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    Write your own app (WYOA) refers to the trend of employees who look for ways to build apps for their company or employer. Usually the person is not employed in a professional programming or software developer job role, but is often self-taught and willing to create apps that will improve specific job functions or tasks. Employees who participate in DIY app writing are often referred to as citizen developers.

    DIY App Tools and Platforms

    A number of tools exist today that allow people to create a mobile app with little time investment and little knowledge of development. For example WYOA platforms offer a simple drag and drop interface to quickly build working mobile apps. Apps are created without ever needing to manipulate, edit or create a single line of code.

    BuildFire Dashboard

    Image Description: BuildFire app designer dashboard.

    Examples of WYOA Tools and platforms that allow you to create mobile apps without writing any code include the following: