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    In Web analytics, the study of the impact of a Web siteon its users, basic metrics is the term used to refer to the data in analytics programs that will give you an indication of who your site traffic is and where they are visiting from. Traffic sources metrics consists of the following data:

    • Direct Traffic: all those people showing up to your Web site by typing in the URL of your Web site coming or from a bookmark. Some people also call this “default traffic” or “ambient traffic.”
    • Referring URLs: other Web sites sending traffic to you. These could be as a result of your banner ads or campaigns. These could be all those blogs or affiliates who link to you.
    • Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, others. This bucket will include both your organic as well as your paid (PPC/SEM) traffic, so be aware of that.
    • Other: These include campaigns you have run, e-mail, direct marketing and so on.

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