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Post an Ad with These eBay and Classified Abbreviations

A list of abbreviations and acronyms commonly used on eBay and in classified and want ads.

With the growing popularity of online buying and selling, Internet and online classified lingo has also grown. Being an eBay buyer long before a seller, I was often confused as to what some of the abbreviations actually meant. For some time I attributed it to a seller's unwillingness -- or laziness -- to use proper words when listing an item. When I put my first item up for sale on eBay I immediately understood the importance of using abbreviations in the listing.

Auction Abbreviations Let You Say More About an Item

In auction listing and in online storefronts, sellers are limited to a maximum number of characters in an item title and on other sites you might find a limit on the number of characters in your ad description as well. Abbreviations lets a seller say more about the item without going over the character-length requirements.

For example, if you want to tell prospective buyers that your item is available for local pick up only then to add that to your title you are looking at 18 characters (including spaces). Using the abbreviation of LPUO  instead of typing it out leaves you with an additional 14 characters in which to highlight other features of your item. Other common abbreviations on eBay include NWT (new with tags) and NRFB (never removed from box).

For some online and print classified ads, sellers may have to pay for each character used in the title to description. Here, abbreviations are used to cut down on the actual cost of placing the classified ad. Some classified ad providers may require you to use its abbreviation style guide. This gives you an acceptable abbreviations list with a standard format for capitalization and punctuation to follow when writing an ad. For online classifieds you should always check that specific Web site for a list of accepted abbreviations. Print classifieds ads (e.g. your local newspaper) may also have this requirement.

Webopedia's Guide to Online Buying and Selling Abbreviations

The following list of abbreviations are widely used Internet abbreviations and acronyms found on eBay, eBay alternatives and online classified ad marketplaces. 

Numbers & Characters
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 Numbers & Characters

$/EADollar amount per item each
$/TRADEFor sale or trade
0FBZero feedback, refers to a new member
1st ed.First Edition (books, magazines, prints)
1DayA one day auction/listing
1TOOne time only
3DayA three day auction/listing
4WDFour wheel drive (automotive)

A+Good condition
A1Perfect condition
A/CAir conditioning (classifieds, automotive)
access.Accessories (classifieds)
acctg.Accounting (classifieds)
ADDYE-mail address
ADVAdventure (books, magazines, prints)
AEKAll-electric kitchen (real estate)
aft.After (classifieds)
AFAIKAs far as I know
AFFAAntique Americana Folk Art
AGWActual gold weight
AKAAlso known as
ALAuction listing
ALUM/WAluminum wheels (automotive)
ANTAntenna (automotive)
ANTHAnthology (books, magazines, prints)
AOAll original
ARCAdvanced reader copy (books, magazines, prints)
ASAPAs soon as possible
ASEAmerican Silver Eagle (coins)
AS IS"As is / where is". Usually means no returns.
ASWActual silver weight
ATAutomatic (classifieds)

BARENo box, accessories etc.
BATT CHGRBattery Charger (automotive)
BBCBottom back cover (books, magazines, prints)
BCBack cover (books, magazines, prints)
BCEBook club edition (books, magazines, prints)
BFBest fit
BJBall jointed body (dolls & toys)
BK Bent knee (dolls & toys)
BK Broken
bk.Broken (classifieds)
bkgrd.Background (classifieds)
B&MBrick-and-mortar (retail store)
BLBBig little book
BLBig lot
BMBranch Mint: Any U.S. mint other than Philadelphia. (coins)
BOBest offer
BPBlister / bubble pack
BSMTBasement (real estate)
BTHBathroom (real estate)
BTSBack to school
B&WBlack & white
BWIBoxed with instructions
BCBack cover
BINBuy it Now (eBay's Instant Purchase)
BNIBBrand new in box
BNIPBrand new in package
BNNWBrand new never worn
BNWLBrand new with label  
BNWTBrand new with tags  
BUNGBungalow (real estate)
BVBullion value (coins)

c.Circa (classifieds)
CCartridge (video games)
C/VACCentral vacuum (real estate)
CAYORCash at your own risk
CCCashier check
CCClassic collection (toys, action figures)
CCECertified coin exchange (coins)
CCGCollectible card game
CDCompact disc
CDLCommercial Drivers License (employment ads)
CEILCeiling (real estate)
CFCenterfold (magazines)
C&ICartridge and instructions (video games)
CIBCartridge in box
CIPCustomer initiated payment
CLACleaned, lubricated, adjusted (cameras)
CNPComplete (with) No Package
COACertificate of authenticity
conven.Convenient (classifieds)
Cr.Circle (classifieds)
CSCustomer service
C&SCreamer & sugar
C&SCup & saucer
CTCarats (jewelry) 

DJDust jacket (books, magazines, prints)
DKDeck (real estate)
DOADead on arrival, meaning item does not work.
dr.Doors (real estate)
DRSDoors (real estate)
DSRDetailed Seller Ratings (eBay term)
DUTCHDutch auction, meaning multiple quantities of the same item are available.

EEast (classifieds)
ea.Each (classifieds)
EACEarly American Coppers (coins)
EAPGEarly American pattern glass (pottery & glass)
EFExtra fine
EFIElectronic Fuel Injection (automotive)
EIKEat-in kitchen (real estate)
ENSEn-suite (real estate)
EPExtended play (records, movies)
ESTEastern Standard Time
EUCExcellent used condition
EXExcellent (condition)
exc.Excellent (classifieds) 
EXLIB.Means book was a former library book (books, magazines, prints)
exp prefExperience preferred (employment ads)
exp reqExperience required (employment ads)

FFair (condition)
FAQFrequently asked questions
FCFine condition
FCFront cover (books, magazines, prints)
FDC"Fleur de Coin", meaning flawless no wear (coins)
FDDComputer floppy drive (computers & electronics)
FDRFormal dining room (real estate)
F/EFirst edition (books)
FEXFEDEX / Federal Express Shipping
FFPFireplace (real estate)
FNFine (condition)
FLFiring limit (pottery, glass)
FPFixed price
FRFair (condition)
FSFor sale
FSFactory sealed
FSoTFor sale or trade
FTFor trade
FTFull time (employment ads)
FVFinal value
FVFFinal value fee (eBay)
FVFCFinal value fee credit (eBay)

GGood (condition)
galv.Galvanized (classifieds)
GBPGreat Britain Pound
GFGold filled (jewelry)
GDGood (condition)
GMMGallery Mint Museum (coins)
GPGold plate (jewelry)
GUGently used (condition)

HBHard back (books)
HCHard cover (books)
HDWDHardwood Floors (real estate)
HICHole in cover (books)
HI CEILSHigh ceilings (real estate)
HOFHall of Fame
HPHome page
HPFHome page featured
HSDIPHigh school diploma (employment ads)
HTFHard to find
HWHot water

IBGInside back cover (books, magazines, prints)
ICGIndependent Coin Grading (coins)
IFGInside front cover (books)
IMInstant message
ISHIssue (magazines)
ISOIn search of

JDJohn Deere (classifieds, automotive)

kt. Karat (jewelry)

LELimited edition (collectables)
LFLooking for
LNLike new (condition)
LPUOLocal pick up only
LTDLimited edition 
LVGRMLiving room (real estate)

M/OMoney order
MBRMaster bedroom (real estate)
METMetallic (automotive)
MIBMint in box
MIJMade in Japan
MIMMake it mine
MIMBMint in Mint Box
MIUMade in USA
MNBMint no box
MOMoney order
MOCMint on card
MOPMother of pearl (jewelry)
MOWMTMint with mint tags
MSMint state (coins)

NNorth (classifieds)
NAINot all inclusive
NAPNot affected play (records)
NARUNot a registered user
NBWNever been worn 
NCNo cover (books, magazines, prints)
NEGNegative feedback
NRFBNever removed from box
NIBNew in box
NIPNew in package
NLANo longer available
NMNear mint
NNPWNew never played with
NORESNo reserve
NOSNew old stock
NPNot packaged or no package
NPBNon paying bidder/buyer
NRNo reserve
N/RNo reserve
NRFBNever removed from box 
NRPNot reproduction
NWOTNew without tags
NWTNew with tags

OAOnline auction
OASOnline auction site
OBOOr best offer
O/COn canvas (paintings)
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
OLTPOnline transaction process
OOAKOne of a kind
OOPOut of print
OPOriginal post 
OPOperator or operated

PPoor (condition)
PBPower brakes (automotive)
pc.Piece (classifieds)
PCGSProfessional Coin Grading Service (coins)
pd.Paid (classifieds)
pgr.Pager (contact details)
pkg.Package (classifieds)
PMPost marked
PMPriority mail
POSPoint of sale
PRPoor (condition)
PRProof (coins)
PSPower steering (automotive)
PSTPacific Standard Time
PTPart time (employment ads)
PTOPower take off (automotive)
PWPower windows (automotive)

qual. Quality or qualifications (classifieds)
qtr.Quarter or quarterly (classifieds)

RReprint (books)
RARear axle (automotive)
RADRadiator (automotive)
RAHReal American Hero (toys, action figures)
REMANRemanufactured (automotive)
RETRetired (collectables)
RBCRight side of back cover (books)
RFSORequest for Standing Offer (real estate)
ROMRomantic (books, magazines, prints)
RPReturn policy
RSVPRespond as soon as possible
RSRhinestone (jewelry)
RTMRead the manual

SSouth (classifieds)
s/Signed (classifieds)
salSalary (employment ads)
SCRScratch (condition)
SCUScuff (records)
S/H (S&H)Shipping and handling
S/H/IShipping, handling, and insurance
SNAIL MAILRegular surface, basic postal shipping method
S/OSold out
SSStainless steel
SSStill sealed
SSSterling silver (jewelry)
SSSingle sheet (stamps)
SSLSecure Socket Layer
STCStand up cab (automotive)
STRSell through rate
STVStove (real estate)
SWBShort Wheel Base (automotive)
SYISell your item

T&GTongue & groove
T/WTilt wheel (automotive)
TATrading assistant (eBay)
TDTurbo diesel (automotive)
TDFTo die for
TIAThanks in advance
TMTrusted Merchant (Overstock)
TWTownship (real estate)

UIDUnpaid items dispute (eBay)
UNCUn-circulated (coins)
UNREGUnregistered vehicle (automotive)
UPIUnpaid item
UPRUpper floor (real estate)
USUnited States
USPSUnited States Postal Service

VEROVerified registered owner
VFMValue for money
VGVery good (condition)
VGCVery good condition
VHTF Very hard to find
VICT Victorian
V/M/DVisa / Mastercard / Discover 
VUViews (real estate)

WWest (classifieds)
W/ (w/)With
W/CWater color (paintings)
W/O (w/o)Without
WBWhite border
WICWalk-in closet (real estate)
WKNDSWeekends (contact details)
WOBWriting on back
WOFWriting on face
WRWater resistant
WTBWanted to buy 
WUWind up

XLExtra large

YGFYellow gold filled (jewelry)
YMMVYour mileage may vary
yr.Year (classifieds)

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