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    MMORPG, short for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, is a genre of video game. MMORPGs are online role-playing multiplayer games that allow thousands of gamers to play in the game s evolving virtual world at the same time via the internet. They often contain both PvP and PvE gameplay elements.

    MMORPG common features

    • Character growth– A common feature in MMORPGs is the growth of the character that the user is playing through. For example, a character’s skill points might increase throughout gameplay.
    • Level progression– As a player progresses in the game by completing tasks and winning battles, they can move up and rank at a higher level.
    • Social element– The main feature that sets an MMORPG apart from RPG (role-playing game) is the social element. In a multiplayer game, users can interact with other players, and in order to complete some quests, it’s often required to work with other players. Another social element is the creation of guilds or clans. Guilds or clans are groups of players that work together and share resources.
    • Client-server architecture– Most MMORPGs operate on a client-server architecture. The client is the computer that individual users enter the game through and play from their character s point of view. The server is what the client connects to and where the entirety of the game exists continually.
    • Monthly payment– Maintaining the servers that many MMORPGs operate on takes time and money. This is why users are required to pay a monthly subscription fee as opposed to a one time fee in order to access the game. Although this is not standard for all MMORPGs, it is common.

    Popular MMORPGs

    • World of Warcraft
    • Guild Wars 2
    • The Elder Scrolls Online
    • Final Fantasy XIV
    • Runescape