Twitter Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners

Tips to encourage customers to follow your small business on Twitter.

Twitter can be a powerful social media platform with more than 145 million active users each day. This means that Twitter can drive more sales, improve brand recognition, and expand the online reach of businesses.

Researchers have discovered that the purchase intent of users has increased by 270 percent over the years, so plenty of buyers can be found on social media. Even with those encouraging statistics, it can be difficult to know how to take advantage of Twitter to market small businesses.

Tips for marketing your small business on Twitter

There are a number of best practices small businesses can follow on Twitter to help boost their businesses.

Build a good Twitter profile

It is important to have a professional and memorable profile for a Twitter business account. Your profile will be read by many eyes, so producing the best content for gaining followers is essential.

Every word in the Twitter profile should be thoughtfully chosen. As there are only 160 characters available to write a profile, choosing what you want to say can portray a lot about your business – and possibly help you be found by searchers too.

Use top-notch visuals

To market a business on Twitter, one should start using videos and images in tweets more often. Research has proven that tweets with images make more impact than tweets with only text. Tweets with videos can be six times more engaging compared to tweets with only texts, so start creating and including engaging videos and images in your tweets.

Connect with your followers by interacting with them

Follower count on Twitter can be easily increased by interacting with followers on a regular basis. When you interact with Twitter followers, they’ll keep coming back knowing there’s a real person behind the feed – and that can be a helpful way to deliver customer service too.

Engagement can look like responses to user’s comments, favoriting relevant tweets, and following those who follow you. Retweets are also always appreciated.

Share stories with your Twitter followers

A good story attracts people. Endeavor to share great content. For instance, a pet clothing retailer could share cute pet photos and stories. Who doesn t love a cute dog wearing pants?

Keep track of Twitter exposure and reach

Notice the kind of tweets people have the best reaction to. Also, get to know which tweets have high conversion rates. This will help in posting the right content to attract the followers you’re looking for.

This article was originally published on June 20, 2012

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