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    A high-resolution video standard for PCs developed by IBM in 1987. It is designed to extend the capabilities of VGA. The 8514/A standard provides a resolution of 1,024 by 768 pixels, which gives it about 2.5 times the pixels of VGA (640 by 480). Like VGA, 8514/A provides a palette of 262,000 colors, of which 256 can be displayed at one time. On monochromedisplays, 8514/A provides 64 shades of gray.

    In its original version, 8514/A relies on interlacing, a technique that makes it possible to provide resolution at low cost. Interlacing, however, carries a performance penalty, so many manufacturers produce noninterlaced 8514/A clones.

    In 1990, IBM released the Extended Graphics Array (XGA )standard, which supersedes 8514/A.