Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft Edge Chromium is a web browser that is built on Chromium instead of Microsoft’s own web browser technology. It is built on the same source code as the Chrome Canary, Google Chrome, and Brave. Edge Chromium was launched in January 2020 with Windows 10. Edge Chromium is designed to offer better web compatibility and a more secure web browser compared to Internet Explorer. Edge Chromium is compatible with Mac OS, iOS, Android, and Windows. According to StatCounter, Microsoft Edge comprised about 10% of the total global market share in the desktop web browser category.

Screenshot shows Microsoft Edge Chromium on Windows 10.
Screenshot of Microsoft Chromium Edge on Windows 10.

Has Edge Chromium replaced Edge?

Yes, Edge Chromium has replaced Edge in the latest versions of the Windows operating system. The biggest difference between the original and Chromium is the plug-in support offered in Edge Chromium, which works with most Chrome extensions including all extensions from Edge. All the favorites, contacts, passwords, and settings can also be synced from the Edge to Edge Chromium.

What are the main features of Edge Chromium? 

Edge Collections is one of the features of Edge Chromium. This feature allows users to bunch a “collection” of websites that are related. The compiled collections are displayed with titles and thumbnails.

Screenshot shows Microsoft Edge Chromium Collections screenshot.
Screenshot of Microsoft Edge Chromium Collections

Another useful feature of Edge Chromium is the Immersive Reader, which strips down a webpage to the basics: consistently formatted text and images for a more immersive reading experience in the web browser.  There is also a “Read Aloud” button to have the Chromium voice engine read the text at different speeds.

Screenshot of Microsoft Edge Chromium's Immersive Reader.
Screenshot of Microsoft Edge Chromium’s Immersive Reader.

Profiles is a feature on the Edge Chromium that allows users to create accounts/profiles for multiple users. Different settings can be saved in the profile including payment information, passwords, history, extension, and more. 

Is Edge Chromium fast and safe?

Edge Chromium was developed to be a faster and safer version of the Edge, and it has achieved this goal. Edge Chromium is built on a code that is efficient in executing codes and management of RAM. Although Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world, Edge Chromium has received favorable reviews by users and is ranked second or third in most global market share studies. 

How to download Edge Chromium for free 

Yes, Edge Chromium is free. You can download the latest version from Microsoft’s website. It also comes pre-installed on Windows 10 and newer versions and is also fully integrated with Windows programs and features.

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