PVP (Player vs Palyer)

PvP, short for player versus player, is a type of multiplayer video or computer game in which in-game combat occurs between two human players as opposed to a human player going up against a computer-controlled opponent. Depending on the game, both the entirety of the gameplay or a fraction of it can be in PvP format.

Synchronous PvP vs. Asynchronous PvP

The player versus player category of gaming can be divided further into two categories synchronous and asynchronous PvP. Synchronous gameplay occurs when two opposing players are going against each other in real time. This type of game play can take place over the internet, or with multiple controllers on one console.

With asynchronous PvP gameplay, players are still competing against each other, but not in real time. This style of gameplay is especially popular in mobile games, as players can play the game sporadically throughout the day as opposed to sitting down at a game console and playing for an extended period of time. An example of asynchronous PvP is the mobile game Clash of Clans. You are still going head to head with other players, but it does not have to occur in real time.

PvP vs. PvE

The opposite of PvP is PvE, which stands for player versus environment. PvE describes any combat that happens between a human player and any opponent controlled by the computer. Some games contain both PvP and PvE elements, but a game often leans heavily towards one of the two.

Popular PvP Games

  • World of Warcraft
  • League of Legends
  • Fortnite
  • Call of Duty
  • FIFA
  • Mortal Kombat

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Vangie Beal
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