Employee Engagement Software

Employee engagement software, also known as workforce engagement software, is an application program used by organizations to retain talented workers and increase employee job satisfaction. It helps workers better grasp the company s mission and culture to become more effective and productive.

Employee engagement software can be purchased as a standalone product or as part of an HR information system.

The software’s biggest benefit is in creating engaged employees, one of the factors that determine business health, along with customer satisfaction and cash flow.

With employee engagement software, businesses are able to lower employee turnover, burnout, and stress by knowing where they need to focus their efforts to improve employee performance.

Features of employee engagement software

Employee engagement software typically comes with the following features:

  • Gamification

Business owners can incorporate fun, entertainment, and competition features to regular work tasks. Certain gamification platforms use virtual reality for workplace learning and training.

  • Online benefits programs

Some employee engagement software allows workers to select insurance and other benefits from their mobile phones. Businesses can go as far as integrating fitness activities, challenges, and intra-organization competitions.

  • Employee feedback tools

These give employees the means to express their opinions toward management, policies, and peers. Some employee engagement software offers instant or pulse employee surveys to receive feedback from the workforce.

  • Employee recognition

It is important to recognize individual and team achievements to inspire employees to work harder. Employee engagement software helps businesses create rewards for workers such as cash or gift cards and retail discounts.

Benefits of employee engagement software

Businesses that use employee engagement software can see a number of benefits.

Gives voice to employees

Using feedback tools and surveys, management can gauge how employees feel about their work and company. From these, they are able to design support, encouragement, and coaching plans to make workers feel valued and become more effective and productive.

Improves the onboarding process

Being a new hire can be intimidating considering everything that needs to be learned and the expectations of the job. With employee engagement software, onboarding employees feel valued and reassured that their contributions are important.

Increases retention rate

Businesses experience a better retention rate because employees can find ways to better connect with the team and receive the recognition they need.

Increases effectiveness and productivity

Employees who are recognized know that their contribution is important to the company. That makes them want to work more, give more of themselves, and deliver more than the minimum requirements of their job.

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