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    What is TapSwap (TAPS)? The Viral Telegram Game Explained

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    Key Takeaways
    • TapSwap is a Telegram game where you tap to earn shares that convert to crypto tokens.
    • Built within Telegram, it’s easy to use for beginners unfamiliar with crypto platforms.
    • Beyond tapping, you can watch videos and climb ranks to earn bonus shares and improve rewards.
    • While exciting, TapSwap’s new model means its long-term success is uncertain.

    Let’s be honest—earning through Telegram sounds like a dream, but games like Hamster Kombat have shown that it could be a reality.  Continuing the trend, TapSwap is the latest in a raft of Telegram-based play-to-earn crypto games taking the community by storm.

    If you’re spending hours on your phone, why not turn that time into profit? With TapSwap, you can earn just by tapping on Telegram. The game is catching on like wildfire, with nearly 55 million players globally.

    Since its launch, users have eagerly awaited updates and strategies to maximize their earnings. You’ve probably seen the buzz, heard the chatter, and now you’re wondering: How does TapSwap work? Is it worth your time?

    In this article, we’ll explore Tap Academy, explain what it is, and provide tips on how you may benefit from the Telegram earning game.

    What is TapSwap (TAPS)?

    TapSwap is a viral crypto game on Telegram where users tap an icon to earn TAPS coins. Its simple interface and daily bonuses have attracted millions, making it a major player in crypto gaming.

    Unlike many clicker games, TapSwap offers more than mindless tapping. Users engage with the community through various features to boost their earnings, contributing to its virality. Its switch to The Open Network (TON) increases accessibility for new players by eliminating the Solana wallet requirement.

    How to earn crypto on TapSwap

    Fot the TapSwap community, earning crypto is a simple and interactive process.

    • The gameplay involves tapping a golden coin on the screen to accumulate points. However, an energy bar limits your tapping. It needs refilling before you resume tapping the golden coin.
    • You can complete tasks like joining the game’s social media channels to accelerate your point accumulation.
    • You receive bonus points for referring friends and for their gaming activity.
    • A planned airdrop and TapSwap token launch allows users to receive the game’s native tokens (TAPS). The details remain unclear; however, the developer team provided an update on X.

    The TapSwap app also offers daily boosters to optimize your gameplay. Tapping Guru boosts your points and Full Tank increases your energy. Premium boosters, bought with the coin you earn, give you more benefits like increased points per tap, a larger energy bar and faster energy regeneration.

    For passive income, use the Tap Bot. It accumulates points while you’re away, but requires a 12-hour check-in to claim your rewards.

    Who Created TapSwap (TAPS)?

    The creator(s) of this viral game remain shrouded in mystery. Nobody knows who they are, and there’s no information about the team behind the game. Anonymity is common in crypto and gaming. Many developers prefer to stay in the shadows, letting their projects speak for themselves.

    While this secrecy might make some wary, it’s part of what adds to the game’s intrigue. Players are drawn not just by the promise of earning rewards, but also by the enigmatic aura surrounding its creators.

    TapSwap has over 22 million subscribers on their Telegram channel.

    What VCs Back TapSwap (TAPS)?

    You might wonder which big-name investors are behind TapSwap’s meteoric rise. Surprisingly, there’s no information about any venture capital backing for TapSwap. The game seems to have gained traction through sheer popularity and word of mouth, without major investors or publicized funding rounds.

    TapSwap’s organic growth highlights its appeal and the strong community around the game. So, while you won’t find a list of VCs behind it, the game’s success story is already compelling.

    How TapSwap (TAPS) Works

    Built in Telegram, TapSwap is simple to access and use, even for those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency or blockchain platforms. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how that works:

    1. Access the TapSwap Telegram bot
    2. Open the mini-game
    3. Start tapping. Each screen tap consumes a bit of energy, which regenerates over time.
    4. Select the task menu to earn bonus shares and improve your boosters.
    5. Withdraw your earnings

    TapSwap offers a fun and accessible entry point into crypto. However, it’s crucial to maintain realistic expectations. While you can explore crypto through the game’s engaging mini-app, it’s not a guaranteed path to riches.

    Closing thoughts

    Without the promised TapSwap token launch, players are curiously anticipating. Despite the delay, optimism persists. The developer team, on their X (Twitter), cites ongoing exchange negotiations and targets a launch in Q3.

    While details are scarce, players view this as an opportunity to accumulate more in-game shares for potential future rewards. Telegram channels continue with their discussions as players await updates and any sign of progress toward the coveted token distribution.

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