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    A span tag, written as tag, is a generic inline container for inline content and elements. It s used for grouping and applying styles in the absence of another semantic element. There is no meaning in this tag as it is mostly used for styling purposes through a class or ID. The span tag is often compared to the

    tag, but the latter is a block-level tag while the former is an inline tag.

    The span tag can be used to change the font of separate phrases or words, highlight a part of a text using colors, define a background color or background image, and apply scripts to specific parts of a text. It is supported by various browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera. The span tag supports both global and event attributes in HTML.

    How to style tag

    Use the following text layout styles:

    • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) text-overflow property indicates how a user is signaled on overflowed content that is not displayed
    • CSS text-indent property specifies how to indent the first line in a text box
    • CSS word-break property identifies the points where the lines are broken
    • CSS white-space property specifies how to handle white space within an element

    How to color text in tag:

    • CSS color property indicates the color of the text content and other text decorations
    • CSS background-color property specifies an element s background color

    Properties that alter the size, emphasis, and visual weight of a text in tag:

    • CSS font-style property identifies the style of the font whether it is normal, italic, initial, oblique, or bold
    • CSS font-family property sets a prioritized list of font family names for a selected element
    • CSS font-weight property specifies if a font is bold or thick
    • CSS text-transform property sets the case and capitalization of the text in an element
    • CSS font-size property sets the font size
    • CSS text-decoration property identifies the decoration added to a text