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    ClickUp is a cloud-based work and project management platform that enables teams to manage tasks, collaborate in real-time, gain insights via reporting, and more. Businesses of all sizes use ClickUp to take control of daily tasks and projects in one place.

    What Is ClickUp? ClickUp Logo

    Many project management tools exist within the tech market today, including ClickUp. According to ClickUp, the platform is “one app to rule them all.” As a fully-featured project management solution, the platform helps teams collaborate, manage projects, set goals, and create and share documents.

    Who Uses ClickUp?

    One of the key differentiators between ClickUp and other project management platforms is its ability to flex and scale to meet the unique needs of various teams. 

    For example, ClickUp can be used by project management teams to plan projects, track task progress, and collaborate on action items. For IT teams, ClickUp can be used to develop IT support requests and complete IT workflows through integrations with GitHub and other platforms.

    Other teams that use ClickUp include:

    • Sales and marketing teams
    • Product development teams
    • Finance and HR teams
    • Engineering teams

    Key Features of ClickUp

    Task management

    ClickUp offers a robust task management functionality. First, tasks can be customized based on workflows. Multiple assignees can be assigned to each task and conversations can happen via threaded comments to streamline collaboration. 

    Unlike some mainstream project management tools, ClickUp allows tasks to be broken down into different levels of subtasks. This means that no matter how granular a team’s workflows are, ClickUp can streamline them.

    ClickUp Task Management Feature Screenshot

    Advanced views

    ClickUp is fully customizable, down to how organizations want to view their tasks and projects. ClickUp offers several advanced task views, including:

    • List view
    • Board view
    • Calendar view
    • Box view
    • Gantt view
    • Activity view
    • Timeline view
    • Workload view
    • Table view
    • Map view

    Certain views are a better fit for different project tasks or scenarios. For example, the Board view is perfect for teams utilizing Agile, while the Timeline view is great for capacity planning.

    Goal setting & progress

    ClickUp features specific tools just for setting, managing, and achieving goals. By assigning specific tasks to goals, ClickUp can automatically track goal progress inside the platform. In fact, ClickUp will display the percentage that relates to project completion.

    This feature is key for teams that work in sprints or who simply wish to monitor and report on team and project progress at-a-glance.

    Real-time reporting

    ClickUp Dashboards is a superb tool for real-time, customized reporting on key metrics. Teams can build custom dashboards to visualize everything from available resources to time tracked on projects.

    ClickUp Real-time Reporting Screenshot

    Dashboards are developed using simple drag-and-drop widgets such as charts, sprints, tables, and external apps. All users can easily create dashboards regardless of skill level.

    Time tracking

    ClickUp is different from many other project management apps due to its built-in time tracking and management tools. Instead of requiring organizations to utilize an app integration, ClickUp offers time tracking natively. Users can track their time automatically or manually using a simple Chrome extension.

    In addition to tracking, ClickUp also offers built-in time management. Teams can visualize tracked time via reports and edit timesheets from within the platform.

    Team collaboration

    ClickUp houses several collaboration tools for keeping teams on the same page. For example, ClickUp Docs allows teams to create, edit, and share documents; this makes ClickUp a great support tool for meeting notes or brainstorming. Other features include real-time chat, task commenting, task mentions, and real-time editing.

    Pros of Using ClickUp for Project Management

    For teams that require a robust project management tool, ClickUp offers a variety of beneficial features. Teams can benefit from the following pros:

    • Code-free customization: ClickUp is ready to customize as soon as it’s implemented. Better yet, no coding is required. Teams can easily recreate their workflows and use built-in templates to get started right away.
    • Automation: Routine processes are simple to automate within ClickUp. The platform offers teams the ability to customize automations or use built-in automation recipes. With these automation features, teams can automatically assign tasks or archive tasks after their due dates.
    • App integrations: ClickUp offers integrations so teams can add other tools into their ClickUp workflows. Examples include platforms such as Slack and Google Workspace.
    • On-the-go functionality: As a cloud-based tool, ClickUp can be accessed through any web browser. The platform also offers a mobile app for managing work on the go.
    • Enhanced customer support: For paid ClickUp subscribers, the platform offers free training and 24-hour support. There are also several free resources and tutorials available on the ClickUp website.

    Cons of Using ClickUp for Project Management

    Just like with any other project management platform, there’s always room for improvement. Some cons teams should consider before selecting ClickUp include:

    • Complex features: For project management beginners, the long list of ClickUp features and tools may be overwhelming. It could be difficult for teams to know which tools are best for their needs, leading to analysis paralysis.
    • Difficult-to-navigate interface: Due to the number of features, the ClickUp interface isn’t as user-friendly as other project management tools. Teams will need training to understand the different modules, buttons, and menus.

    Despite the complexities new teams could face during the early days of implementation, ClickUp is a promising project management platform for virtually any organization in any industry.

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