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    An online music and Internet radio service that serves music on demand to its subscribers. Originally launched in 1999 as, Rhapsody was acquired first by in 2001 and then by RealNetworks in 2003 before becoming independent again in 2010. Rhapsody offers subscription plans for $10 (Rhapsody Premier) and $15 a month (Rhapsody Premier Plus), with the latter option providing mobile access for up to three devices instead of just one.

    Rhapsody subscribers have on-demand access to a catalog of more than 13 million songs and can purchase songs for use separate from the Rhapsody service. Subscribers can listen to Rhapsody via a Web-enabled player, a standalone downloadable player or a downloadable app. Rhapsody apps for various smartphone and mobile device platforms, including Apple s iPhone and iPod touch, Android-powered devices, BlackBerry phones and Windows Phone 7 smartphones, are currently available to Rhapsody subscribers.