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Kirsty is an experienced writer and editor with a foundation in blockchain technology and Web3. From learning about crypto, she developed an interest in finance and trading, which she now closely follows and documents.

Kirsty Moreland

Bitcoin halving

What is the Bitcoin halving? The Bitcoin halving is an event on the Bitcoin protocol, in which the block reward...

What is a VPN kill switch? Do I need one?

  What’s a VPN kill switch? A kill switch is a security feature of a VPN. It suspends your device’s...

Best App to Learn Spanish in 2024: 7 Fast, Fun and Effective Apps for All Levels

  The best app to learn Spanish in 2024 is not the most expensive one – that’s the good news...


P2P VPN meaning: what’s a peer-to-peer VPN? A P2P VPN is a type of Virtual Private Network that has servers...


Horizen is a privacy-centered blockchain scalability platform. What does Horizon do? Horizen uses sidechains to scale its network. This network...

Graphics File Formats

Graphics file formats are not created equal. Knowing which one to use and how to use it is the key...

adb – Android Debug Bridge

Short for Android Debug Bridge, adb is a command-line debugging application shipped with the Android SDK. Adb provides tools to...

Interrupt Vector Table

A table of interrupt vectors (pointers to routines that handle interrupts). On PCs, the interrupt vector table consists of 256...

Network Intelligence

Network intelligence analyzes data that passes through computer networks, filtering Internet protocol information to monitor data patterns.

Computational Intelligence

Computational intelligence, also known as soft computing, is a form of computing modeled on the ways in which humans learn. Read more from Webopedia.


A tuple is a finite ordered list of elements. Tuples are written by listing comma-separated elements within parentheses. Learn more about Webopedia.

Functional Programming

Functional programming is the process of constructing programs by applying and composing pure functions. Learn more from Webopedia.
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