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    InfusionSoft (rebranded as Keap as of January 2019) is a SaaS company offering email marketing, e-commerce, and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms to small businesses. Its core product is known as InfusionSoft by Keap. InfusionSoft serves as a single resource comprising client management, appointment setting, lead management, marketing automation, sales, scheduling, quoting, billing, and payment.

    Who uses InfusionSoft?

    InfusionSoft is mainly used by small businesses that sell products online and need a combination of CRM, email marketing and marketing automation, and e-commerce functionality. The platform is also used by small service providers such as consulting firms, contractors, interior designers, home repair companies, and fitness companies.

    What are InfusionSoft’s features and benefits?

    InfusionSoft rebranded as Keap in January 2019 to appeal to small businesses that require automation across operations. It is one of the few marketing automation tools that integrate e-commerce solutions, which include order forms, payment processing, fulfillment, and inventory tracking. Users can automate campaigns and track leads from awareness through post-sale with the marketing and CRM features.

    InfusionSoft offers over 300 applications and integrations within the company’s marketplace as well as third-party integrations through APIs and connectors like Zapier to expand functionality and customizability. However, InfusionSoft offers few native integrations with third-party applications compared to its competitors.

    InfusionSoft also offers features such as HIPAA compatibility, an intuitive visual campaign builder automation tool, and extensive support and training. The platform allows the user to gather data, generate reports, scalably build marketing campaigns and track leads across multiple marketing channels, provide customer sales updates, manage databases, host web forms and links, and track ROI.

    InfusionSoft provides an all-in-one combination of solutions that are typically only found in CRM solutions for medium and large enterprises. Small businesses that specifically need the combination of e-commerce, marketing automation, and a CRM stand to get the most benefit from the platform.

    Organizations already invested in a solution that handles the main part of the platform’s services may get less out of the platform. InfusionSoft’s native integrations with such third-party applications are limited, focused on integration with its own internal suite of applications. InfusionSoft also requires a larger initial setup fee compared to alternative SaaS solutions. While this helps organizations make the most of the services from the beginning, it can also be a barrier to entry for organizations that prefer to spread costs out over time.

    Alternatives to InfusionSoft

    Alternatives to InfusionSoft tend to incorporate at least two of InfusionSoft’s three main features, namely CRM, marketing automation, and e-commerce as well as other features. Main alternatives include:

    • ActiveCampaign
    • SharpSpring
    • HubSpot Sales Hub
    • Zoho CRM
    • Act-On
    • Autopilot
    • Agile CRM
    • Salesforce CRM

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