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    Is GSC Down? Why Do Google Search Console Updates Stop as Dashboard Freezes for 70+ Hours in July 2024

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    Why is Google Search Console Not Working?

    Google Search Console is an essential tool for webmasters and SEO professionals and it’s currently experiencing an outage. 

    The issue was first reported at the start of July 2024, leaving many businesses scrambling to manage their online presence without critical insights. This outage is particularly impactful as it impedes a business’ ability to monitor website performance, track search queries, and identify issues that could affect search engine rankings. 

    While occasional outages have occurred in the past, this time users have been left in the dark for more than 72 hours.

    What Causes GSC Outages?

    Google search console outages, though rare, can occur due to various reasons.

    Technical Glitches

    One common cause of GSC outages is technical glitches. These can range from bugs in the software to issues arising from updates or maintenance activities. Google constantly updates its tools to improve performance and add new features but sometimes these updates can inadvertently introduce new problems, leading to temporary outages.

    Server Issues

    Server issues are another frequent cause of outages. The Google search console relies on a vast network of servers to collect and process data from millions of websites. Any disruption in this network, whether due to hardware failures, cyber-attacks, or data center outages, can lead to the service becoming unavailable.

    Increased Traffic

    Occasionally, a sudden spike in traffic can overwhelm Google’s system. This can happen when large numbers of users simultaneously access the platform to check the impact on their websites. Such surges in usage can strain Google’s servers, causing slowdowns or outages.

    Historically, Google’s most recent outages were back in August and October 2022. In the August crash, Youtube, Google Maps, Google Drive and Google Search all went down due to a software update issue. In the October event of the same year, users temporarily lost access to Google Maps and Google Street View.

    When Will GSC Be Fixed?

    As of now, Google has acknowledged the issue and stated that they are working on a fix. There is no definitive timeline for when the Google search console will be fully restored but the Google team is known for its prompt response to such issues. We have reached out to the Google press team for an official comment on the GSC outagebut have so far received no response.

    Since this issue is on Google’s end, businesses are advised to remain patient and monitor official channels. Stay tuned for further updates.