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Trello is a collaboration and project management solution provider offering easy-to-use visualization tools to track, analyze, and optimize workflows for individuals, teams, and organizations.

With trends like advancing connectivity and remote work, project management tools like Trello serve the rising demand for solutions that fill the collaboration gap between geographically distant offices and teams. With visual design and user experience (UX) prioritized, this tool is compatible with most applications to optimize existing systems, processes, and personnel.

Trello Project Management Solution

The company’s namesake software provides organizations with a tool that organizes projects in Kanban-style boards. Organization stakeholders can optimize collaboration and productivity goals with real-time visibility into ongoing projects.

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Users start their project management experience with cards. The user creates multiple cards that display deadlines, tasks, or projects an individual or team needs to complete. Within cards, users can break down projects with checklists, reminders, and more.

Trello cards allow users and teams to break down projects into tasks, goals, deadlines, and more for agile management.
A look at different examples of cards. Provided by Trello.


Zooming out, Trello boards are the collective view of cards providing orchestration capabilities for specific projects. Boards come with tools to analyze projects in real-time and dashboard functionality for users.

Together, cards combine to make overarching boards. Screenshot provided by Trello.
Together, cards combine to make overarching boards. Screenshot provided by Trello.

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Using natural language processing, Butler is the vendor’s embedded automation tool designed to automate everyday actions like moving lists, creating custom buttons, and alerting users of pertinent deadlines.

Users can drag-and-drop cards to Butler for automation suggestions. Screenshot provided by Trello.
Users can drag-and-drop cards to Butler for automation suggestions. Screenshot provided by Trello.


Integration between third-party applications is critical in today’s digital ecosystem, Power-Ups are tool’s feature for activating apps or tools from external services. Popular Power-Ups include tools for scheduling (Calendar), redundancy (Rewind Backups), the Pomodoro technique (Pomorello), and tracking card activity status (Card Aging).

Organizations can select a plan based on the number of Power-Ups needed per board, while a number of popular apps are free to integrate. Examples of free integrations include Power-Ups for Voting, Google Drive, Slack, and Calendar.

Popular Power-Ups also include Slack, Salesforce, and GitHub. Screenshot provided by Atlassian.
Popular Power-Ups also include Slack, Salesforce, and GitHub. Screenshot provided by Atlassian.

Trello Competitors

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Features and Pricing

All prospective clients can try Trello via the vendor’s Free plan, which comes with:

  • No limits on the number of cards, members, power-ups, and activity logs
  • For each Workspace: up to 10 boards and 250 Workspace command runs per month 
  • Customization options, assignee and due dates, and 2FA
  • Available as a desktop app, web app, or iOS or Android mobile app
$60 / year$120 / yearCustom
Unlimited boards, Advanced checklists, Custom fields, Large file capacity, 1,000 Workspace command runs / mo, Single-board guestsAdministrator and security configurations, Priority support, Enhanced visibility into dashboards, timelines, calendars, and mapsQuotes on website up to 5,000 users, Organization-wide permissions and boards, Attachment permissions, Power-Up administration

All paid subscriptions include selected features and start with a 14-day free trial.

Company background

In 2011, the project management tool made its first appearance at a TechCrunch Disrupt pitch led by Joel Spolsky. Before Trello, Spolsky was formerly a Microsoft Excel program manager in the early 90s and launched the website Stack Overflow in 2008 with Jeff Atwood. Software company Glitch (then Fog Creek) first launched the tool.

In 2014, the company spun off from Fog Creek and earned its Series A funding later that year. Global software provider Atlassian acquired Trello in January 2017 for $425 million. Under the Atlassian brand, the team acquired the automation tool Butler for an undisclosed amount.

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Recognition and Reviews

Trello continues to be a leading project management tool, and its parent company leads the industry. Atlassian received the highest placement in the Leaders circle in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools for Enterprise. In the last Forrester Wave for Enterprise Service Management (ESM) in 2019, Atlassian was a Strong Performer, noting its strategy as the most robust in the industry.

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