Streamlabs is a full-stack open-source software application for streaming and broadcasting live videos to a variety of platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and TikTok. It is designed to improve the visual appeal of streaming and viewer engagement and monetize streaming. Marketing itself as leader in Open Broadcast Software (OBS), Streamlabs provides high-level controls and multiple automation to make streaming easy.

Why do streamers use Streamlabs?

Streamlabs’s free video editing tool and layout editor allow streamers to easily edit and personalize their videos. Creators enhance their videos with hundreds of customized themes and have extensive control over the final product with advanced features like alerts, widgets, layouts, built-in chat, and more.

What platforms can Streamlabs be used on?

Streamlabs can be used on most popular video streaming platforms to perform live streaming, multistreaming, and other streaming video tasks.

  • Twitch: A suite of built-in add-ons help gaming video streamers or players to expand their reach, better engage with fans, and increase monetization.
  • YouTube: Live streaming to YouTube is enhanced by theme overlay options which  allow creators to stream videos with a personal touch.
  • Facebook: Integration with Facebook enables creators to stream gaming videos and helps them to earn a living income by turning their passion into a business.
  • Other Platforms: The other applicable platforms such as Twitter, Mixer, and Discord use Streamlabs as the best cloud-based OBS streaming platform.

Key features and benefits

Multiple features allow creators to optimize their workflows.

Stream overlays: Streamlabs offers the best stream overlays designed by world-famous designing firms, including Nerd or Die, StreamSpell, PremadeGFX, and Schyax & Kadu.

  • Streamlabs app store: Streamlabs’ app store provides 40 feature-rich apps that provide streamers with a unique live streaming experience. Here are some new apps introduced by Streamlabs:
    • Willow: Willow is a bio link app that connects streamers with more audiences by making their link easily findable. Willow creates a landing page for streamers, including the links to their important streaming videos, to generate more revenue.
    • Melon: Melon is a browser-based streaming tool introduced by Streamlabs to democratize live streaming as it allows users to go live with few clicks.
    • Oslo: Being a video review tool, Oslo streamlines the process of collecting and reviewing the feedback on videos. Oslo also allows users to draw a particular part and comment on it while viewing the video.
  • Merch store: Streamlabs’s merch store gives its users a storefront to sell creator-branded merchandise. The fans can purchase products of their choice from their stores.
  • Chatbox: Streamlabs enables streamers to go live and chat with their audience across the world through existing channels.
Siji Roy
Siji Roy
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