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    VIA Carbon Free Computing is an initiative launched by VIA Technologies, a manufacturer of microprocessors and chipsetsin October 2006. Carbon Free Computing is a set of programs and products designed to help individuals and organizations reduce their impact on the environment. The VIA Carbon Free Computing is a part of the VIA Green Computing Initiative.

    Under the initiative VIA offers a line of PC products certified as Carbon Free. According to the company, VIA works with environmental experts to calculate the electricity used by an average Carbon Free Computing product over its lifetime, assumed to be 3 years. Then from the amount of electricity used, VIA calculates how much carbon dioxide emissions will be released into the environment mainly as a result of fossil fuel burning power plants, and then works with regional offset organizations to “offset” that amount of carbon dioxide through projects such as reforestation, investments in alternative energy, and Energy conservation. (Adapted from VIA Carbon Free Computing)

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