WeTransfer is an electronic file transfer service that allows users to upload and send large files. It leverages Amazon’s cloud infrastructure, Amazon S3, for file storage and transfer.

Users of the app’s free version can transfer and receive files online at 2GB maximum file size. WeTransfer Pro’s paid version offers up to 200GB and 1TB of storage.

How does WeTransfer work?

WeTransfer has a simple interface both in its web and desktop versions.

  1. Upload files to WeTransfer’s site, or point and click to select and send a folder
  2. Enter the recipient’s email, the sender’s email, and any message to the recipient
  3. Click the “Transfer” button and get the transfer link which you can share via text as well.
  4. The recipient only needs to click the link to download the file.

Who should use WeTransfer?

WeTransfer is a valuable tool for content creators who work remotely and those who need to send large files to clients — high-resolution videos, photos, and file folders. Businesses can also take advantage of the service to support their marketing and sales teams, who often need access to large files like multimedia presentations, video assets, and large graphics.

What are its key features?

WeTransfer’s features include:

  • Trackable downloads: Users can monitor the file once sent out. They will know if the file has already been downloaded, the time of the download, and who downloaded it.
  • Editable file transfers: If the sent file or version was a wrong one, it can be replaced with the right one.
  • Setting time limits to file downloads: Whether the file is available for download in one month or indefinitely, the user has an option to set time limits.
  • Personalization option: Users can also customize the app with their web pages to match their brands.
  • Secure file sharing: The application allows two-factor authentication and an optional password for every transfer to ensure the security of the files stored, sent out, or downloaded.

How does a business benefit from WeTransfer?

File sharing is an integral aspect of a business, whether documents, photographs, or videos, especially in a remote setting where a staff member might need to send important documents through email. But emails have limited capacity in terms of file size. A 1GB high-resolution video presentation is often too large to send or receive via email. With WeTransfer, one can easily upload and send the file.

What are some alternatives to WeTransfer?

The 2GB max file size for the free version might not be enough for some users, but users can take advantage of WeTransfer Pro’s 200GB transfer capacity and 1TB of storage.

As cloud storage and file-sharing services have become more competitive, service providers offer a variety of product options. IceDrive and Mega, for example, offer 10GB and 20GB free cloud storage respectively on top of their file transfer services. And Google Drive gives away 15GB of free cloud storage for individuals with upgradable options for businesses and enterprises.

Other alternatives to WeTransfer offering ample cloud storage for their paid versions include Uploaded (1TB), Volafile (20GB), and Dropbox (5TB).

Kelvene Requiroso
Kelvene Requiroso
Kelvene Requiroso is a writer and an enthusiast interested in the interplay between technology and everyday life. He writes for TechnologyAdvice, Baseline, eSecurity Planet, and Webopedia. Also a lover of science fiction and fantasy, he publishes an ongoing web novel series. He has previously worked with non-profits and non-government organizations in Manila, Philippines.

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