Blog Search Engine

A blog search engine is specifically focused on finding content in the blogosphere. Blog search engines only index and provide search results from blogs (Web logs). Examples of blog search engines include Google Blog Search and Technorati. Learn more in this definition about how blog search engines work and some of the benefits they have offered users over the years.

What Is a Blog Search Engine?

A blog search engine is a web-based algorithmic tool that is very similar to a normal search engine like Google in the way that it works. It is designed specifically to look through blogs and popular websites on the internet. 

The only difference between a blog search engine and a regular mainstream search engine: instead of just indexing pages all over a wide variety of topics in its database, it filters out any unnecessary data or off-topic material in search results. This leaves behind only relevant posts in the search results for a given query.

Example: Google Blog Search

For a period of time, Google had a dedicated blog search engine called Google Blog Search. It was first launched in 2005 with blog-specific and feed search features. Not only did the blog search engine make it easier for users to find blog content over other kinds of content, the dedicated blog search engine bots also helped users to see blog updates more quickly than when using a typical search engine.

Google Blog Search ended most of its user-facing functionalities in 2011 when its API was deprecated. Some basic blog filter searches were still available on the platform until at least 2017 via the Google Search “News” feature.

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Vangie Beal
Vangie Beal
Vangie Beal is a freelance business and technology writer covering Internet technologies and online business since the late '90s.

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