Sales Mapping Software

Sales mapping software is a helpful tool for sales teams to map, track, and locate current customers, leads, and potential prospects. A recent addition to the world of technology, it can be a necessary component in strategizing and optimizing sales as it integrates client information and location-based insights.

A lack of understanding about a territory, whether it’s an ideal market for certain products or not, can be costly and a waste of time. It would be unwise for a car salesperson to enter a dwindling county where a majority of the population are unemployed. In the same way, not knowing the exact location of a customer before a scheduled meeting incurs fuel costs.

Sales mapping software helps identify which areas are on the rise and offers plenty of business opportunities. It enables sales management to target customer segments and find new leads in the area, tracks current and future clientele, and provides data-driven insights on their location.

Benefits of sales mapping software

Most sales mapping software integrates with CRM systems, and offers the following advantages:

  • helps map a territory for sales activities, creates maps and calculates routes, and estimate resources and costs needed to meet customers
  • combines sales data with geolocation and mapping and provides insights into the territory
  • integrates CRM and personnel tracking features and helps create effective sales strategies and analyze sales performance
  • saves dispersed sales teams travel time and fuel and mileage costs by plotting the fastest routes to reach the customers
  • identifies the potential market easily, enabling the sales team to spend more time engaging with clientele, leads, and prospects

Sales mapping software features

A sales mapping tool offers a number of features and capabilities, such as: 

  • territory map building tools
  • check-in capabilities
  • integration with CRM
  • mobile interface
  • live traffic updates
  • client information upload
  • calendar and scheduling 
  • automated updates
  • custom reports
  • third-party integrations such as Google maps
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