw3Text file (Volkswriter 3)
.vwlVideoWave Video Wave Library
.vwrFile viewer file (PC Tools)
.vwtVideoWave Thumbnail
.vxdVirtual device driver (MS Windows)

.wDatabase AppBuilder Source Code file
Word chart file (APPLAUSE)
.w02Multiple Archive file
.w30Printer font (AST TurboLaser) (Ventura Publisher)
.w31Startup file (Windows 3.1)
.w3gWarcraft III file
.w3mWarcraft III Map file
.w44Temporary file for Sort or Index (dBASE)
.w5vWinamp file
.wabOutlook File
.wacInfinity Game Engine WAVC Sound
.wadDoom Game file
Gunman Chronicle Archive
Half Life Archive
Heretic Archive
Hexen Archive
Quake Archive
Theme Park World Archive
.wafMayim's WAF Compiler file
.walWinamp Skin file
WalMaster Showlist file
.warJava Web Archive (used by Servlets)
Konqeror HTML page archive
.wavWaveform audio file (RIFF WAVE format)
.waxWindows Media Player Redirect file
.wb1Notebook (Quattro Pro)
.wb2Spreadsheet (Quattro Pro)
.wb3Quattro Pro for Windows
.wbaWindowBlinds Compressed Skin
Winace Zip file
.wbcWebshots Picture Collection
.wbfMs Windows Batch File (Catch)
.wbkDocument/workbook (WordPerfect for Win)
.wbmpWireless Application Protocol Bitmap file
.wbtBatch file (WinBatch)
.wbxWebigger file
.wbzWebShots file
.wcdMacro token list (WordPerfect for Win)
.wcmData transmission file (MS Works)
Macro (WordPerfect for Win)
.wcpProduct information description (WordPerfect for Win)
.wd2Info Select for Palm Organizer file
WordExpress Document
.wdbDatabase (MS Works)
.wdfReliaSoft Weibull 5.0
Workshare DeltaView DeltaFile
.wdlWindows XP Watchdog Log file
.webWeb source code file
.werMicrosoft Windows Error Report file
.wfcWindows Connect Now file
.wfmForm object (dBASE Form Designer)
.wfnFont (CorelDRAW)
.wfxData file (Winfax)
.wg1Worksheet (Lotus 1-2-3/G)
.wg2Worksheet (Lotus 1-2-3 for OS/2)
.wgtOpera Widget file
.widWidth table (Ventura Publisher)
.wimImage Format file
.winOpera Saved Window file
Window file (FoxPro - dBASE)
Wonderware InTouch window file
.wizPage wizard (MS Publisher)
.wjpWildTangent Branded .jpg file
.wk1Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 version 2.x - Symphony 1.1+)
.wk3Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 version 3.x)
.wk4Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 version 3.4)
.wkbDocument (WordPerfect for Win)
Workbook file
.wkeSpreatsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 educational version)
.wkqSpreatsheet (Quattro)
.wksSpreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 version 1A - Symphony 1.0 - MS Works)
Workspace (Xlisp)
.wllWord Add-in
.wlkGraphics (Virtus Walkthrough)
.wlteWallet file
WaveL Wavelet Compressed Graphic
Words of Worship Liturgy
.wmaMicrosoft Active Streaming file
.wmcBackup of startup files by Windows MathCad autoexec.wmc
Macro file (WordPerfect for Win)
Text file (WordMARC)
.wmfWindows MetaFile vector graphics
.wmlWireless Markup Language
.wmvMS Active Streaming file
.wmzWindows Media Compressed skin file
.wnText (NeXT WriteNow)
.wnfOutline font description (CorelDRAW native format)
.wo4STABCAL file
.wo7STABCAL file
.woaSwap file (Windows 3.x)
.wocMicrosoft Office 2007 Organization file
Organization (Windows OrgChart)
.worMapInfo Workspace
.wotWebEx Saved Meeting Movie
.wowMusic (8 channels) (Grave Mod Player)
.wpText file (WordPerfect 4.2)
.wp3Microsoft Photo Story Project file
.wp5Document (WordPerfect 5.x)
.wpdDocument (WordPerfect 6.0 - PFS:WindowWorks)
.wpfFax (WorldPort)
Form (WordPerfect)
.wpgWildTangent Branded .PNG file
Wordperfect Graphics vector graphics (DrawPerfect)
.wpjMS Works Projects
.wpkMacros (WordPerfect for Win)
.wplWindows Media Player Playlist file/td>
Draxy Software Wallpaper Sequencer
Online WebPanel file
PFS WinWorks Spreadsheet
WHAT IF MOL-object
Words of Worship Playlist
.wpmMacros (WordPerfect)
.wpsText document (MS Works)
.wptWordPerfect template
602 pro PC SUITE template document file
.wpwPerfectWorks document
.wq!Compressed spreadsheet (Quattro Pro)
.wq1Spreadsheet (Quattro Pro)
.wr1Spreadsheet (Symphony 1.1 - 1.2 - 2)
.wrdTemplate (Charisma)
.wrfused for WebEx recording. Microsoft office add-in for meeting
.wriText file (Windows Write)
.wrkSpreadsheet (Symphony 1.0, 1.2, 2.0, 3.0)
.wrlPlain text VRML file
.wrmlPlain text VRML file
.wrpCompressed Amiga file archive created by WARP
.wrsWindows Resource eg. printer driver (WordPerfect for Win)
.wsText file (WordStar 5.0-6.0)
.wsfWindows Script file
.wssWeb Screen Saver file (Web Screen Saver 2008)
.ws2Text file (WordStar 2000)
.wscWindows scripting component file
.wsdDocument (WordStar)
.wsfWindows Script file
.wshWindows Script Host Settings file
.wspWorkspace (Fortran PowerStation)
.wsrFirstStop WebSearch file
.wssWeb Screen Saver file (Web Screen Saver 2008)
.wstText file (WordStar)
.wsxWinMX Filesharing Program
.wszSkin Zip file (WinAmp)
.wtdWinTune Document file
.wtrMS Encarta file
.wvWavPack compressed Audio file
.wveComponent of a DIVX Movie Conversion
Psion Series 3a/3c/3mx Waveform sound file
.wvwBackup Wonderware InTouch window file
.wwbButton bar for document window (WordPerfect for Win)
.wwkKeyboard layout (WordPerfect for Win)
.wwpWorms World Party Teams file
.wwsAutoRoute User Information
.wwvWildTangent Branded .WAV file
.wxpDocument (EXP for Windows)
.wxsEasy Cross crosstitch file
.wzgWZebra file
.wzsMicrosoft Word wizard

.xDirectX Object file
AVS X image file (SDSC Image Tool)
Lex source code file
.x01Secondary index (Paradox)
.x02Secondary index (Paradox)
.x03Secondary index (Paradox)
.x04Secondary index (Paradox)
.x05Secondary index (Paradox)
.x06Secondary index (Paradox)
.x07Secondary index (Paradox)
.x08Secondary index (Paradox)
.x09Secondary index (Paradox)
.x16Macromedia Program Extension (16-bit)
.x32Macromedia Program Extension (32-bit)
.xapSilveright Application Package
.xbelXML Bookmark Exchange Language file
.xbmX11 Bitmap graphics
.xcfGimp Image file
.xdfMilnta APL Transfer Function
Workshare Synergy file
.xdwX Windows Screen Dump file
.xefX-Genics eManager - XML form and data for eManager
.xemX-Genics eManager - Metered units / credit definition for forms/file usage in eManager
.xepX-Genics eManager - File packaging / unpacking information for eManager components
.xesX-Genics eManager - XML definition for UI skins
.xetX-Genics eManager - XML definition for eManager process
.xevX-Genics eManager - File download definition for auto-update and delivery of new procedures
.xezX-Genics eManager - Template package for eManager
.xfdXML Form in XFDL Format
.xfdlExtensible Forms Description Language file
.xfnPrinter font (Xerox 4045) (Ventura Publisher)
.xft24 pin printer font (ChiWriter)
.xfxFax File (various)
.xhtmlExtensible HyperText Markup Language file
.xiFast Tracker 2 Instrument or ScreamTracker Instrument file
.xifWang image file
Often a Fax image (TIFF) file
ScanSoft Pagis XIF Extended Image Format
Xerox image file
.xlaXlib Archive (xlibpas2.zip)
.xlaAdd-in macro sheet (MS Excel)
.xlbData (MS Excel)
.xlcChart document (MS Excel)
.xlkExcel Backup
.xllExcel Dynamic Link Library (MS Excel)
.xlmMacro sheet (MS Excel)
.xlrMS Works file
.xlsSpreadsheet(MS Works)
DATAIR Data Import Specification Translation file
Worksheet (MS Excel)
.xlsmMicrosoft Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook file
.xlsxMicrosoft Excel XML file
.xltTemplate (MS Excel)
Translation table (Lotus 1-2-3 - Symphony - Procomm Plus)
.xlwWorkbook (MS Excel)
.xlxXoloX Incomplete Download file
.xmMusic (Fast Tracker)
.xmiCompressed eXtended MIdi music
.xmlExtensible Markup Language file
.xmpExtensible Metadata Platform
.xnfStandard Network File form
.xpiXPInstall File
Digital surveillance system
.xnkMicrosoft Exchange Shortcut
.xplMusic file
.xpmX11 Pixel Map graphics
.xprMemorex CD-ROM label file
.xpsXML Paper Specification file
.xptMozilla Firefox Component file
XPCOM Type Library
.xpwLeading Market Technologies EXPO
Screen-Fillable Surfer Version of a Form
.xqtExecutable file (Waffle)
Macro sheet (SuperCalc)
.xpvdigital surveillance system
.xrfCross-reference file
.xsdXML Schema file
.xsfMilnta APL Transfer Function
.xslExtensible Stylesheet Language file
.xspfXML Shareable Playlist file
.xssAbility Office Spreadsheet
.xtbExternal translation table (LocoScript)
.xtmXtremsplit Data file
.xtrMapTool file (an add-on for UI-View)
Xtreme Tuning files
.xulXML User Interface Language file
.xvbWinExplorer VB Script
.xvidXvid Video file
.xvlCompact 3D file format for web apps.(Lattice 3D)
.xwdX Window System window dump image graphics (SDSC Image Tool)
.xwkKeyboard mapping (Crosstalk)
.xwpSession (Crosstalk)
Text file (Xerox Writer)
.xxCompressed file ASCII archive created by XXENCODE (uuexe515.exe)
.xxeCompressed file ASCII archive created by XXENCODE (uuexe515.exe)
.xxxSinger Sewing Machine Professional SewWare file
Embroidery Design file
.xyText file (XY Write)
.xy3Text file (XYWrite III)
.xywText file (XyWrite III)
.xyzASCII RPG Maker Graphic Format
.xzXZ Compressed Archive file

.yYacc grammar file
Compressed Amiga file archive created by YABBA
.y01Secondary index (Paradox)
.y02Secondary index (Paradox)
.y03Secondary index (Paradox)
.y04Secondary index (Paradox)
.y05Secondary index (Paradox)
.y06Secondary index (Paradox)
.y07Secondary index (Paradox)
.y08Secondary index (Paradox)
.y09Secondary index (Paradox)
.yabYabasic Source Code file
.yalData (Arts & Letters)
.ybkMicrosoft Encarta Yearbook file
.ychatYahoo! Messenger chat log
.yencyEnc file
.ymgYahoo! Messenger file
.ymlYAML file
.yncyEnc Encoded file
.ypsYahoo! Messenger Data file
.yuvYUV Encoded Image or Video file
.yzCompressed file archive created by YAC
.yz1Yamazaki ZIPPER file

.zCompressed file ASCII archive created by COMPRESS (comp430d.zip)
Unix Compressed file archive created by PACK (Unix SysV pack)
.z01Winzip Split Archive file
.z02Split Archive file
.z1ZoneAlarm Renamed VB file
.z3Infocom game module
.zapZero Administration Package file
FileWrangler Compressed file
MS Windows Software Installation Settings
.zbdCanon ZoomBrowser Database file
MechWarrior 3 Snow Fields file
Zebedee Encrypted file
.zdbZimbra Database File
.zdctAfter Effects Language file
.zdgCompressed ZiffNet text document (Zview)
.zdlDesign Pro Label file
.zdpZDNet Password Pro 32
.zerData file (Zerberus)
.zfxZFX - CC3 File Packer Tool
.zgmGraphics (Zenographics)
.zhtmlSecure IE Zipped HTML file
.ziRenamed Zip file
.zifZooming Image Format file
.zipZIP Compressed file archive
.zipxWinZip Compressed file
.zixQuicken Data file
WinZix Compressed file
.zl?Zone Alarm Mailsafe Renamed File.
ZoneAlarm quarantines attachments and changes their file names.
ZoneAlarm Quarantined EXE File (Ex. .EXE to .zl9)
.zlZlib Compressed file
.zlsAtlantis Ocean Mind Word Processing file
.zmcZoneAlarm Mailsafe
.zomCompressed Amiga file archive created by ZOOM
.zonGrand Theft Auto 3 Zone file
.zooCompressed file archive created by ZOO (zoo210.exe)
.zpkZ Firm Package file
.zplCreative Zen Micro playlist
.zstZSNES Slot 0 Savestate
.ztdZiff Davis Media text database
.zvdZyxel Voicefile (Z-Fax)
.zvzPossible Virus file
.zxpExtension Manager Package
.zzZzip Compressed Archive file
.zztZZT Game Creation System

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