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    LogMeIn Rescue is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that offers remote desktop software and communication technology support.

    Founded in 2003 as 3am Labs by Marton Anka and Michael Simon, LogMeIn has consistently been recognized as a top provider of remote access software. The company’s latest solution, LogMeIn Rescue, allows IT teams to remotely connect to devices on any network to provide 24/7 support from any location.

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    Portions of this definition originally appeared on Channel Insider and are excerpted here with permission.

    LogMeIn Rescue’s key features

    As a remote desktop software solution, LogMeIn Rescue includes features such as real-time monitoring and diagnostics, screen sharing, remote control, file transfer, and more. It also offers several other key features, including:

    In addition, LogMeIn Rescue offers several integrations with providers such as ServiceNow, Salesforce + Lighting, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zendesk. These integrations allow organizations to continue to rely on applications they may already have for mission-critical operations.

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    Use cases of LogMeIn Rescue

    LogMeIn’s product offerings are designed to provide online services and technical support for both small and medium businesses (SMBs) and enterprises. As such, IT and customer support departments can benefit from secure remote support offered by a company connected with and trusted by numerous global organizations.

    Fordham University

    With on-demand, permission-based remote support that can remove software rights from the remote machine after use, Fordham University’s IT team was able to drastically reduce downtime, satisfy security and privacy concerns, and increase their same-day resolution rates from 40% to 70%.


    By taking advantage of LogMeIn Rescue’s ability to support VPN configuration and cross-platform compatibility, Arise was able to benefit from a 23% increase in first-call resolution rates and a 33% decrease in repeat caller rates, along with a 268% increase in support requests and an 80% increase in staff.


    With increasing responsibilities in web services, help desk ticketing, and network hosting, Make-A-Wish’s IT team turned to LogMeIn Rescue as a cost-effective solution. The software allowed them to simultaneously run multiple migrations and installations and quickly resolve help desk tickets, allowing the company to put more time and resources toward granting wishes.

    Law School Admission Council (LSAC)

    Approaching the need for digital transformation, the LSAC implemented LogMeIn Rescue, which enabled their technicians to quickly connect with stakeholders and utilize reporting capabilities, file transfers, and a built-in laser pointer for meetings.


    After acquiring Motorola Mobility in 2014, Lenovo needed a solution that would enable them to support customers across several devices. With LogMeIn Rescue, Lenovo was able to offer global support with up-to-date reporting and create an integrated API for managing global agents as a group.

    User reviews

    LogMeIn Rescue is a highly rated remote desktop software solution. Learn how users have rated the product across user review sites:

    Review Site Rating
    Capterra 4.6 out of 5
    G2 4.6 out of 5
    TrustRadius 8.4 out of 10

    Pros of LogMeIn Rescue

    Within these reviews, LogMeIn Rescue was praised for being an easy-to-set-up solution that didn’t need training. Additionally, the solution offers competitive pricing and a free two-week trial for those interested. Other positive features include:

    • An established brand identity.
    • Added information such as specs.
    • Remote reboot with login privileges.
    • Security options with user account control (UAC) actions.
    • Serial product enhancements.

    Cons of LogMeIn Rescue

    On the other hand, LogMeIn does come with several drawbacks, including confusing questions upon installation on the client-side and a lack of asset management. Additionally, while the competitive pricing was seen as a plus for many, there were others who thought the solution was too expensive. Other notable drawbacks include:

    • Poor audio call quality.
    • A need to verbalize a code for login (to client).
    • Some delayed statuses on computers.
    • A user interface that could use updates and improvements.

    LogMeIn Rescue competitors

    Competitors for LogMeIn Rescue in the remote desktop market include:

    • AnyDesk
    • ConnectWiseControl
    • GoToMyPC
    • RemotePC
    • Splashtop
    • TeamViewer
    • VNC Connect
    • Zoho Assist

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