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    SurveyMonkey is an online survey tool used to create online surveys, polls, and quizzes. Overall, SurveyMonkey is effective for individuals, SMBs, and enterprises but more effective for individuals and SMBs.

    An online survey is a research method used to collect data from a targeted audience. Its purpose is to gain insights and feedback on a variety of topics. Surveys are often used in a wide variety of industries—including companies who are looking for opinions on different aspects of their business, like customer service, and academics who are looking to improve how they educate. Often, surveys will be distributed through email blasts or appear as pop-ups on a website.

    Therefore, many use survey software platforms to efficiently create their own surveys and gather useful data. 

    Features of SurveyMonkey

    SurveyMonkey offers a variety of standard and advanced survey features. These include:

    • Survey Building
    • Customization & Branding
      • Progress bar
      • Text formatting
      • Custom themes
    • Analysis & Reporting
      • Real-time results
      • Data trends
      • Custom charts
    • Response Management
      • Answer completion requirement
      • Answer validation
      • Confirmation emails
    • Team Collaboration
      • Building surveys together
      • Shared library
    • Security
      • Password protection
    • Mobile Survey Tool for IOS and Android

    SurveyMonkey is an intermediate survey software solution. It offers features that other more basic platforms do not have. This includes giving its users more control over how many questions are displayed per page, the option to remove SurveyMonkey branding, and the ability to use themes.

    However, it does not offer features that are included in other more advanced solutions. This includes the ability to import questions while creating a new survey and establishing elaborate rules that let its users determine the type of data they receive and how it is represented.

    SurveyMonkey Competitors

    SurveyMonkey exists in a competitive marketplace that offers many different types of survey software tools. Overall, it is one of the most popular survey software solutions available. It is recommended to those who need a survey software platform for personal use but prioritize personalization and customization features.

    Some of SurveyMonkey’s competitors include:

    • Google Forms
    • JotForm
    • Typeform
    • Zoho Survey
    • Doodle
    • Microsoft Forms
    • Alchemer
    • SurveySparrow

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    About SurveyMonkey

    SurveyMonkey was founded in 1999 by Ryan Finley and Chris Finley in San Mateo, California. Its mission is to power curious individuals and organizations to measure, benchmark, and act on the opinions that drive success. Today, the company has over 17 million active users and over 1,300 employees.