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    )(n.) (1) Something that establishes or serves as a pattern for reference.

    (2) A plastic or paper diagram that you can put on your keyboard to indicate the meanings of different keys for a particular program.

    (3) A sheet of plastic with menus and command boxes drawn on it that you place on top of a digitizing tablet. You can select commands by pressing the digitizing tablet’s pen against a command box or by positioning the cursor over a box and pressing one of the cursor keys.

    (4) In spreadsheet and database applications, a template is a blank form that shows which fields exist, their locations, and their length. In spreadsheet applications, for example, a template is a spreadsheet in which all the cells have been defined but no data has yet been entered.

    (5) In some word processing applications, template is used in place of style sheet.

    (6) DOS uses the term template to mean command buffer.

    (7) A shortened term for a biometric reference template.