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Digtal Human as a Service (DHaaS)

Amanda Scheldt
Last Updated February 27, 2022 3:01 pm

Digital human as a service (DHaaS) is an AI technology interface that physically looks, sounds, and behaves like real-life humans. These digital humans They incorporate human verbal and non-verbal cues, facial expressions, and tone of voice.

Interactive digital humans are changing the way people and businesses interact with technology. As the capabilities of technology solutions for business further evolve, companies are developing, building, and utilizing more artificial intelligence (AI) technology services. One of these AI capabilities that companies are creating and implementing is digital human as a service, also known as DHaaS.

Digital humans can also engage in natural conversations, answer questions, and give people realistically personal experiences that shape their perspective of the world around them. Modeled to be an avatar or AI-powered virtual person, digital humans act as a digital entity with the capabilities to respond in real-time to user questions, environment, and context by connecting to a digital brain to share knowledge and information with users. 

Companies launching DHaaS

As the AI technology needed for DHaaS increases, more companies are creating, developing, and launching DHaaS software. Some of the pioneers of DHaaS software are Japanese technology companies KDDI with their collaboration with Mawari.

By using AWS Wavelength, KDDI and Mawari developed a digital human as a service software designed to be a virtual assistant that can see through the window of your smartphone to automatically pop up to be a guide and provide assistance. 

DHaaS example.
KDDI & Mawari’s digital human as a service guide for users. | Image Source: TechnoPixel

DHaaS is not only being utilized as guides on smartphones. The technology is also being used within enterprises as a cost-effective option for customer service and as brand ambassadors.

A New Zealand startup named UneeQ and America’s tech giant IBM’s Soul Machines are some of the companies creating groundbreaking enterprise-level DHaaS. These DHaaS software solutions are designed to act as AI-powered customer experience ambassadors that can recreate human interaction. 

Additional DHaaS example.
IBM’s Soul Machines digital human avatar named Sam | Image Source: IBM


How does a DHaaS work?

Today, businesses across all industries use digital humans to enhance the customer experience. DHaaS uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) capabilities along with more AI-human interaction to create a more human-like service experience.

DHaaS software developers use cloud-based, intelligent 3D avatars that become instant brand ambassadors for businesses. They also assist with business solutions such as customer service inquiries, coaching, and brand ambassadors.

The digital human can communicate like a real person with natural human expressions and personalized responses based on a customer’s journey for an authentic and highly efficient customer engagement.

Enterprises can choose to host their digital humans through their preferred cloud software program or with on-premises technological capabilities. By introducing AI-powered avatars or digital humans as a service to the customer journey, brands are now able to convey their messaging at a grander scale.