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Jenna Phipps
Published August 16, 2021 4:10 am

Asana is a cloud-based project and work management software company that streamlines project design and implementation through a collaborative digital platform. Businesses use Asana to manage and track granular segments of work projects.

Asana features

In Asana, users can track their personal progress as well as a project’s progress. Projects can be viewed as Boards, Lists, or Timelines:

  • In List view, Projects follow each other vertically, revealing a few details such as a color code and who is managing the Project

List view in Asana.

  • In Timeline view, each Project is positioned at a place in the calendar, and the progress between Projects, or how they flow into each other, is visibly shown

Timeline view in Asana.

  • In Board view, Kanban boards outline stages of the Project, and tasks can be moved between those stages (boxes on the screen), typically through drag-and-drop

board view in Asana.

  • In Calendar view, tasks are tracked on a calendar schedule

Calendar view in Asana.

 Users can set goals for themselves and send themselves notifications and daily summaries.

Asana features for users include:

  • Task start dates, due dates, and dependencies
  • Text editor for writing project briefs
  • Create Subtasks within a Task
  • Attach documents and files to Tasks, such as a Google doc or spreadsheet that has data or is a shared file between team members
  • Create tags on a Task; tags are color-coded for clear categorization
  • View portfolios and workloads within the company

Asana has a mobile application for both iOS and Android mobile devices. Asana users can integrate the software with:

  • Slack
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • GitHub

Asana even includes the option to activate fun features, like making cat pictures appear on the dashboard.

Asana offers a free trial and a free Basic plan. Its other three plans, Premium, Business, and Enterprise, are paid.

Asana offers APIs that allow developers to create custom applications for their companies. Asana also has a community for sharing dev information about its API. Developers can also share their apps in Asana’s directory so that other customers can see them.

About Asana

Asaha was founded in San Francisco in 2008 and has ten international office locations. It was founded by two former Facebook engineers who noticed that lots of employee time was being spent on tasks that could potentially be automated or otherwise streamlined to free up time for more intentional and engaging work. The company name comes from the Sanskrit term for a yoga pose.