Vimeo is an online video hosting, sharing, and services platform that allows users to upload and promote videos on an ad-free basis. Revenue is instead driven by providing subscription plans for businesses and content producers. The plans offer varying software as a service (SaaS) capabilities for video creation, editing, broadcasting, and enterprise software tools. Users can connect with other video professionals or clients through the platform. High-quality videos can be customized with advanced features within the platform and shared with an audience. Monthly Vimeo viewers total approximately 170 million.

Vimeo was created by filmmakers Jake Lodwick and Zach Klien in 2004, with the name being a spin off on the words video and me. IAC, an American media company, acquired Vimeo in 2006. After Google acquired YouTube that same year, IAC put more effort into Vimeo in an attempt to compete against YouTube. Vimeo shifted their focus to providing curated content and high-definition video.

Vimeo vs. YouTube

When choosing a video-sharing platform, YouTube and Vimeo are two worth considering. The main difference between the two is video quality. Vimeo allows its users to upload and share high-quality videos, creating a better overall user experience. In contrast, YouTube houses many low-quality videos. YouTube is free to use and drives revenue by showing ads to viewers. Vimeo charges for its video hosting services, but it does not show ads to viewers. Since Vimeo has a much smaller user base, YouTube has the advantage with audience size and reach.

Both YouTube and Vimeo allow their users to make money from their videos. YouTube allows content creators to use Google Adsense to monetize their videos. Creators will need to accumulate at least 10,000 views to use Google Adsense. Vimeo does not have advertisements, but creators can make money by selling videos directly to viewers sort of like a Vimeo version of Netflix. Vimeo allows users to mention sponsors in their videos, as does YouTube.

Vimeo features

The features and accessible viewers Vimeo offers depends on membership level:

  • Basic (free): Best for those who are just starting out with content creation. Users get 500 MB of storage per week toward uploading videos and can make video uploads password protected.
  • Plus: Members are granted 5 GB of storage per week and unlimited bandwidth in the Vimeo player. Customization is offered.
  • Pro: Members have 20 GB of storage per week and comes with unlimited access to stock photos, videos, and licensed music. Users can add their logo and video chapters, and control playback speed for viewers.
  • Business: There are no weekly storage limits and up to 10 members are allowed. Custom branding and lead generation features are added.
  • Premium: Also no weekly storage limits, Premium allows users unlimited live streaming and features such as audience chat and live Q & A.

Abby Braden
Abby Braden
Abby Braden is an award-winning writer and editor for websites such as,, and, where she covers technology trends and enterprise and SMB project management platforms. When she’s not writing about technology, she enjoys giving too many treats to her dog and coaching part-time at her local gym.
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