Rally Software (formerly Agile Central)

Rally Software, previously known as CA Agile Central, is a leading agile software development SaaS platform. It allows teams and organizations to plan, organize, track, and improve their work over the lifespan of the project.

Across many teams, projects, and programs, the platform offers visibility into progress, bottlenecks, and dependencies. Businesses can do real-time status tracking, iterations, capacity planning, release tracking, and risk management for reporting and analytics using Rally Software’s robust and scalable platform. With Rally software, businesses can smoothly and efficiently manage the complete project cycle.

Rally Software gives businesses the tools they need to succeed and achieve continuous process improvement.

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Features of Rally Software

Rally allows companies to integrate their product development process with their goals. Work aligned with corporate goals empowers teams to work more effectively. Using the agile software development platform, teams plan, prioritize, and track work collectively. Teams can see their work on dashboards in the form of lists, boards, or timeline views.

The enterprise-class platform allows teams to fine-tune and prioritize their backlogs while also assessing risks and dependencies. Users may extend work items into multiple categories and check the progress of teams and processes. Also, they can manage quality testing and perform other process-oriented operations.

Some prominent features of Rally Software include:

  • Agile Portfolio Management: Allows businesses to identify, prioritize, and manage different products to streamline their product development process.
  • Roadmap Planning & Tracking: Helps companies to strategically keep track of project goals and timeline.
  • Capacity Planning: Assists companies in creating realistic business plans.
  • Program Tracking: Helps businesses to keep track of their individual plans.
  • Flow-Based Boards (Kanban): Helps project teams to find ways to manage larger and complex delivery contexts and improve their work.
  • Quality Management: Provides one test location to organize and manage quality tests and then study the summarized tests.

The Benefits of Rally Software

The data-driven planning solutions provided by Rally Software enable real-time data insights allowing businesses to monitor progress and quickly identify bottlenecks. Companies may shorten the time it takes for items to reach the market in this way, reducing delivery time.

Rally Software assists teams in improving quality and reducing reworks through testing and validation. Rally improves transparency and alignment, lowering the time and effort required to coordinate operations. They may move forward with greater confidence, focusing on the user experience.

Rich data on performance and speed is now available to businesses, making it easier to identify and fix issues on the Rally platform.

Rally Software can improve the productivity and efficiency of project teams by adopting an agile approach to the product cycle. Rally software also:

  • Boosts customer and employee satisfaction by reducing delivery time and improving business capabilities.
  • Increases the rate of innovation by allowing businesses to make enhanced data-driven decisions.
  • Reduces total cost of ownership by collaboratively planning, prioritizing, and tracking work in a synchronized way.
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