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    Evergreen content is published web content that remains consistently relevant due to its subject matter and search volume. It’s one of the most important parts of a business’s content and digital marketing strategies and helps a website‘s SEO significantly. Evergreen content is written about evergreen topics. Evergreen topics are things that people will always need to know or will search consistently. For example, people who want to be effective hiring managers will always research how to find, attract, and optimize good employees. In contrast, non-evergreen topics quickly fade in relevance (for this example, perhaps the top hiring tips of 2018).

    Why would The Top Hiring Tips of 2018 no longer be a relevant topic? People want to know about hiring and how to do it better, after all. Trends within industries change quickly, though, and even a few years removed might significantly decrease an article’s relevance. (By putting “a few years” above, we have even very slightly dated this piece. Putting dates doesn’t always make an article irrelevant, but it often can.) Also, if a hiring manager searches hiring tips in, say, 2021, they might want to know things that a 2018 article won’t tell them, like how to hire when all your interviews are video conferences or how to build an entirely remote team. An article like that isn’t evergreen.

    In contrast, an evergreen piece of content might say “top tips for hiring employees who have just graduated college.” This is general enough that it’s going to be relevant for a long time, as many companies will always hire 22-year-olds fresh out of college. And it can be updated easily if needed.

    Benefits of evergreen content

    Firstly, evergreen content is a fantastic method of building brand awareness and developing a trusting audience. It differs from advertising because it’s less invasive and helps an audience learn information for which they were already searching. Evergreen content builds more trust because a company isn’t just trying to sell a product to their customers—they’re also helping the audience by providing helpful information.

    For example, if your company sells human resources management software, you will likely produce content that’s centered around selling your products, which is great and normal. But if you also produce helpful articles about hiring ideal candidates or onboarding new hires effectively, you are also benefiting your customers and giving them reasons to trust you.

    Evergreen content also gives you time to show your expertise and authority on a topic. If you’re taking that time to write the content, you can make it really well-researched and high-quality. In the long run, this also helps your brand’s reputation.

    Incredibly important: evergreen content helps search engine optimization tremendously. If the content contains links to relevant research and plenty of high-volume keywords, it’s more likely to rank well on search engines. Updating content regularly to ensure it’s still relevant and accurate is important to keeping it SEO-friendly.