Best Recruiting Tactics

Best recruiting tactics are a proven strategy or plan of action in identifying, attracting, and hiring ideal candidates to fill open positions in a company or organization.

Every day, thousands of job openings are posted on job boards, online portals, and offline classified ads. Thousands of active and passive job seekers browse the internet for job openings and opportunities. But the task of matching the job and talent appears to be the most challenging for recruiters.

Employing proven strategies and the right tools to improve the recruitment process helps fill the gap. The following tactics best attract and attain the right candidates for open positions:

  • Harness the power of modern technology. Human capital management (HCM) suite for talent acquisition and management that employs AI and advanced analytics enhances the processes of sourcing, evaluating, and screening candidates.
  • Balance the use of technology and personal touch. Recruitment is dealing with real people who have needs, wants, and feelings. Treating the candidates with respect, just like a customer, and making them feel comfortable can go very far.
  • Create a positive experience for candidates. Let the applicants express a genuine interest in and excitement for the job. In interviews, ask meaningful questions about the position and the contributions the candidates will bring to the business.
  • Run a systematic job advertising campaign. It involves improving the website by making it mobile friendly and easy to use, using job boards and classified ads, maximizing social media, and reaching out to niche job portals for specialized fields. The job descriptions must be clear, thorough, and concise.
  • Prioritize internal mobility and develop a referral program. Let current employees see opportunities for growth in the same company and incentivize them when they bring in fellow high qualified professionals from their networks.
  • Network with industry professionals. Organize and attend meetups and conferences. Associations and professional groups can be a valuable resource for talents.
  • Improve the employer s brand. Employers that value and treat their employees well easily attract applicants. People want to work in companies with a good reputation.
  • Hire for diversity. A diverse workforce has a deeper pool of talents. Recruit quality candidates regardless of their ethnicity, gender, age, or socio-cultural background.





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