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    What does DOA mean?

    On e-commerce websites (specifically auction-based online marketplaces like eBay and eBay alternatives), DOA is an acronym for dead on arrival, meaning an item did not work when received by the buyer.

    For more abbreviations and acronyms, see also Online Auction Abbreviations in Webopedia s Quick Reference section.

    What is a DOA warranty?

    A DOA warranty is a policy put in place by online retailers (often technology equipment manufacturers) to cover an item s replacement or return in case of defect or damage during transit to the buyer. These warranties are often caveated with extensive documentation of the damage or defect buyers who are looking to return an item or have it replaced will sometimes need to have proof of purchase, date of receipt, the item s serial number, photographic documentation of the damage, and/or a detailed description of the issue so that the manufacturer may decide the best course of action. Sometimes, a company will attempt to repair the item or replace a specific part before replacing the whole item or issuing a full refund to the customer.

    While eBay itself does not offer a formal DOA warranty, it has adopted a 30-day return policy and money-back guarantee for its users. This policy allows eBay to intervene if a buyer and seller are not able to come to a mutually agreed upon arrangement within three business days of an item arriving in an unsatisfactory condition.