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GoToMeeting is LogMeIn’s communications software for online meetings, video conferencing, desktop sharing, and collaboration for organizations working with geographically distant offices, personnel, or clients.

Whether delivering technical support to clients or gathering a department of remote workers for a meeting, GoToMeeting offers a comprehensive web conference experience to connect and optimize video conferencing. Users can choose between audio and video conferencing, dial-in with one click, and streamline meetings with enterprise tools.

How To Use GoToMeeting

LogMeIn’s GoTo suite of remote software solutions offers unified communications and collaboration for organizations by integrating virtual phone services, online meetings, and webinar capabilities. As the web conferencing leg of the GoTo suite, GoToMeeting allows individuals and groups to connect through audio, video, file sharing, and additional tools that streamline remote collaboration.

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Before: Prep, Preview, and Plan

The video conference solution offers an integrated chatbox, convenient scheduling at custom meeting links, webcam previews, and flexibility for calling in from different devices to prepare users for meetings.

Through the GoToMeeting web portal, users can join a meeting with a link. Provided by LogMeIn.
Through the GoToMeeting web portal, users can join a meeting with a link. Provided by LogMeIn.

During: Optimize Online Huddles

During meetings, users have several tools to optimize collaboration and meeting experience, including drawing, custom backgrounds, screen sharing, and presentation control. Administrators can configure meetings to meet team needs and manage permissions for handling larger or complex meetings.

Users can manage their visual and audio preferences during calls. Provided by LogMeIn.
Users can manage their visual and audio preferences during calls. Provided by LogMeIn.

After: Analyze and Share

For getting the most out of each meeting, the solution also offers meeting diagnostic reports for quick troubleshooting and analysis and options for cloud recording and automatic transcriptions.

A popup shows how a user shares a meeting recording link on GoToMeeting. Provided by LogMeIn.
A popup shows how a user shares a meeting recording link on GoToMeeting. Provided by LogMeIn.

GoToMeeting Competitors

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Is GoToMeeting Secure?

As remote work grows in popularity, the remote desktop protocol (RDP) used by GoToMeeting and other remote software vendors needs to be secure to protect clients. To ensure cybersecurity, GoToMeeting comes with the following security features:

  • Data in transit is TLS-encrypted and at rest is AES 256-bit encryption
  • Video content gets encrypted using SRTP with an AES-128 HMAC-SHA1 protocol
  • Audio content uses the same protocol over both UDP and TCP
  • Administrators can protect meetings via passwords and managing guest privileges

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GoToMeeting comes with the most pertinent integrations for organizations using various third-party applications, including Hubspot, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Zendesk, Zoho, Zscaler, Okta, and ServiceNow.

Recognition and Reviews

On Gartner Peer Insights, GoToMeeting holds an average of 4.4 / 5 stars in 969 reviews in the Meeting Solution category. Features highlighted include the ease of deployment, host controls, and scalability of the solution. User reviews show most purchased the remote meeting solution to create internal and operational efficiencies and improve customer relations.

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GoToMeeting: Company background

GoToMeeting’s earliest roots start with University of California at Santa Barbara professor Klaus Schauser and two graduate students developing Expertcity, a web-based marketplace for IT services, in 1997. 

By 2003, the vendor was a solid remote desktop innovator and developing its GoToMeeting solution when acquired by Citrix. In July 2016, LogMeIn purchased the GoTo division from Citrix for $1.8 billion, expanding its existing footprint in the remote desktop solutions market.

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